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If you are looking for a wedding filled with historical charm, stunning architecture and incredible food you should most definitely just head to Hungary.

One of the oldest and most beautiful European countries AND located on top of some of the worlds best thermal water (which translates to SPA’S to you and me) there are few better places to plan a wedding and a honeymoon in one.

Budapest is one of the most compelling cities I have ever visited, with a fantastic foodie scene, great bars, incredibly friendly people and stunning vistas owing to the River Danube running right through its heart. Ogle along the river banks of either Buda or Pest and see the Parliament houses or the fairy tale tower of Buda Castle in all their magnificent glory. Watching them twinkle at night under a humongous sky is one of my favourite experiences of all time.

Away from the city Hungary has stunning lakes and rivers, more thermal baths than you can shake a stick at and beautiful hilly plains that stretch for miles. Peace and tranquillity is within easy reach and you can literally be in the middle of nowhere within an hours drive out of the city. Fields filled with sunflowers line the roadsides, cattle graze lazily and you have to play spot the Trabi on your way into the countryside.

Planning a wedding in Hungary is a pretty straight forward affair as the country is very well set up for receiving international guests wishing to do so. Only a civil ceremony is legally binding and while it is possible to arrange, it is a time consuming and sometimes costly process which generally requires at least one visit several months prior to the wedding date to co-ordinate necessary paperwork. Most visitors hold their wedding celebrations in Hungary and legalise the marriage once they return home.

This gives the freedom to hold a ceremony however and wherever you wish. Churches abound, synagogues, hotels, barns, restaurants, lakeside, you name it you can pretty much find it in Hungary…except a beach. Hungary is landlocked by 7 other countries but that should certainly not deter you....plus, in Hungary have the perfect excuse to give Rubiks cubes as favours! That's a deal maker for me!

We held two incredible ceremonies in Hungary, one inside the stunning and magical Buda Castle which is where any right minded princess would dream of marrying her prince charming and a rustic Hungarian barn wedding complete with goulash, putza and plenty of Palinka and dancing. I have to admit to preferring the rustic barn wedding and I wish I could remember the entire wedding party but I am assured it was pretty much the best party ever!

However you wish to get married in Hungary, and wherever you choose to do so you will have the most amazing time, incredible food, fantastic hospitality and memories that will last a lifetime…if you don’t drink too much Palinka that is!

How to get legally married in Hungary

Dreamy Buda Castle Wedding.

This was such a classically beautiful wedding over-looking the houses of Parliament in stunning Budapest. The fairy tale Buda Castle was every girls dream and the highlight had to be wearing a HUGE pink dress and wandering the stunning streets of Budapest in the evening for some truly epic pictures!

Our Wedding in Hungary - Buda Castle

The big fat Hungarian Wedding

A truly traditional Hungarian wedding held at Varga Tanya, an incredibly authentic location in an idyllic setting. We enjoyed a horse show, goulash soup, traditional dancing AND lots of Palinka! Highlight – The best wedding party ever!

Our Wedding in Hungary - Varga Tanya

Hungary Wedding Video

We would love to feature more weddings in Hungary right here!

2peopl1life inspiration post - Balaton Lake retro styled shoot complete with sunflowers, a fairground and a vintage Trabi.

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