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This is our quick links page to our amazing, wonderful, stupendous (imagine the circus drum roll in the background as the Ring Master introduces his star attraction), fantabulous photographers!

Click on the links below their names to be introduced to their own worlds, their beautiful websites where you can find out more about them and enjoy their show of outstanding skills!

Click on their exceptional images to see them work their magic at one of our weddings and read about how much we appreciated them being a part of our adventure!

We love them each and every one and without them, our very own performance would completely fall flat on its face!


Where it all began. The secret wedding shot by Jonny Draper!

Jonny Draper

Jonny is one of the UK’s most in demand wedding photographers. He blends those timeless moments, captured throughout the course of the day, with a mix of contemporary and fine-art photography to show the bride and groom at their very best.

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Julia Bach

In this day and time, I feel that there is an overwhelming push to be who society wants you to be, and to gracefully take your two weeks holiday and be happy with living life in a box. I have made my own small moves against that grain, however it always impresses me to see people like Lisa and Alex who fully take that plunge and live a life truly worth living.

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It makes it all the more beautiful that you two have found that freeing reality in eachother, and are taking such a life journey together. Being able to capture just a glimpse of that beauty through my camera gives me hope, that in my small way I am also helping to inspire others to get out there and live their dream as well.

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Jonas Seaman

My name is Jonas. I watch too much television, drink lots of coffee, and I like to draw on stuff. I’m in love with a girl named Mary. She has freckles and loves me right back. I’ve been shooting weddings nationally in the U.S. now for three years with my work featured in publications and blogs around the world,

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including the UK’s Mixmag, Seattle Bride Magazine, Unique Bride Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, Rock N’ Roll Bride, Offbeat Bride, Snippet & Ink, Elizabeth Anne Designs, A Practical Wedding, and Hi-Fi Weddings!! Lisa & Alex, you are shining stars! You are two of the most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph, and you continually inspired me to know what life is for: travel, adventure, friendship, and love!

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Brian and Brandon Wright

B. Wright are artists, first and foremost, who delight in helping you to craft and capture your dreams. Twin brothers with identical style vision and facade, utilizing a broad array of fine art and experimental film processes (from 8mm negatives to 4x5in instants) to create photographs as unique as each of their clients. Every shoot, every image, is specially crafted to contribute to your story in a way that moves the heart and imagination.

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“When we heard Lisa & Alex’s story and were asked to partake in their undying ceremony, the inspirational cogs and gears started turning! We utilized many untraditional techniques and modified equipment from 1909 to the 21st century, to bring out the mood of macabre romanticism, which was so passionately executed. It was a wickedly good time, deserving of timeless documentation.

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Dean Sanderson

Thank you for letting me be a part of your adventure. Ive been photographing weddings for about 10 years now and I still remember the day I got Alex’s email with your desire to have a Mayan wedding while you were here in Mexico. Part of me, was wondering what this couple that were willing to sell their house, buying an old van and

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travelling around the world and have weddings in all different types of cultures. So, I figured you were either stark mad lunatics or really cool people wanting a fun adventure that you would never forget. And from my perspective it would be a story either way and am I ever glad that I helped you. We had a lot of fun, celebrated your love Mayan style, drank a good amount of tequila, and got some great photos both above and below water… So all is great and again, thank you for the adventure!

Photography Maya Popavic

Conch Creative

Colette and Maya work as a team, known as Conch Creative. Separation of duties include Maya being Photographer in Chief and Colette being email and diary Keeper in Chief (as well as Creative Director and General Pooper Scooper).

