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Blogstomp 3 Review 2019….and 5% discount code!!

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If you are a blogger, edit images, are a photographer or simply use pictures a lot you are probably reading this review to see if Blogstomp is any good…or to claim the 5% discount!

We are here to tell you that Blogstomp can change your life for the better.

Blogstomp are THAT awesome that when we told them about this post, they said we could offer you a HUGE Discount! Bigger than ever offered before, we were happy to offer 25% OFF!

As of the end of January that discount has finished but we have managed to bag an ongoing 5% discount.

Enough said? Are you already convinced?  You should be. Click here to visit BlogStomp. (see the bottom of the post for your 5% OFF discount code)

Not convinced yet? Read on!

Blogstomp interface review

Blogstomp interface

We are often asked about the fantabulous programme (Blogstomp) that we use to pull together all of our pretty little images for our blog 2people1life.

Prior to this fabulousness I would spend HOURS, reducing the size of individual images, painstakingly uploading them into WordPress (all on wind up wifi out the back of McDonalds) and then individually resizing them to fit within my borders and then loading them into the blog. Sound familiar?

I would spend DAYS trying to make it look pretty, trying to make all of the images sit nicely together in a row without overlapping, dropping onto the next text line or, GOD FORBID completely screwing up the layout of my meticulously planned text. Feeling my pain?

I would CRY at the prospect of launching a blog. It could take anywhere up to 5 hours to write and edit my scribblings and THEN to put the images in, well that could take any length of time, from a few hours for 3-4 images, to a day to put in the minimum 10 images that our friends and family back home were requesting/ demanding!

Until that fateful day when the clouds parted, the sun shone down upon me and I heard those baby angels sing as I stumbled upon a programme (thanks to fellow blogger and photographer) *insert angelic ooohs and aaaahs here* BLOGSTOMP!

Blogstomp interface with wooden frame. Not my thing but just one example.

Blogstomp interface with wooden frame. Not my thing but just one example.

Blogstomp interface with rounded edge and blue background.

Blogstomp interface with rounded edge and blue background.

Within an hour I had figured out the simple yet dynamic programme, tried out the free trial and paid over my hard earned cash and I have NEVER, EVER looked back.

Now I can drag and drop images from my camera memory card or desktop STRAIGHT into Blogstomp and it does ALL the hard work.

It resizes the images both literally (to the pre-set, BY YOU, size of your borders) and pixely (ie, reduces the 5MB picture into a low enough res to load quickly on your blog/facebook page but still show a great quality image) and all you have to do is pretty them badboys up!

You can choose purty coloured borders, fancy rounded frames, make them look like polaroids, snap shots, damn, you can even add your own logo at the click of a button!!!!

And the BEST bit is that you can load up to 40 images into one frame! (well, the best bit aside from the 5% DISCOUNT we are offering!)

Review of a 40 picture Blogstomp!

Review of a 40 picture Blogstomp!

Now, no-one is doing that BUT you can do it just to say you CAN do it!

You can share straight to Facebook, Twitter and directly drop them into your blog from the Blogstomp window.

I generally upload between 1 and 6 images into one frame, telling a story and also meaning that I can get more beautiful images into each blog, therefore satisfying my parents, my friends back home and all of the AWESOME photographers that help us out!

So, everyone is happy as a clam, my blogs look B.E.A.oootiful and it takes me a fraction of the time to create my blogs….meaning I can spend time choosing the best images to sit together instead of farting around resizing them, uploading them and cursing them!


Blogstomp 3 is even more awesome than ever with improved features such as moving images around within the window to get your collages EVEN MORE PERFECT. Add branding, logo’s and even more functional edges than before. Sharing direct to almost all social media platforms (sadly not to Instagram but thats Insta’s fault not Blogstomps) in entire albums as opposed to individual images and, as this programme is developed for professional photographers dealing in hundreds of images at a time, load them all into client galleries in just one click.

Have a look at the Blogstomp 3 Tour video here and prepare to have your mind blown once more by the team at Blogstomp!

BlogStomp3 – Tour from StompSoftware on Vimeo.

So what is ‘the’ Fault. (there has to be one…right?)

This is a typical ‘this is my life’ story, which I am sure many readers of this review will have plenty of! I have a 2009 HP compaq notebook and the program will not open fully inside my teeny-tiny screen.

This limits the functionality of the program on my computer. I contacted Blogstomp customer service (which is excellent) and they provided all the help they could and of course offered a full refund. Which I turned down with a ‘Not a chance, this has changed my life’.

Ultimately I need a different computer. The guys at Blogstomp told me that this was the first time they had heard of this… hence it really is a ‘my life’ moment.

All the options for you to choose from on Blogstomp

All the options for you to choose from on Blogstomp

In summary, unless you have a really old HP Compaq Netbook, Blogstomp could be one of the best programs you have ever purchased! For its simplicity to use, its ‘funk-up-my-pictures-ability’ and absolutely for its time saving versus money spent ratio.

So go now! Click here to visit BlogStomp.

TO CLAIM YOUR 5% DISCOUNT simply copy and paste this code into the DISCOUNT box when prompted during sign up!


Make sure to share with us your Blogstomp success stories and how it changed YOUR life!

Thanks, as always for your support, feel free to spread the love of BLOGSTOMP to friends and family that blog, travel, use Facebook like there is no tomorrow, like to create online albums, want to print pretty cards for their families with more than one image on it…etc etc by sending them all here to get stomping!

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you don’t miss out, sign up below!


  1. Isn’t Blogstomp the best? We use it too and it saves SO much time and effort!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      It was Pamela that introduced me to it and I have never looked back! Absolutely LOVE it!

  2. Thank you, Lisa! I already bought mine…this surely cure my procrastination of blogging!!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Haha Kwanza, I sure hope so, it really is a Godsend for us! Such a great time saver! Now you can deliberate all day about your text KNOWING your images will be easy AND amazing!

      Thanks for the 12/12/13 anniversary message! We miss you and The Exumas! Xxx

  3. Mari says:

    I am trying to buy mine, but the code is not working. It says that it expired. Help please :)!

    Thank you so much for the post.

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Sorry to hear this! We will find out whats going on asap.

    2. Lisa & Alex says:

      We checked this out, it seems OK. Did you manage to get this discount code to work?


      It all has to be capitals.

      Let me know how you get on!

      1. Lindy says:

        I know it’s the end of April now, so this might not be relevant, but it’s not working for me either.

        1. Lisa & Alex says:

          Hi Lindy, we have followed this up and it all seems to be working – try this


          It all has to be capitals.

          Let me know how you get on!

  4. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for the post! I just used the discount code. Every little bit helps!!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Our pleasure Kelly! Hope you like the program.

  5. Thank you so much for the post. Iam going to use this discount code

  6. Benedene Corby says:

    Thanks for the discount code 🙂

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