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Laid back Germany is one of our favourite countries in the world. Laid back yet rigid with routine and rules and beer drinking, it is a country of contrasts.

Germany produces the majority of the Worlds wind energy, they printed the first ever bible, organic produce is booming and they, as the most populated country in the EU recycle 50% of their rubbish which is a LOT...they may seem a little 'stick-in-the-mud' yet, they love a laugh.

Home to the worlds oldest brewery, brewing since 1040, Germany are the second heaviest beer drinkers in the World, after Czech Republic, they eat most of their meat in the form of over 1500 varieties of sausage and you can still (in some areas) smoke in workplaces and restaurants.
See, I told you they were fun.

The country itself is incredibly beautiful, from Alpine mountains to entire regions of forest to the Baltic Sea. Rivers are a plenty with the Danube the Rhine and Elbe, all coming to one point in a stunning little town called Passau. Get high enough you will find glaciers, get low enough you will find a beach, Germany really is a land of contrasts.

It is so beautiful in fact that it is the 7th most visited country in the world, is the second (after the US) migration destination in the world AND even the Germans holiday in their own country! They love it so much even they don't want to leave!

Getting married in Germany is my kind of affair. The legally binding ceremony for all couples is done in an official building and you are then free to celebrate your union as you wish. There is a lot of paperwork involved as with any destination wedding and a lot of it has to be less that 6 months old, your birth certificate for example and some may need to be translated so time is needed. Same sex marriage (or as we call it, Marriage) has been legal since 2001.

A twist in the legal tale here is that Religious marriages are not legally recognized, only civil marriages are legal in Germany. The civil marriage, however, can of course be followed by religious ceremonies if you so wish...or you can stand atop a stunning mountain surrounded by family and friends and declare your love amongst some of the most stunning scenery the World has to offer! It is entirely up to you.

How to get legally married in Germany

For our wedding in Germany we donned traditional garb for a truly Bavarian ceremony in famous Landshut during the famous  ‘Landshuter Hochzeit’. The historical pageant re-enacts the wonderful medieval wedding of Hedwig, the Polish Kings daughter and Georg, the Duke of Landshut’s son. The highlight was certainly filling our faces with hot pretzels and cold beers whilst watching the Bridal Pageant which has over 200 participants!

Our wedding in Germany

Germany Wedding Video

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