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A unique and recognisably British email arrived in Colette’s inbox. She was intrigued. There was something comforting about the charm and politeness of Alex’s request, even though it was asking them to find time in an insanely overbooked schedule to do something for free for people they didn’t even know and possibly might not even like. Luckily for Alex and Lisa, and unluckily for Colette & Maya – money has never been a priority for Conch Creative. It’s not that they don’t need to eat, but they value adventure, spontaneity and life experiences above and beyond anything else – which is how they ended up living in Belize. That’s what clicked. Alex and Lisa shared that spirit and there was simply no way Conch Creative could say no. Maya is known for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, but in this instance that gift was hardly a requisite as there was nothing ordinary about a road trip across Belize, a wedding in the jungle next to a waterfall and a shoot in a junkyard.

Conch Creative are proud to have been part of the 2people1life experience and thrilled to know that they’ve made friends for life.

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Jose Pablo Martinez

Last week I went with my wife to Antigua to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We stayed at El Mesón de Maria (in a way to thank Anita for her hospitality for all of us) and I when I went up to the terrace I felt this very special sensation.

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I stood up in for a while in the very same spot your Mayan ceremony was celebrated and thanked God for all the good things I received during this year, having the opportunity to meet you one of them.

Wishing you the very best for all the years to come.

Con mucho carino, Jose Pablo

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Kevin Heslin

I am a Boston native who has been living in the Manuel Antonio area for almost a decade. Twelve months a year I shoot destination weddings in Costa Rica – from small intimate elopements to extravagant all out celebrations.?

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I heard about Lisa and Alex’s travels and jumped at the chance to co-photograph their Costa Rica wedding with Christina Craft. We ended up shooting in some unique places, like a reconverted Fairchild C-123 airplane from the Iran contra affair, and a cave that has been outfitted to serve as a bar. Lisa and Alex are the coolest, laid back couple you’ll find and I ended up hanging out with them another couple of nights while they were in town.

image by Christina Craft

Christina Craft

My name is Christina and I shot Lisa & Alex’s wedding in beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (I was joined by my good friend and awesome photographer Kevin Heslin). When I read their story I knew it would be a blast to photograph one of their ceremonies.

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One of the neatest attractions in the area where I work is a crashed plane called El Avion, which is now a restaurant and bar, that was part of the Iran-Contra scandal in the 80s. It made a fun backdrop for their wedding celebration.

After shooting a lot of international destination weddings and I to stop living out of a suitcase and base myself in one beautiful corner of the world. Since I love monkeys, Manuel Antonio was the place I chose. I’ve been ranked three times in the top 10 with the prestigious International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and this year I placed three times as #2 and once as #3 in Canada with the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada organization. My style is a bit funky and arty, mixed with unscripted photojournalism. You can find my work online at

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Juan Felipe Rubio

I’m a Colombian photojournalist with a keen interest for storytelling. The moment Alex contacted me to see if I was interested in participating on the project I said hell yes!. I mean, how can you resist the idea of being part of such fun and loving adventure?

I feel honoured to have met them and be a part of their love story.

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Christina Restrepo

Since I was little I started to develop skills related to drawing and art. I studied graphic design but I always loved photography and since a few years ago I have the opportunity to work in this wonderful medium.

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Since the beginning I loved the idea of taking photos of Alex and Lisa at their wedding in Colombia.

When Juan Felipe Rubio invited me, the idea of taking photos to this wonderfull couple in Villa de Leyva, after I heard their story, sounded fascinating. And it was!!

I am glad to have had the opportunity of meeting them and spend that day together. It was wonderfull! They are amazing!

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Pablo Hidalgo

When Lisa and Alex contacted me regarding their wedding in Ecuador I really didnt had to give it much thought, I was in from the beginning!
I love to meet different people with new ideas, just enjoying their wave in the sea of life.

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Being mothers day in my country i had to beg my family to cut me some slack and let me get to the gathering a bit late. Spent all morning with my mother to make up for the missing time, but it was well worth it, i got to come back home to my family and tell them the story about this two awesome guys living their dream and traveling around the world celebrating life and love in the temple of the sun!

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Enrique Rodas

Enrique Rodas is a Wedding and Portraits Photographer from Cuenca, Ecuador, South America. Member of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). He has studied in Brasil and the United States, and has more than 20 years of experience.

