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Antigua, Guatemala is famous for its well preserved, spectacular colonial town, washed in sunshine yellows, terracotta oranges and scarred with ancient cobbled streets. It is also surrounded by three majestic volcanoes, one of which regularly sends plumes of smoke into the air making for some incredibly unique wedding photography. Such a beautiful locale with fantastic hotels, friendly service and world famous rum made locally…what more do you need for a wedding?

Getting married in Guatemala, like in most countries, involves a lot of paperwork, all of which needs to be professionally translated, including your birth certificate and you must also place an ad in the local Guatemalan paper, in case anyone wants to contest your marriage. You will each need to have your birth certificates and passports authenticated by a Guatemalan Consul in your home country too...but it is certainly worth the rigmarole.

The birthplace of the Maya, Guatemala is filled with ancient history and you can explore sites like Tikal and Quirigua to get a taste of what Central America looked like as far back as 350 BC. If you're not really a history buff then you can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful colonial charm and mild climate of Antigua. The restoration of hundreds of churches and historic buildings since several major earthquakes has been an incredible success and you will feel like you have stepped back in time. Even the McDonalds is disguised in a stunning one story corner house.

Visit at a time for celebration like Easter (Semana Santa), Christmas or Independence Day to experience some strange but wonderful traditions and to see how much the Guatemalans love to party. Smash hollow egg shells filled with glitter onto strangers heads or follow billowing clouds of sweet smelling incense to find a procession of thousands carrying tonnes upon literal tonnes of beautifully decorated floats…Or risk your life and dodge falling bullets at Christmas time as the excitement just gets too much and people start firing guns into the skies.

Basically, the locals love to celebrate and if you should venture out into the streets in your wedding attire, expect everyone to whistle, cheer and chant ‘Beso, Beso, Beso’ until you give in and kiss, much to their applauding delight.

You will be welcomed and adored and in return you will fall in love with Guatemala and it’s amazing, warm people.

How to get legally married in Guatemala

A traditional Mayan blessing overlooking the Volcanos of Fuego, Agua and Acatenango.

This traditional Guatemalan wedding was held by a local Xaman on the rooftops of a beautiful family run hotel. Surrounded by stunning views of the three volcanoes (fuego – Fire, Agua – Water and Acatenango – who knows) and wearing handmade traditional clothing, the Xaman lit a fire of cigars, Rose petals and candles and made offerings to the Gods as he held our ceremony in Mayan. Highlight - Antigua becoming our favourite location of the journey so far.

Our wedding in Antigua, Guatemala

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