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The land of mystery and marsupials, of the Sydney Opera house and the Great Barrier Reef, of ancient aboriginal history and brand new country feel, not to mention it being home to about 1500 different types of spider and inventing the selfie…Australia is brimming with diversity.

With every kind of landscape you can imagine there are endless possibilities to create the wedding day of your dreams. There is so much beauty and so much to see, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can go for a week and see it all, because believe me, you can’t. It takes a week to get from one town to the next in some areas of this vast country. It’s pretty much an entire continent for crying out loud (sorry New Zealand)…it is MAMMOTH! If you visited one beach every day in Australia it would take 27 years to see them all…

So, you must pick your wedding location wisely. Do you want beach? Which one? Surf, Paddling, pounding Ocean, Sand dunes, Barrier Reef or Sounds? Do you want Rainforest or Rivers? Lakes or Outback? Vineyards or farms or ranches? Modern cities? Hotels? Mansions or Private villas? You name it your wedding wish is Australia’s command.

Weddings or elopements in Australia have to be held by a registered celebrant and these special people are worth their weight in gold. A celebrant will work closely with you to build a beautiful ceremony reflective of yourself and the surroundings and will also help you with your paperwork in the lead up to your big day. Your chosen celebrant will need all of your completed paperwork at least a month before you are due to get married which leads us back to that difficult decision of location. Ooops.

The Aussies are a generally laid back bunch but are particularly dedicated to their passions.  Mess with their surf schedule or support the wrong side at Cricket or Aussie Rules football and expect some seriously dry banter, however, they are mostly so laid back that they will do pretty much anything to avoid a drama. Election debates were once put on hold so as to not conflict with the finale of Masterchef for example. They play classical music in underground car-parks at night to deter teenage hoodlums and they even created a capital city to prevent a fall out between Melbourne and Sydney. Anything for a quiet life it seems, but above all, the Aussies are friendly and welcoming and will make you feel at home wherever you decide to tie the knot on their spectacular island.

Plus, you can put all your fears aside as no-one has died of a spider bite in Australia since the 70’s! Watch out for the jelly fish though.

How to get legally married in Australia

A wet wedding on the Sunshine Coast.

Australia threw us a real curve ball on our wedding day. We planned a lakeside ceremony at sunrise on the Sunshine coast. We were proud to be offered an aboriginal welcome to the sacred lake on Stradbroke Island. Everything went perfectly, except the ‘Sunshine Coast’ weather. We braved a torrential storm and rain drops the size of small water-bombs as we exchanged our vows. Everyone crowded under umbrellas but stood a small chance of staying dry, the rain was so heavy! Such a memorable day for lots of reasons, but especially for it being our first wet wedding day!

Our wedding in Australia

Australia Wedding Video

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