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He has done many wedding photo shoots in Latin America, and is wants to go beyond, and travel to different parts of the world to take photographs. For more information, please visit:

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Luis Chiang Chang-Way

Nace en Lima en el setenta. Es a través de su padre que, desde muy pequeño, tiene contacto con la fotografía. Realiza fotografía social desde los 14 hasta los 20 años de edad. Postula a la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, siguiendo el programa de Estudios Generales, dejándolo al viajar a Santiago de Chile.

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De regreso de ese país ingresa al Instituto Antonio Gaudí, perteneciendo a la primera promoción de dicho instituto. Colabora para varios medios durante y después de sus estudios dentro del Gaudí.


En Diciembre de 1996 empieza a colaborar con la Agencia de Noticias Reuters durante la toma de la residencia del Embajador de Japón. Este hecho marcó su manera de fotografiar, es decir, marcó su perspectiva de qué y cómo fotografiar, determinándolo a seguir dos líneas de trabajo: una línea comercial y una línea de corte plástico.


En la actualidad vive y trabaja en Lima, fotografiando básicamente Bodas com o linea principal de trabajo como tambien para empresas privadas y agencias de publicidad, y dedicándose el resto de tiempo a la línea personal de corte plástico.


Gardner Hamilton

As a Pro wedding photographer for over 20 years I am always looking for something different to get my teeth into along with the week to week of wedding clients throughout the planet. I enjoy so much the passion of my clients as I too am very passionate about my craft.

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For this reason , when I was asked to cover the Chile wedding for Lisa and Alex I was taken with their passion , not just for each other but the passion they have to find the different culture aspects in weddings which probably only destination wedding photographers such as myself get the privilege of sharing in. It was a pleasure to shoot for them and more of a pleasure to meet them both. I really enjoyed being a part of this and being involved in their adventure. It’s full of AWESOMENESS…

Click here to view the wedding in Buenos Aires

Emiliano Rodriguez, Juan Pablo Mansilla

We are adventurous photographers willing to be part of the most amazing wedding experiences here in Argentina but also willing to do it worldwide. Our premise is to let it flow and capture the essence of each moment as the founding stone of a new family´s memories.

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When we found that Lisa and Alex were coming to Buenos Aires for their 23rd wedding we didn´t doubt to offer our vision not even one second. We are also travel lovers so this was a way of being part of their roadtrip too. And we are glad and thanked that they end up choosing us because we have a blast doing it, I hope you can also experience that through our images.


Vinicius Matos

“I got into the project, I embraced the cause. I had the opportunity to be with them for a few days and I saw how much they like each other. I saw that the story was real, not something comercial. That made me more interested in photographing, I had the opportunity to capture ‘true love’!”

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- The Brazilian photographer Vinicius Matos is 35 years old, graduated in Business Administration with a MBA specializing in Marketing and Personnel Management. He started in photography in 2006, since then he is a wedding and family photographer and a photography teacher. He photographs and teaches workshops all over the world.

Vinicius is the owner of the largest educational institution of Photography in Brazil: School of Image. Winner of several international awards by WPJA, he was the chosen photographer for the ISPWP quarter in 2009, besides being considered for two consecutive years (2009/2010) among the top 50 in the world by the renowned website Junebug Weddings. In 2011 he was elected by Italian magazine Just Married as one of the top 5 wedding photographers in the world.


Catherine Rhodes

As a destination wedding photographer, I adore traveling, meeting new faces, and experiencing new cultures, so Lisa and Alex were honestly a perfect match for who I am as a photographer and as a person! A few months ago, I came across Lisa and Alex and their wedding adventures,

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not only did I find them to be so true and hopelessly in love as a couple, I appreciated that they too wanted to experience the pure adventure of life, together, and that was beautiful in and of itself!

Capturing Lisa and Alex’s 25th wedding along the mountains of Colorado could not have been more perfect. These two are simply one of those rare couples that come along and just make you love wedding photography that much more.


