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Mexico, filled to the brim with fascinating history, visible culture at every turn and choc-a-block with smiling faces is an incredible country to visit, explore and get married!

Anyone can get married in Mexico with the right pieces of paper, a drop of blood or two and, in some cases a chest X-ray. It sounds difficult to arrange but as one of, if not THE the most popular destination for weddings, the Mexicans have their shit together. Step by step guides are available and if you need someone to hold your hand through the process that isn’t a problem either. Hotels, resorts and wedding planners are aplenty and most cater to your every wedding desire.

If you just hold a religious ceremony it will not be legally binding and you will not receive a marriage certificate. Only a civil ceremony is legal in Mexico so if you wish to hold a religious ceremony that has to be arranged separately. This is the way most Mexicans marry, why not celebrate twice? They are a very festive bunch.

If you find yourself in Mexico during a festival it is certainly an incredible experience you will never forget…same applies if you find yourself there during spring break…but less incredible…I can only recommend avoiding that at all costs!

Mexico has so much to offer as a wedding destination, great weather, stunning beaches and thousands upon thousands of jaw dropping ruins, beautiful colourful cenotes, ancient culture desperate to be shared and a biodiversity like no other country. Plan your wedding in time to see the millions of Monarch Butterflies arrive on their migration from Canada. A mesmerising sight and a strange feeling as they land all over you if you get too close but imagine the photographs!

All of this is available at a fraction of the cost of a wedding in most Western countries with all of the same facilities available. Of course there are the cultural differences in the service levels, somethings may not be as punctual as you wish, there will be people that may be out to con you out of a few quid by saying they can offer services that they cannot so try to use recommended vendors where possible. There are countless wedding horror stories but there are also countless wedding planning bliss stories too and a little patience can go a long way in Mexico.

The religiously, socially and culturally diverse people of Mexico are genuinely huge hearted and will generally go out of their way to help anyone in need and will certainly try their best to make your wedding day the day you have always dreamed of….plus, you can have the world’s best stuffed tortillas and tequila for your wedding breakfast. I’m sold!

How to get legally married in Mexico

A Mayan blessing on the Mayan Riviera, Mexico .

We held a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony on the fine white sand of beautiful Paamul. The sacred blessing was performed by two local Shaman wearing full Mayan dress and was just incredible. Highlights included being cleansed with the smoke from the copal, sending our offerings out to Xchel and the sea and offering thanks to the Cardinal points.

Trash the dress –
After the wedding our photographer asked us if we fancied doing some under water shots while we were in Mexico and we JUMPED at the chance. We headed to a local natural pool, called a cenote, and spent 4 hours under water and got the most amazing images from the shoot. We saw the image come off the camera and onto the screen and could not believe our eyes! Such an amazing experience! *CB –

Our wedding in Paamul, Mexico

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