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The birth place of romance itself, where better to tie the knot than ‘gay Paris’? Getting married in France can certainly be a stunning affair with over 40,000 chateaux, manor houses, palaces, museums, theatres, hotels in which to exchange your vows. Stunning towns dotted with equally stunning cottages litter the countryside, most of them boasting just a small bakery, a cheese shop (stocking all 300 varietals of local cheese of course) and a local wine grower selling his wares. In my opinion, everything one might need for a French wedding.

Rural France makes everyone fall deeply in love. Flying along the narrow lanes in a classic convertible with the soft top down is the dream. Headscarf flapping Grace Kelly style (though not so tragically) through the sweet smelling lavender fields of Provence, past the twirling tendrils and plump fruits of the vineyards of Bordeaux and winding through the scent of money on the air as Monaco and Nice sail away in your rearview mirror.

Paris on the other hand, a touch busy for me, with a history of over 81 million visitors, more than any other country in the World, and an annual tourist influx of more than its own population, I wonder if this is the reason the French are a touch...touchy!

Known as air kissing, cheese eating, wine drinking folk with a penchant for being a bit 'rude' the French are a rare breed. They have the most sex, drink the most wine and take the most anti-depressants in all of Europe but they're still a moody lot. A Frenchman himself, Andre Gide, is quoted to have labelled the French, "Italian people in bad mood".

One should also not take the lack of punctuation personally either and maybe plan ahead for delays in proceedings when arranging a wedding. The French word for 'deadline' is ironically 'délai', and indeed delay is part and parcel of the French work culture.

All of this said, there is no doubt that you will know what to expect from France if you intend to have a wedding there as one of the couple must be a French citizen, resident or, since 2013 have a parent that lives there.

The same applies for same sex marriage. France was actually the first modern country to legalise same-sex relationships in 1791 and legalised the right to marry in 2013. (There are certain nationalities that are unable to take part in same sex marriages in France so please check before making plans).

Aside from a wedding, other amazing things to experience in France are visiting the Louvre, eating moules mariniere paired with a glass of champagne and a cigarello in Paris, generally gorging yourself on the abundance of incredible food and enjoying a glass of the local wine in the country that knows its grape, it is the world’s oldest producer of wine after all and a glass with every meal is perfectly acceptable...one must also find a spot to watch the world go by. People watching anywhere in France is like nowhere else in the world.

I personally also think it important to mention how unique a country France is. It is the only country in Europe that a cheque is still an acceptable form of payment, the only place in the world you cannot legally have any form of DNA test and you can even marry a deceased person in extreme circumstances...oh, and the law states you cannot land a UFO in Chateauneuf-du-Pape...so don't even try!

"Remember, if there are any complaints, in France, the customer is always wrong." (From the 2006 Ridely Scott film A Good Year)

How to get legally married in France

Aix en Provence. A very French Wedding Affair.

The simply elegant wedding ceremony was held overlooking the stunning Provence from Sainte Croix Abbeye. Lisa wore a dress highlighted in lilac to reflect the famous lavender growing region. Highlight. Having family present for the ceremony and venturing deep into France after exchanging our vows. Exploring, eating great ice-cream and drinking great wine with friends and family.

Our wedding in Provence, France.

France Wedding Video

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