Morgan Lynn Razi and Amir Razi

We are Morgan & Amir of Morgan Lynn Photography, an international wedding photography studio based in Houston, Texas. We’re a little sappy and totally in love with weddings (and each other for the past 17 years!) The talented ladies at Belle of the Ball in Houston reached out to us to see if we would be interested in capturing a very unique wedding story…THE NEXT DAY!

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It was short notice but how could we resist being a part of such an amazing wedding journey. Not only did we say “yes”, but at the end of the day, we were both incredibly touched by Alex & Lisa and their beautiful sunset ceremony at Las Brisas Farm.

Alex & Lisa, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your adventure (and for letting us talk you into jumping off fences and climbing hay bales!) We can’t wait to see where in the world your love takes you


Imagine Photography

When we first heard about Lisa & Alex, we were just as surprised as anyone probably is when they hear about a couple traveling the world getting married over and over.  After the initial “wows” and “that’s awesomes” that we expressed, we decided pretty much right away that we wanted to be involved.  

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Living just outside of Las Vegas, we were a four hour flight away from New Orleans, where wedding 28 would be happening.

We were thinking to ourselves that maybe they wouldn’t want to work with us since we weren’t from New Orleans, so we didn’t even bother mentioning it.  Once Lisa and Alex decided they wanted to work with us, we booked our flights and hotel, and we were in New Orleans only a week or so later.  It all happened very fast, and was all very fun and exciting.  I had never been to New Orleans, though JoAnne had been many times, so this was extra special for me.

We arrived the evening before the wedding and got to meet Lisa and Alex for a short period of time that evening at Bloody Mary’s house, the place the wedding would be taking place the next day.  We also were able to meet Gail, the producer from 20/20, Joe and Terry the wedding filmmakers, as well as several of the crew and other folks helping with the wedding.  It was good to meet everyone the night before so that we were already somewhat comfortable with each other the next day.  JoAnne and I left not too long later and went back to our hotel and rested up for the what was sure to be a big day.

The morning of the wedding was a bit different from our usual wedding shoot.  We showed up at an RV Resort where Lisa and Alex had been parked with Peggy (the van) overnight, and there was a big TV crew with all of their intimidating gear, and lots of stuff happening.  JoAnne and I just kind of settled into our normal flow, though there were lots of working around the other crew-members to stay out of shots, etc.  It was really challenging, but quite fun to experience, and Lisa and Alex were so fun and easy-going, it made us definitely feel comfortable almost immediately.  We spent the rest of the morning driving around inside of Peggy with Alex at the wheel and Lisa riding shotgun as we scouted out an amazing bakery in the French Quarter, along with a little liquor store; we were collecting items for the voodoo ceremony.

Once we arrived at Bloody Mary’s for the ceremony, things were again pretty hectic with lots of cameras, Jay from 20/20 showing up, and working in a tight space to stay out of each others way.  But it all went down very smoothly, and the ceremony was just incredible.  Afterward we spent time at a local park as Lisa and Alex did some final voodoo blessings with Mary, and then we hit some local cemeteries and did some portraits and fun shots as the sun went down.

After a short break to freshen up, we hopped a cab with Gail and met up with Lisa and Alex, and Joe and Terry at a brilliant local music venue/bar in a very cool neighborhood.  We listened to some brilliant brass/ragtime/punk rock hybrid band and drank wine by the barrel until we all decided we were very hungry.  We went across the street to yet another cool local spot and had some great food and some more laughs.  It was one of the funnest times we have ever had, and something we will both remember for a lifetime.  Not only did we get a chance to see a beautiful city, we also met and made new friends with some incredibly talented people.  Most of all, we now have two new, dear friends in Lisa and Alex;, two people whom, thanks to social media, we are able to continue to keep up with on a near-daily basis even all these months later.  Thanks for having us be a small part of your lives as you go on this wonderful journey.  I hope we meet again someday in the not-so-distant future.


