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It is fair to say the Scots have invented their fair share of stuff, from Golf (originally called Gowf and if you have ever conversed with a Scot this makes perfect sense), the modern day bicycle, tarmac and even the waterproof Macintosh....oh and the telephone, the TV, radar, penicillin and insulin! The list goes on.
However, they didn’t' invent the 'easy path to getting married' and the practicalities of marrying in Scotland from abroad are a little difficult but, with time and patience you can definitely achieve the perfect wedding there. Imagine getting married on a deserted beach with your own personal pipe band, dressed in your family tartan and experiencing snow, hail, rain and glittering sunshine all as you exchange your vows. Scotland really is a truly magical place to tie the knot, so magical in fact that the national animal is a unicorn.
Need I say more? Probably not but, I can't help myself!
Scotland is responsible for providing the timeless entertaining tale of the Loch ness monster, JK Rowling and therefore Harry Potter and also, Sean Connery, in my opinion...the best James Bond (controversial I know).
The Scots seen by most as fiddling, bagpipe playing kilt wearers are a warm, friendly bunch filled with a fierce passion making them seem a little rowdy, maybe even aggressive at times. The fiery lot love a party and a Scotch or two at any given chance wouldn't go amiss. They are also incredibly robust. I feel that you could easily convince a Scot to be launched out of a cannon and he'd happily come back for more.
The weather in Scotland is possibly to thank for their hardiness, they can literally experience 4 seasons in one HOUR, let alone day. Also being bought up on a diet of haggis (sheep innards cooked in its own stomach lining), rumbledethump and Arbroath Smokie's is likely to make anyone big and strong.
Scotland’s nature will literally take your breath away, the landscape is as rugged as it is beautiful with Great Britain’s highest cliffs flanking its icy waters and majestic Ben Nevis towering over all. With thousands of miles of coastline, hundreds of islands and beautiful canals, rivers and lochs, it is the perfect destination for a wedding filled with natural beauty.

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Bare bums, bagpipes and braving the storm in Crear, Kintyre – Scotland.

It wouldn’t be a traditional Scottish wedding without kilts, haggis and pipes and fiddles, so we had them all. It was a chance for Alex to don a kilt (Scottish Style) and for Lisa to wear one of her favourite dress designers. The ceremony on the beach was incredible and the highlight was definitely the snow. Our first snowy wedding!

Our wedding in Scotland

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