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Washington State

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You have to be pretty cool to have a Wedding in Washington State as it is possibly one of the hippest States there is. Its capital Seattle is the home of Bill Gates. The birthplace of Starbucks. The final resting place of the Lee’s and the first State to realise how awesome The Beatles were and as a result play them on the radio. The first to mount their police…ahem, I mean, put their police force on bicycles…and the home of the USA’s oldest farmers market.

This is all before mentioning the cool shit that is all over the city, from the interactive Post Alley Gum Wall where you can add your saliva infested wrigleys to the collection of chewed gum-stroke-art to climbing onto the head of a one-eyed troll that resides under a bridge with his tightly clutched VW beetle like some kind of pacifier…and then there is the fact that Seattleites have more fur babies than human ones and that they have their own real life Superhero. No, seriously!

Anyway, if that doesn’t convince you that Seattle is the coolest place to get married I don’t know what will…maybe the fact that flannel is the style of choice…for everything...even weddings, that might win you over?

Of course, there is more to Washington state than just its central hub and this makes the wedding possibilities endless.  From its cool cafes, to awesome funky boutique hotels, to epic gardens and some of the most fantastic ballrooms, casinos and spas, retreats, country clubs in the city…to all of the surrounding natural beauty of Washington.

Majestic Mount Rainer towering over all, the meandering Puget Sound, the wild rocky coastline or stunning Port Angeles with its untamed rivers, glacier topped peaks and old-growth forests, just waiting to be explored. Choosing where to have your wedding in Washington is definitely going to be the hardest part.

Arranging a wedding is, like anywhere else in the States, easy to arrange the fun wedding part but the legal paperwork can be a bit of a nightmare. Every state has its own rules and regulations to conform to BUT, getting legally married is possible it just takes a bit of organizing and a lot of paperwork. However, no blood tests are required in Washington so that’s a definite bonus!

Personally I would recommend tying the legal knot at home and holding a symbolic ceremony, leaving you free to get married wherever and however you wish!

Like at the Pike Place market for example, or the annual pot festival. Its your call...as long as you are cool enough to rock flannel!

How to get legally married in Washington

We held a traditional style white wedding in Seattle…but under the neon sign of the famous market place. As only the second couple to ever marry at the market we walked through the stalls and had fish thrown for us, flowers gathered for us and then pizza and beers with friends. Highlight - The strangers that had gathered around to watch humming the wedding march for me to walk down the ‘aisle’ Seattleites really are cool.

Our wedding in Seattle

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