August T Michel

August T Photography

I feel I am a genuine and humble gentleman who loves to think way outside of the box…even with all the adventure of jumping out of airplanes and yes, wrestling alligators, I still tear up at almost every wedding I photograph.

To me, it is such an honour and privilege to capture those most intimate moments on wedding days…

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Sure I can say I am an award winning and published international destination wedding photographer, however, if we meet you are much more likely to hear about the migration of the Monarch butterflies or to be invited on some adventure to a remote beach, or in Alex and Lisa’s case; 5 weddings in 5 days, including a world record setting wedding reception flash mob with Pop Idol Rod Stewart walking Lisa down the isle.

Best part ever, I can call Alex and Lisa friends I will have for life!


35. Khayelitsha - South Africa - Kristina Stolijikovic - Blink

Krisitina Stojilijkovic

Blink Photography

We are a team of creative photographers, Annemieke Goldswain-Hein and Kristina Stojiljkovic. We share a huge passion for creating and working with images and love shooting Weddings, People – big and small – and enjoy taking on creative projects.

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I, Annemieke, have a background in Fine art/ Editorial and Portrait photography and I, Kristina, have diverse experience in Advertising, Fashion and Life style photography. It is awesome for us to work as a team, as we spark each other’s creativity and compliment each other’s style of work. Please have a look through our portfolio that features our Wedding gallery and Portraiture. If you would like to see our other work, please click on the links below.

When shooting weddings, we have a relaxed style of working and capture all the love and preparation that goes into it, the joy of your occasion and the special moments that happen throughout the day. Our love for photography inspires us to combine the relaxed style of photojournalism with the challenge of creating beautiful art photography to give you a unique style of storytelling of your wedding day.

The people we work for are often very similar as us; they love travelling, a good laugh and shake around a dance floor, scrumptious food, spontaneity and sharing good memories with friends!

Andrew Elliot

Andrew Elliott Photography

Andrew Elliott Photography

I am so honoured to be a part of Alex & Lisa’s amazing journey – an article in a local magazine attracted my attention; it was so wonderful to see such a positive story about people celebrating love.

I had to be a part of it and being a little biased I think we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world…

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– the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

I really enjoyed organising and capturing their Afrikaans and Xhosa weddings as well as a trash the dress shoot and elephant interaction! These two wonderfully unique individuals have inspired me and their energy for life has rubbed off.

Photography is my passion and I love what I do. I have so much fun with my ‘work’ and ensure that I capture the essence of who I am taking of as well as the beauty of the surrounds. Being a photographer also allows me to meet so many different people and to travel, both of which I love! Life is so short and changes so quickly and it is so amazing to be able to capture wonderful memories on this amazing journey we call life.


Derryn Semple

Derryn Semple Photography

When a friend forwarded me Alex&Lisa’s story with the caption, “You HAVE to photograph a wedding for them!” – I truly thought it was a long shot. These people are celebrities and I’d only been doing wedding photography for a year at that point.  Next I knew, I was photographing Alex in an animal skin skirt and Lisa in vibrant tribal beads during an intimate Zulu Celebration in Durban, South Africa.

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Durban Street Scene Tours did an amazing job in pulling it all together and Alex and Lisa were such sports.

There was no knowing WHAT this crazy couple were going to be like (after all, they travel the world in a camper van called Peggy), but I am so pleased that I made two wonderful friends from the experience.,uk

Graham Warwick

Warwick Photography

Graham Warwick photography have been offering contemporary wedding photography for the past 10 years.  Every couple that book a wedding with them are guaranteed to get some unique images that they will treasure for years to come.

Graham says “We always offer a complimentary engagement shoot, to us this is really important as we get to know each couple…

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and you get to have an insight to how we work to capture your wedding adventure.We cover each wedding in a reportage style with minimal group shots and edit each image in our unique style.”

