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A wedding in Iceland – Our faith in human nature has been stirred, but not shaken.

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We are often asked about how hard it is to plan everything we do.

Everyone understands that we juggle a lot of balls, wedding planning, shipping logistics, driving around the world, planning ahead for visa’s for us and the van, deciding a route based around invites for weddings, just filling the propane tank so that we can cook takes days of planning and adjusting in some countries.

Of course, we are almost 4 years in and things should have gotten easier, and in a way they have. We KNOW not to expect anything to go smoothly and know now to just take it slowly. Move slowly through the van so as not to injure yourself SO badly when you walk into open cupboard doors, drive slowly in new countries until we are certain we are on the right side of the road and have worked out who gives way to who…if at all. We even expect the food shop to be a drama when our cards are all blocked at once because, surprise surprise, after travelling extensively all this time the bank STILL insists on leaving us stranded every time, anyway, the point is, it’s not always easy…but there has been one thing that hasn’t been difficult and has remained solid throughout. The people. The people who become friends that we give our trust to willingly.

inspiration board Iceland

Icelandic location inspiration board.

Since we embarked upon this wild wedding adventure we have committed entirely to one thing, to giving our trust completely to everyone who approaches us about having a wedding with them. We made the decision that we would grab every opportunity given to us. We wouldn’t shy away from experiences we wouldn’t usually think we wanted, like swimming with sharks, or getting married topless…we would be ‘YES people’ and we would give ourselves wholly in the name of making this trip the best experience for everyone involved. (It is surprising how much delight people take in pushing someone else’s boundaries).

We have put ourselves out there in the universe and I believe that this is the reason that it has worked. We have been approached by people all over the world, everyone has accepted our openness and willingness and we have, together, created special moments for all involved. Each wedding has come off smoothly…some more than others, some perfectly…but we have never been let down…until now.

ice queen and viking ceremony inspiration

ice queen and viking ceremony inspiration

You may have noticed us mention Iceland a few times on facebook recently. We have been busy working away for 3 months with a lady we have been in contact with for around a year. For the sake of privacy, lets call this lady ‘Delia’.

Alex and I have spent months creating designs, mood boards, press documents, story boards, sales pitches, location scouting, creating lists and lists of plans and commitments all while juggling website building, wedding planning and shipping…and most importantly, we have been doing what we do best. We have been connecting people around the globe and creating opportunities for the wedding industries best across 6 countries and 4 continents, all in the name of two AMAZING weddings in Iceland!

You may wonder where all of this fits in with right now, as we have promised to remain up to date, so let me explain how Iceland was going to roll.

We managed to juggle so many balls so that we could have Alex’s Mum visit with us up until the day we would leave Australia, which would be the day after the Aussie wedding. After the wedding we were due to get on a flight to America to meet with Offbeat bride editor Megan Finley and then fly to Iceland to meet with cinematographer Reuben Skinner from Ireland, Blogger Julia from Brides Up North, Photographer Katya Mukhina from Russia and a film crew from RTL, Germany’s biggest news Channel…all armed with custom made head-pieces from All things Lucy in England and Maggy Bride in Australia, and an incredible dress from Enzoani, courtesy of Love Bridal Boutique in the UK. I even had a positive response from Paolo Sebastian about wearing one of his most incredible dresses too!

Ice Queen Inspiration

Ice Queen Inspiration

In Iceland we were due to have two epic ceremonies, one Ice Queen themed and one Nordic Viking Themed. Our intention was to showcase the best Iceland has to offer to the wedding masses. Such incredible scenery, such a diverse landscape and SUCH an opportunity for ‘Delia’ and her company who had approached us to be involved in the promotion of Iceland for weddings.

With the support of RTL, Offbeat Bride and Brides Up North, we had secured a viewership of 20 million across Europe and America and worked our asses off for the weddings and the team, all on the promise of flights to Iceland, accommodation and the support from’ Delia’ on the ground.

The email conversations kept coming and coming, the excitement was palpable from ‘Delia’ yet the booking of flights just kept being pushed aside regardless of request after request. There was always an excuse, the owner of the airline was on holiday, ‘Delia’ was busy filming (she apparently owns a production company) and I know that writing it you will think it all seems a little far fetched to
wait a few weeks for flights to be confirmed…but we have done this a couple of times now and we KNOW it can work.

We were flown from Paris to Tahiti, from Brazil to New York and on to LA by Martha Stewart, from USA to the Exumas and from LA to New Zealand…all on a last minute promise…and they all came through. Iceland didn’t.

we do...we always do!

we do…we always do!

