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Hawaii is recognized pretty much worldwide as paradise and it is easy to see why.
Orchids grow like weeds on every possible surface, from bin lids to rocks, to sun loungers left out for too long in the perfect conditions for this stunning flower. The breeze is scented with a mesmerizing mix of sweet pineapple and salty ocean and the beaches come in a multitude of hues of black, gold, pink and green.

Turtles bask in the sun, dolphins frolic in the surf and you feel like you have died and gone to heaven.

Such a beautiful place has no end of perfect wedding destinations. Hotels and resorts specialise in creating your perfect day including everything you can think of. Accommodation, flowers, honeymoon, photographers, all you can eat and drink, towels shaped into all manner of creatures and flowers tossed under your newly married feet at every possible opportunity!

Of course, this doesn’t suit everyone and with over 100 of the world’s most stunning beaches spread over the 8 islands of Hawaii, why not make the most of them and have a beach wedding? Why not do something different and tie the knot on Big Islands’ famous moonscape? or next to a waterfall wedding on Maui? Get married in the rainforests under a rainbow on Kauai or on its perfect golden sands…as long as you have a licensed agent and a marriage license, you are only limited by your imagination.

While in Hawaii you can’t help but slip into the ‘Aloha’ spirit. Time seems to slow down, nothing can be done without a beverage in hand and the entire population of each island seems to be waiting to experience the astounding beauty of the sunset every. Single. Day. It never, ever gets old.

The Hawaiians are a huge part of Hawaii’s charm, they are so warm and calm and welcoming. They embrace you like the scented leis that they lovingly drape around your neck as you arrive in their promised land. They want to show you the way and share with you all of their islands magic, of which there is plenty. Myth and legend surround day to day practices, flowers are named after Goddesses and the mountains are homes to Gods. The waters hold the highly respected shark and the circle of life has never seemed so apparent and appreciated before.

Let’s face it, in such a magical land the hardest decision you’ll have to make about getting married in Hawaii is whether you will ever want to leave.

How to get legally married in Hawaii

WA traditional Hawaiian wedding including beautiful myths of the sacred lands and the most beautiful flower leis ever made. After the ceremony we waded into the ocean lagoon in our wedding clothes and briefly met the dolphins. The extra special reception included drinks and a three course meal at ‘Buddha Point’ at sunset and a beautiful wedding cake. Highlights - The heartfelt traditional service and sending our thoughts and wishes for friends and family back home to the Ocean on the backs of wild Orchids.

Our wedding on Hawaii’s Big Island, Hilton Waikoloa Village

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