“When I was asked to drive up to the other end of the country to capture some images of Alex and Lisa I jumped at the chance….I mean what is there to not like, a couple with an amazing story, snow and amazing landscapes.”

“The trip far exceeded what I expected and some fantastic images were captured.”

“Alex and Lisa are some of the most genuine nicest people I have had the chance to work with, plus they make an awesome curry.”


Daffodil Wave

Nicola Ferguson

Daffodil Waves

I am Nicola and I was the Photographer for Alex and Lisa’s Welsh UK wedding. To be a part of their journey was an honour and to say I’m excited about their final ceremony is not even close.

Based in the Midlands I cover weddings all over the UK and abroad and love hearing about your plans. I hope to be a part of your journey too.

Poppies and Me

Poppies and Me

Poppies and Me

We are Sean & Kate of Poppiesandme.

Sean is a techy geek and Kate is a hopeless romantic. We love nothing more than watching old skool cartoons while mindlessly covering the couch & floor in popcorn. We laugh…a lot. LIFE is good!

To us, the world is our playground, where DREAMS come true…

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When we were asked would be interested in shooting the Irish wedding of Lisa and Alex, I have to admit there were squeals of excitement (out of me). Both of us agreed in unison. Sean was intrigued by Peggy and the whole story of Lisa and Alex, while I was already hopelessly in love with the couple having followed their story for some time. It was a dream come true in all senses. Poppiesandme is all about fun, love landscapes and documenting the couples day.  Lisa and Alex were the perfect Poppy couple. It was a day and opportunity that we will not soon forget, full of laughter that lasts a life time.



Catherine Mead

Photography by Catherine

An email landed in my inbox, inviting me to come to French Polynesia on an adventure….. the following week.

The most incredible trip awaited us; two lovebirds, a videographer dude and myself, flew across the world photographing Lisa and Alex’s three weddings, in the sky, in a Polynesian temple under an ancient tree, and a hut across the turquoise waters…

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I left with incredible memories, three great friends, a broken toe, a whole heap of film and the excitement of being part of something so special.




Bohemian Weddings

Michael and Andrea

Bohemian Weddings

For us discovering new places and meeting new people is what life is all about. When we first found Alex & Lisa’s blog and learnt about their journey, we got so excited we just had to contact them. Their adventure and love for each other really hit home with us…

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so of course we were honoured to be a small part of it. We got to travel together in Morocco as well as photograph two of their weddings. We had a fantastic time as we share a mutual love of travel, camper vans and wine and we know we have made two new great friends for life.


Centrimagem Casamentos

Tiago Costa

Centrimagem Casamentos

I saw their story on internet and really want to be part of it, one year after that they are coming to Portugal and invited me to be part of it and I embrace that idea with a great excitement  because we are making history and I believe in true love.

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It was really fun and a happy experience, they made one of the best couples I ever photographed and we had such a great day!

I wish all the best for them and hope we meet again some day :)

Ben & Aurore Photos - Wedding photographer Provence - Lisa & Alex

Ben and Aurore

Ben Aurore Photos

We are Ben & Aurore, from France, 2012′s newly weds and we LOVE to capture weddings in France and all over the world ! So…when we’ve heard from Lisa & Alex and their crazy wonderful adventure, we were of course part of the journey!…

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It was not only taking pictures of the day, it was above all, as for each wedding we cover, a chance to meet two lovers… and share with them their perfect day!

And trust us ! Alex & Lisa are really worth being known, they are two extraordinary persons, loving life, loving love and loving people !! We were really lucky to share a part of their adventure and we can’t wait to know if we can catch them again, anywhere in the world !!


Ana Marie - Joben Studio

Ana Maria Tanasescu

Joben Studio

I have a sweet-evil-vampireish desire when we’re talking about a good wedding story and great emotions. Yeah, your guess is right. I’m a Romanian photographer, and the temptation to travel to Germany to document Lisa and Alex’s 50th wedding melted my heart and I couldn’t resist it. Their relationship is totally fabulous and I am proud that I got to meet them. This experience opened my eyes in so many ways, and the brides from my country are so excited that I shared this story with them. You guys, are writing history in feelings-weddings-crazy-love field!


