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Unearthly beauty, Rugby, Kiwis and hobbits are my first thoughts when I think of New Zealand but now that I have seen it with my own eyes I realise I have been under selling it.

That beauty I talk of cannot be described with mere words, the azure blues of the glacial waters, the majesty of ‘Mount Doom’, the sound that the bubbling mud pools make…none of these things can be justified with a word, there just isn’t the vocabulary available.

Around every corner in New Zealand there is something else to take your breath away and, in between bouts of hyperventilating, no matter how many times you stop to gaze, hypnotised, into the freezing blue rivers, you just cannot get enough. A spell is cast over you and you MUST try again to submerge your body in this magical liquid, only to find that yes, it is actually as cold as you remember from your last attempt.

It is unshakeable, unforgettable, indescribable and gloriously uncrowded.

A perfect destination for a wedding and honeymoon combined, the two small islands have so much to offer. The stunning scenery deserves more than a pop in, get married and jet off. You HAVE to see as much as you can and it is so easily accessible, it would be rude not to explore.

To elope to New Zealand or plan a destination wedding there, the biggest difficulty you will face is deciding where to hold your wedding before applying for your marriage license. The wedding location is a part of the application process so you can’t change your mind when you get there. If applying from abroad you must get a signature from a commonwealth representative…or you can arrive 3 days before your wedding and get the signature there. Weddings in New Zealand have to be held by a registered celebrant and these special individuals are worth their weight in gold, they will work closely with you to build a beautiful ceremony reflective of yourself and the surroundings. It also seems almost compulsory to take a ride in a helicopter when you get tie the knot in Kiwi land, and with so much beauty all around you, why the hell not start your married life on top of the world?...or jumping off it?

If a chopper seems a little tame for the adrenalin capital of the world you could throw yourselves off numerous bridges to declare your love or say I do as you are propelled at high speed through a narrow canyon on a shot-over jet boat…if you can speak that is! Or try whispering sweet nothings to your loved one while tipping over a 7 foot waterfall in a rubber tube, or jumping out of a perfectly good plane…you can literally ‘take the plunge’ in all manner of ways in New Zealand.

The people are as crazy as they seem, inventing all of these ways to try to kill yourself, or at least give yourself a heart attack and a damp area in the jeans region…but they are also warm, friendly and love a chat. Pumping gas, setting up a tent, ordering dinner or a pint, you’ll never be short of someone to talk to. Fiercely proud of their beautiful country, their endangered Kiwi, their rugby team and their heritage they will be happy to tell you the best places to visit, the places to avoid and the next point at which you can test your metal.

Adrenalin sports and chatter boxes aside, if you are lucky enough to experience a Hongi while you are there you are guaranteed to fall even deeper in love with this stunning country and its passionate keepers. The only danger is that you will never want to leave.

How to get legally married in New Zealand

A Kiwi wedding with a traditional Maori welcome.

Our wedding in New Zealand was an incredible Kiwi wedding with beautiful elements of Maori culture on the stunning shores of Mount Nicholas Station. A fantastic local team combined with the pure beauty of New Zealand created a once in a lifetime experience. From a helicopter ride to thousands of sheep arriving in their pens at the ceremony, to taking part in the Hongi and wearing traditional Maori cloaks. The wedding has shot up the list of our favourite locations, ceremonies and includes Lisa’s favourite bouquet so far!

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