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Brazil for us was a land of mystery, we had no idea what to expect other than the usual preconceptions that all the women would be mesmerisingly beautiful and wearing very little other than a flamboyant feathered tail that would put a peacock to shame and the skimpiest of all bikinis. We expected it to be party after party, football crazy and if I’m completely honest, everything that made me terrified of Brazil after watching Romeo and Juliet in 1996, guns, drugs and…well, just guns and drugs.

But as we drove into the south of Brazil from Argentina we were suddenly surrounded by Amazonian beauty. Bright green water-lilies covered the beautiful wetlands and families of capybaras squeaked at us from the safety of their shallow ponds. As we neared the cities we found the wonderful buzz, the mayhem, the traffic and the beautiful women, but none wearing skimpy bikinis until we neared the stunning long white sand beaches.

Basically, what we found was a land of wonder. A land where one can find Carnival, party central, football heaven, star crossed lovers and so much natural beauty it is impossible to describe it all. Though, I must try!

There are miles upon miles of beaches, verdant green highlands, world famous waterfalls and Amazonian rainforest. There are mountains and red dirt hills and quaint ancient towns with cobbled streets and then there are the huge modern metropolises of Sao Paulo or Belo Horizonte. There are islands and mangroves, lagoons, dunes and spectacular coral reefs.

There is literally a world of beauty and endless opportunity for exploration waiting for you in Brazil and a welcome that gives you warm fuzzy insides.

Weddings in Brazil are lavish affairs, with the largest Catholic population in the world and a major focus on family they tend to be on the large side...there is also the consideration that (according to the locals) God himself is Brazilian meaning that he will most definitely be there to bless the union!

During weddings huge extended families gather with most of their community to celebrate the couple. In return small parcels of sponge filled with dulce de leche and covered in chocolate, all delicately wrapped in paper and sealed with small ribbons and rosary called Bem Casado are handed to all of the guests as they toast after the ceremony. The Bem casados are to represent the couple being a perfect match (as dulce de leche and chocolate is ALSO a perfect match) and for everyone present to wish luck to the newlyweds.

Getting legally married in Brazil is pretty straight forward. You must first choose where you would like to be married…which is the hardest part, and then register your intent to marry. Once that humongous decision is made you must then visit the civil registry nearest the wedding location, gather all of the necessary translated paperwork, which is the same for anywhere you choose to marry and you are good to go. Only civil ceremonies are legal in Brazil so if you opt for a religious ceremony be aware that it is not legally binding until the civil ceremony is complete.

Personally I have to recommend heading for the highlands for a beautiful wedding ceremony where you can hear the birds sing, see the green hills and valleys stretch out before you and enjoy the cooler climate, BUT, there is so much beauty to behold in Brazil that the options are quite literally endless.

How to get legally married in Brazil

Our Wedding in Brazil was big and beautiful, just like the country. So many people collaborated to make the day so special. The ceremony really reflected the warmth and generosity of all of the Brazilians we met and the ceremony had us both in tears it was so beautiful.  The highlight was definitely getting to spend time with everyone involved in creating the wedding, we were made to feel like part of the family. Also having the Fantastico crew film some of our time in Minas Gerais was pretty special.

Our Wedding in Brazil - Ouro Preto

Brazil Wedding Video

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