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Turkey is one of those countries that just takes your breath away.

Amazing culture, incredible architecture, a depth of history, fantastic food and wonderfully warm and friendly people…and that is before I even start on the beauty of the country itself.

From Istanbul, the stunning gateway to the East, to the magical, seemingly impossible, fairy tale inspiring Capadoccia, to the mesmerizing plains of the Black Sea in the North, to the snow-capped mountains that spill over the edges of your vision in the southeast, the home of the infamous enormous carved heads.

There is so much to do and see in Turkey and with regards to getting married there the hardest decision you will have to make will be where to do it!

We spent most of our time in the coastal town of Gocek, a stunning turquoise marina lined with yachts and traditional gulets with sleek teak and wonderful billowing white sails. I would have loved to tie the knot aboard the crystal clear waters scattered with small islands like hundreds and thousands on a cream bun but the choices we had were so many and we exchanged our vows in front of the beautifully mesmerizing carvings in Dalyan.

Beaches, mountains, boats, cities, hotels, churches, restaurants, gardens, hot air balloons, the homes of magical creatures…it is all possible for your wedding in Turkey.

Only civil marriages are legal in Turkey, you can opt to have a religious service too but that will not be legally binding. There are the usual hoops to jump if you wish to be legally married there, the documentation from your home country all translated but nothing too strenuous and most definitely worth the work to marry in such a magical land.

With such natural diversity across such a huge country why not make it the location of your honeymoon too, spend some time exploring, enjoying the incredibly cleansing Turkish baths , lounging in a world class boutique hotel, sipping champagne in a hot air balloon or even just lying on a beautiful beach soaking up the sun…there really is no end to the possibilities in Turkey, and they are all simply amazing!

How to get legally married in Turkey

Our wedding was in two parts, A Henna ceremony held in a very traditional restaurant and I wore a beautiful red sequined outfit which made me feel very special. The ceremony was great fun and I loved the tradition of giving small bags of henna to all of the guests. We danced and ate and drank plenty of Efes in the name of tradition!

The wedding ceremony itself was more modern and held on a beautiful boat with the backdrop of ancient tombs, thousands of years old! Highlight. A 4 day strong torrential storm parted and held off long enough for us to say I do and literally rolled back in as we climbed back into the shelter of the boat!

Our wedding in Turkey

Turkey Wedding Video

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