It was all a scam. ‘Delia’ suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth filming ‘Star Wars’ (yeah, I wondered about that too) and the day before our Australian wedding  (2 days before we were due to fly), we received an email from the airline, the owner of which, according to ‘Delia’, was her best friend and ‘absolutely all in’. In this email, the final blow, the owner of the airline stated that they were in no way involved in this project, nor had they ever been! They pointed out that they had told ‘Delia’ this on numerous occasions over the last 3 months yet she had failed to communicate this with us and continued to string us all along.

Our world crashed around us.

We had involved so many people and they were relying on this trip as much as we were. Megan the editor of Offbeat Bride had purchased clothes for the trip (she lives in LA and has never even seen the cold) and also had a lot of personal reasons for wanting in on this trip. Reuben had put himself out there and had arranged a second shooter to come along with him to get the best footage, poor Julia had no idea what was going on as we were just too busy and embarrassed to explain, Katya had been dealing directly with ‘Delia’ and had taken all kinds of random emails on the chin but still wanted to come along. I have apologised profusely to Emma for wasting hers, and the top dogs at Enzoani’s time and I am yet to beg Paulo Sebastian to let me borrow a dress for another wedding. How embarrassing!

Viking inspiration board

Viking inspiration board

It was all a sham and a waste of everyone’s time, merely to stroke a deluded ‘business’ woman’s ego!

BUT, we remained professional throughout the entire 3 months of planning and although ‘Delia’ continues to email us with further visions of grandeur, insisting that the airline might still change their minds even after discussing her plans of corporate espionage against said airline in an open email a few days ago…we remain confident that we did everything that we could.

All of this is before we mention that there was more riding on this than a goose-down coat and a few pairs of woolen undies.Being true to ourselves and making the most of every opportunity, we have tied so much in to the Iceland project.

‘Delia’ guaranteed us flights from Iceland to England after the weddings so that we could see our families. We were taking Megan to England to meet everyone and to recoup from her tumultuous time at home and we were going to throw a stag/hen do for our friends who’s wedding we will miss next month. That has been the real kicker for me. I hadn’t told anyone we were going but I believed it. I believed we would get to see our families after another year on the road and that Megan would get a much needed break in life, it is all just too much heartbreak really to explain.

The next kicker was that we also planned and confirmed that we could be a part of a wedding in Jordan. For a priceless, once in a lifetime opportunity we could afford to fly ourselves from the UK to Jordan and onto Singapore to meet Boris as he landed, ready for our next leg.

Now, we have committed to being in Jordan and we are in Australia!

Weddings in Jordan

Jordan, here we come!

How the f*ck can we afford to fly to Jordan? Well, the answer is that we can’t really but we have no choice but to pay, we DESPERATELY want to go and we have made a commitment and I won’t be tarred with the same brush as ‘Delia’. We WILL make it to Jordan.

One woman has let us down so hard that it is difficult to put it into words, especially now; the day before our wedding in Australia! I need to stop trying to articulate and go meet our incredible wedding team, we need to sweep this under the carpet and forget about it. We need to focus on all of the effort that has been put into creating us an amazing day here on the Sunshine coast.

We have to forget about what will be tomorrow and focus on the now. On the amazing people who HAVE pulled through, who HAVE made commitments to us and kept them and we WILL come through with our commitment to them……

Our faith in human nature has been stirred, but not shaken. I know the Australian team will reinstate that trust that I am dangling on the edge of right now.

So, ‘Delia’ and her unprofessional attitude and our absolute disappointment will be ensconced in the recesses of my mind until the day after our 68th wedding.

I’m going to take advice from Liz Taylor for the day and then, once we have married and partied and made some friends for life, we will go back to the drawing board and start working out how we get to Jordan!



  1. Anne says:

    OH my god that is freaking awful…we are soooooooooo sorry to hear that. Read ever word and nearly cried. Even though this woman was complete deranged scumbag at least you know there is good in the world, and to have only 1 of 68 weddings go bad, is a darn good track record for you two and the world as we know it. I know Jordan will work out, as the best wedding yet because karma is no back on your side tenfold!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Anne. It truly is awful but like you say we MUST have karma on our side now 🙂 We have been SO incredibly lucky to have met the people we have done so far and will continue to trust and put ourselves out there rather than let one person ruin it all.
      Positive mental attitude rules 🙂 Hugs guys and thanks always for your support Xx

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