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When thinking of a destination for a wedding there are probably only a handful of people that would instantly think of Jordan. But, you know us, we like to push boundaries, break the rules and we are really hoping to change that.

Jordan has so much to offer, the genuine article in Arabian Nights, the magical Al Khazneh tombs that all children of the 80’s have had etched into their minds since the Last Crusade, Wadi Rum, directly translated from Arabic to the Valley of the moon and of course, the Dead sea, the lowest altitude body of water in the World and a perfect place to float as you watch the gazillion stars appear in what seems to be the hugest sky I have ever seen.

Alex and I were so privileged to be a part of a traditional Nabateaen ceremony in Petra which absolutely blew us away, but what we really urge anyone wanting to hold a ceremony in Jordan to do is to hold a blessing at The Treasury, Al Khazneh while it is lit by candlelight.

Such a magical experience that quite literally arouses all of your senses. The flickering light reflecting the Milky Way above, the intensity of being present at one of the 7 wonders of the world at its most beautiful and being faced with the most important person in your world all at the same time is pretty inconceivable. Throw in there exchanging your vows and receiving a divine blessing, learning about the Dead Sea Elixir and absorbing yourself completely in the magic of Petra…I can’t tell you how wonderful that is. You will simply have to experience it for yourself.

We are currently working with everyone we met in Petra to try to arrange blessings at Petra By Night. We were so blown away by the experience that we want to share it with you all. We want you to feel the magical feels of Jordan!

Get in touch with us NOW if you think this is for you!!!

Getting married legally in Jordan if you are not a citizen or not marrying a citizen is a confusing process so please check with your own embassy. However, a blessing is not legally binding and can take place anywhere and by anyone.

How to get legally married in Jordan

The traditional Nabateaen wedding ceremony in Petra was such a wonderful, if not a little hectic, experience. With over 200 excitable guests, over 15 press channels and more cameras than you could shake a stick at we were overwhelmed with the attention. The celebration itself was just wonderful, the singing was goosebump inducing and everyone being up on their feet dancing and swaying to the music was the highlight of the ceremony for me.

Of course visiting The Treasury by candlelight for a blessing was a life changer. The magical atmosphere, the wonder of Al Khazneh and having Alex by my side to experience it all was just indescribable, though I do try in the blog!

Our wedding in Petra, Jordan.

Jordan Wedding Video

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