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Beautiful England with its manor houses, castles and ancient world famous churches is a traditionalists wedding dream come true.

From quaint cottages adorned with hanging wisteria to open plan barns to beautiful decorative bars, libraries, hotels, restaurants, even barges, it is possible to create a perfectly British and incredibly idyllic day...as long as you want to be married inside.

The laws of the land stipulate that one must be legally married in a church or registered building, which, when considering the local weather may actually be a blessing.

England’s 'temperate maritime climate' (which translates as 'damp') can be a challenge for most couples wishing to marry on the Island, however it can also add a lot of atmosphere to the wedding photography of your day. Some of our favourite photographers work best in this climate and capture stunning images in rain, fog, sleet and snow with the occasional heavenly ray bursting from the ever present clouds above.

The English people are seen as tea drinking, cheese rolling islanders with a penchant for fish and chips and a tikka masala...after their afternoon tea of scones served with lashings of clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserve of course! We (as a fellow Brit I can attest to this) drink more tea per capita in the world and when we are not drinking ALL the tea we are drinking ALL the cider. We make and drink the most cider in the world too...so if nothing else, we are a hydrated bunch!

Depending on where you are in the country you may be affectionately called love, duck, petal, darling, mucka, chap, fella, mate.....the list goes on and a hug, a slap on the back or a handshake normally accompanies most of these welcomes.

The landscape of England beckons you to wrap up warm and climb a hill, hike through the glorious countryside and take in all of the sights and smells around you. The farming industry booms with fields filled with cows, sheep, and sunshine coloured rape seed (otherwise known as canola everywhere else in the world). Heather, moss and wildflowers carpet the dales and in spring the bluebells, daffodils and tulips will take your breath away in their abundance.

From ancient forests to raw pounding coastline to cities and towns steeped in more history than one can shake a stick at...England has it all for a perfect wedding.

How to get legally married in England


Didsbury. The Secret Wedding.

An English Affair.  The wedding was a mass collaboration from 20 plus local independent businesses, from the fish and chip shop to the local pub and everything in-between. The entire day was planned in just 3 weeks by Alex and the West Didsbury village, and all kept a complete secret from Lisa! Highlights - The feeling of community throughout the entire day and being able to share our first wedding with our family and friends the day before we started our incredible journey. We flew out to Canada the next day.

Our Wedding ceremony in Manchester, England

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