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Our project is established but our site is new and although we have weddings specialists in over 60 countries it’s going to take time to get everyone on the ship. If you can’t find exactly what you want please get in touch and if you are an awesome wedding specialist or you know people you want to recommend let us know.

  • The Ethos
  • For the Heart - The Commitment
  • For the mind - The Plan

First off is our Mission statement "To give back more than we receive"

The key to making this collection so unique is that each wedding specialist accepted is personable and committed to providing an individually tailored service for every single couple.

They are not rude, they are not ‘hitters’ and they don’t think they know better than the people they are working for. They are not necessarily the most expensive, they do not have to hold the most accolades, they simply strive to be their personal best 100% of the time.

They are committed to growing and improving their business, open to suggestion, constructive criticism and continuously push their limits. They review their work and strive to be the best they can be. They are truly passionate industry professionals.

If you fit the description above, if you are in love with your job and your life, if you are committed to helping your couples achieve the day of their dreams, however that may be, we are happy to meet you and would love to have you on board.

Take a look at what we have in mind in the next two tabs; we appreciate that we all don't think the same. Some follow their hearts, some follow their heads so...we have both.

We have a vision to create a global collection of wedding specialists that are recognized as the 'Worlds Finest'.

We will do this through good old fashioned hard work and commitment.

We will make hard decisions about who to have on board by researching, reviewing and...well, talking.

We will commit ourselves to this 110%, the same percentage we expect you to commit when providing your service.

We will continually develop the site to make it a great experience for everyone.

We will generate work for you. There is no point in having a pretty site (isn't it pretty??) that doesn't do what it says on the tin. We commit to do what it takes to GENERATE REAL WORK!

Now you know what WE will do, here is what we want from you.

With your help, we can craft a new global standard, a standard that the wedding industry needs and aspires too, a standard that couples can trust and believe in.

Together, with commitment, love and hard work, we can build a trusted and recognized brand from the ground up.

Are you in?

Honesty, transparency, communication and love; these are the four most important parts of this business.

We all know that, when it comes to building a successful business, there are no magic beans, there is no secret ingredient or one off SEO trick. It is all about continuous marketing, developing brand reputation, responding to demand and providing a service that is desired.

What makes this site unique...apart from you!

  • First things first - No adverts! The site is designed to guide couples to specialists without distraction. Homepage to specialists page in ONE click! Simple.
  • We want our couples to find you, not get lost in a sea of faces. For this reason we will only list a grand total of 10 specialists in your profession in your area.
  • Geo-locator - This fancy ass piece of technology ensures that your local couples see you first. 70% of couples marry locally.
  • Wedding buddies - Show couples the wedding specialists you love to work with, within your own profile. This offers you the opportunity to create local networks, build business relationships and recommend businesses you respect.
  • Local Advice - The opportunity to be seen first by providing valuable information for potential clients.
  • Quotes - Be yourself instead of 'just another vendor' with the ability to use personal quotes to appeal to like-minded clients.
  • USP - The 2people1life story has stretched far and wide and created a 4 year long media storm. We have this unique opportunity to garner constant interest in the story and have built the site around this potential.
  • Application reviews - We will review every single application personally and after being married this many times we feel positive that we can select the cream of the crop.
  • The Bidding System - In order to bridge the economic realities of the world, the bidding system gives everyone an opportunity to be a part of this collective. It removes a rigid monetary barrier to entry and therefore makes this a truly global and diverse network.
  • Last but not least. US - We are real people, this is not a faceless community or a corporate deal, this is the product of two people who want to make a positive difference to the international wedding industry with the help and support of like-minded people.

Our marketing commitments.

  • To maximize current media interest in our project, our USP, to drive traffic,
  • continue to develop media interest with an ongoing PR company,
  • work with appointed SEO company www.97thfloor.com on reciprocal links, analyzing mobile responsiveness, traffic analysis, key wording and keyword research,
  • use well written, informative articles that are key worded for realistic ranking,
  • continue our social media advertising,
  • advertise on market leading wedding websites,
  • send Monthly Newsletters to our established and growing mailing list,
  • implement Ad-words advertising to drive targeted traffic,
  • commit to keeping members and visitors engaged through social media and word of mouth,
  • use short and long term adaptable business planning,
  • review monthly performance and analyse Key Performance Indicators.

Associated marketing -  2peoplel1life project.

  • Newspaper and Magazine articles continue to be published around the globe on a regular basis,
  • TV interviews to help build and spread word of the brand,
  • international public speaking opportunities,
  • continued coverage on respected international and national wedding blogs,
  • large social media presence worldwide,
  • exclusive and dramatic wedding posts covering cultural weddings around the globe.

Future growth plans 

  • Award systems and badges for outstanding members,
  • peer to peer networking systems,
  • international conferences,
  • development workshop opportunities and expo's for 2people1life specialists,
  • international brand licensing and franchising opportunities,
  • ...you know we never rest on our laurels right???

Are you in?

How It Works

Every wedding specialists application will be considered by us, Lisa and Alex, as a couple. We may Skype with you, we may ‘demand’ we meet up if we are local and, it will be incredibly difficult but, we may not accept your application if we feel that you are not a perfect fit for this unique directory of committed personable vendors. Your application will form part of a private, for our eyes only listing so please, take your time, dig deep, we want to love you and we want to know you well enough to make our couples love you too.

To ensure that we have the worlds best people rather than the people with the world’s best budgets, we have created a unique bidding system. This means you will make a bid as to how much YOU would like to pay to be associated with 2people1life and to be recommended as a service provider for some awesome weddings all over the world.

We see the bidding system as a creator of opportunity and a way to bridge economic disparity without sacrificing talent.

It is not however, there to be abused.

As an example, a world famous NYC wedding dress designers bid would probably not be the same as that of a scarf weaver in Cambodia…and if it is, then the designer is not bidding fairly, or with respect and would therefore not be considered as a serious application.

We are positive that once you have read the hearts and minds section above you will be happy to bid what you think is fair for what this unique community of wedding specialists can offer you.

So, come on already…what are you waiting for?

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you, hopefully over a glass of wine or two!


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