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Malaysia is a simply stunning country, it is like one HUGE page filled with breath taking Instagram shots plastered with #nofilter. It literally takes your breath away…the scenery, the beaches, the people, the food…my god the food, the stunning landscape, the humidity…the weddings! The wedding in Malaysia has changed my perspective of weddings for the rest of time!

The landscape is astounding, rocky outcrops covered with wild unstoppable green jut from the horizon like the ancient teeth of a long buried prehistoric creature yet to be discovered. White sand beaches stretch for miles fringed with coconut or palm and jungles silently claw back every inch of land they can.

The blend of cultures in Malaysia has created a magical pace of life, the rushing traffic seems fluid, everyone moves as wildly as the other that it becomes almost melodic. On the other hand an entire family sit cross legged on the floor or swing in hammocks watching the world go by and sharing a meal. An Indian hawker stall stands next to a Malay stall next to a Chinese stall, all selling the same melting pot of cultures directly to your plate. Vast modern cities run into tiny local villages in an instant, there is no edge, no edge to the country, no edge to its people; it is simply beautiful. The Malaysian hospitality is also just second to none, they are happily afflicted with gift giving and bending over backwards to do absolutely anything to make you happy, and happy you will definitely be.

Getting married in Malaysia is a beautiful affair. Filled with tradition and culture, beautiful rituals and fun challenges…quite literally! The traditional wedding attire is insanely beautiful and available in every colour in the rainbow, the men get to wear more jewellery than the women and then there is all the amazing meaning behind all the décor that you MUST have at your wedding, from the golden coconuts to the coal to the tiny sword your groom must wear in his belt…it is all just wonderful! This is all before I even get to the edible side of matters in Malaysia!

The legal side of getting married in Malaysia is confusing as there are so many cultures to consider. Your religion will determine how to proceed with getting legally married in this mini paradise. As you probably know already, we genuinely believe in completing the legal side of your marriage before going and absorbing yourself in the love and commitment ceremony of a wedding. That said it is possible and with such an abundance of beautiful locations it would be worth it if you want to combine the two ceremonies.

Speaking of finding a location,  that should only be difficult if you want to serve durian as your desert. From the majestically modern Petronas towers to  the colonial majestic hotel, there is an abundance of stunning buildings in which to tie the knot…or you could jump on a boat and sail away to your own private island…unlimited dream options await for your wedding in Malaysia...unless you want hay bales...don't ask Sherly or Agnes for a hay bale!

How to legally get married in Malaysia

Malaysia is a real melting pot of cultures and it was too difficult to just choose one so instead we experienced both a traditional Malay blessing ceremony wearing stunning striking turquoise blue Songket and a Chinese Tea Ceremony in bright red, intricately embellished Qun Kwa in the beautiful Pinang Peranakan Mansion.

The highlight of the day was certainly sharing it with wonderful new friends and also getting to wear two incredible headdresses, both fit for a Princess...one Malay and one Chinese.

Our wedding in Malaysia

Malaysia Wedding Video

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