Irina Kulikova

Photographer in Prague

Life is motion. Embracing the immensity. Getting married and saying “Yes!” to each other in every corner of the globe and possibly on other planets. People are blessed to have the greatest power of LOVE. For the love of each other. For the life, motion, adventure and freedom. Dear Alex and Lisa! Thank you for another chance to be running and jumping with camera, and feeling the beauty of the moment!


Jaksa Timea

Timea Pictures

Wedding photogaphy is a bridge to other cultures. A key to intimate moments. An intense way of communication.

I love the combination of travel and work. With Lisa&Alex we were happily a bit other way round. They visited us, stayed with us, got to know us, became part of our lives and left. We miss you both.

Through them we are connected to the world, to other nations, to other colleagues. We are honoured to be listed here.


Mass of Faces

Daiva Rimsiate

Mass Of Faces

I am Daiva, the photographer from Lithuania, under the pseudonym of MASS OF FACES – because in every photo there are faces – peoples or natures.

Photography always was and is my kind of art – the way to give some beauty to this world from my perspective. And art is about discovering – that`s how I found this extraordinary couple…

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believed in their dream, became their photographer and made this deed to marry in Lithuania come true. Everything was worth it and i`m so happy to know them and be the part of their dream!

Romanian wedding

Aliadee Photography

Alida Boari

Lisa and Alex have an outstanding story and we wanted to witness the declaration of their love on Romanian land. I mix photography and events management. Every wedding has something unique and the beauty of  the 55th wedding in Transylvania, Romania – was the simplicity and villagers’ sincere joy to participate in this event: traditional wedding on a hill, in a village.. with  old traditional costumes, wild flowers, campfire, guitar, tents … and dance until dawn. Glad to be a part of it!

Stefano Lunardi

Stefano Lunardi

Stefano Lunardi

Stefano Lunardi, alla domanda:“Da quanto tempo fai il fotografo ?”risponde sicuro “Non ho mai fatto altro”.Infatti, nel 1988 alla giovane eta di 17 anni, inizia a scattare fotografie. Col tempo si rende conto che questa sua passione è piu che un hobby adolescenziale e decide di seguire un corso di fotografia alla John Kaverdash School, ottenendo a 23 anni, il master in Fotografia Pubblicitaria.

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Preso dall’entusiasmo apre il suo primo studio fotografico per servizi industriali e still-life per cataloghi ma quasi subito parte insieme al gruppo Alpitour, producendo in tutto il mondo i servizi destinati ai cataloghi. Dopo circa due anni sempre con quell’entusiasmo innato che lo identifica, Stefano prende zaino, macchina fotografica, e tesserino di “fotoreporter” etnico e culturale, avviandosi per circa 10 anni in collaborazioni con riviste italiane ed estere come Gente viaggi, Touirng editore, IL sole 24 ore, Bell’Europa e Bell’Italia, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, Amica, D delle donne, Bon voyage, De viajes, etc..Innumerevoli frammenti di mondo sono stati catturati dal suo occhio viaggiante… occhio che a poco a poco si ferma per ricominciare a posarsi su oggetti pubblicitari e commerciali di aziende italiane quali Delonghi, Calligaris, Bindi, Despar… E poi un altro cambio di rotta, dopo il secondo periodo di foto sulla rigidità, decide improvvisamente di chiudere nuovamente gli occhi…. e di interrogarsi sulla creatività ed il suo lavoro. Guardando finalmente il “suo mondo”. Nel riaprirli ha deciso di trasformare questi scatti rigidi, questi corpi inerti, in altrettanti scatti naturali e spontanei, verso soggetti viventi e attimi quotidiani sfuggenti…verso la natura umana, e quindi matrimoni e ritratti, specialmente di newborn and maternity.

Milo Zanecchia

Milo Zanecchia

Milo Zanecchia

I’m an American/Swiss internationl humanitarian photographer and videographer. I shoot weddings on the side and love every moment of them. It was a true pleasure to be a part of Alex and Lisa’s adventure!

The perfect sunset

Mitra Talarman

Mitra Talarman Photography


Vladimir Mudrovcic

Vladimir Mudrovcic

Vladimir Mudrovcic

My name is Vladimir and i’m a Croatian based wedding photographer who had the honour of capturing memories of Alex & Lisa’s 60th wedding. Since I’m not much of a talker, I’ll let Lisa and Alex say a few words about working with me.

Vladimir was a pleasure to be around on our wedding day and the results are just incredible! He has captured our memories perfectly!


We love all feedback and would love to hear yours!

  1. Looks like you hit another “Jack Pot”.I,m glad I don,t have to pick where the actual wedding will be. Beautiful as usual. Maybe you could shave Alex,s head so hats would fit him better????. Always good to see you are still having fun. We thunk of you often.

  2. Sohan says:

    Have you tried wedding at Nepal. It’s the south Asian country with majorly Hinduism & Buddhism religion popularly known for the Mt. Everest, Highest Peak of the world. Here wedding will be drastically different than ever you wed before. Well, I love your expression of devotion to each other. May your wedding last for spans and spans forever.

  3. Lori says:

    Just a thought, our area was just voted #10 out of 25 most romantic places in America. Traverse City, Michigan. Old Mission peninsula in the orchards during cherry blossom time (Middle of May) or the vineyards, both would be a beautiful places for a ceremony, Or Empire, Michigan on Lake Michigan. Both places are very beautiful surrounded with water views and nature abounds.

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Lori!
      Thanks so much for getting in touch! We did visit Michigan briefly, the UP particularly and can see how it has been labelled a very romantic country, the countryside, lakes and forests are just beautiful!
      We drove in from Canada and through Sault Ste Marie and as far down as Gaylord but we sadly didnt make Traverse City. We do have family in the UP (we had a wedding with them, you can see it here so will probably return in the future! We will be sure to check it out!!

      Thanks again Lori!

  4. Mymi says:

    Wow! Such a LOVEly Idea! I wish I could have a man who were so in love that he would take me everywere in the world to repeate over and over again “I love you” and “I do” in all languages.
    Well if a Paris wedding picture is thinkable, contact me :) IT would be a geat honor to be your photographer.

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Mymi!
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I am very lucky of course to have found such a man! :-) I think there is maybe only one in the world haha!
      If we return to France we will be sure to let you know, we very much appreciate your offer to help us on our wild wedding adventure! :-) xxx

  5. Sidra Baig says:

    I LOVE THIS! This is so amazing. I came across this when I read about the Karachi wedding. I wish you guys had done it in Islamabad so I could’ve seen it! Oh well, great story and what amazing people you are!

  6. celia says:

    really amazing and great idea~!!!

  7. lili says:

    You have had 66 wedding but i cant marry wiht my love even once becuse he is not enough wealthy

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      I am so sorry to hear this Lili. We truly do believe though that marriage, or even a wedding, isn’t about spending a lot of money to celebrate your love for one another.
      We truly hope you find a way to make a commitment to each other that makes you both happy.

  8. I´d like to invite you to know a brazilian wedding photographer and ask you some feedback about the work.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Fernando,

      We feel so privileged that you would consider our opinion and we always enjoy the opportunity to look at photographers work. Vivianes work looks fantastic! The natural shots are beautiful and I love her black and whites. It seems she is a natural at capturing things as they happen and that is very important for your wedding day. There are some lovely compositions on her site too. We would love to hear how your big day goes and maybe even see some pictures?
      we wish you all the very best for your big day Fernando! Congratulations.
      Lisa Xx



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