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From one Island to another…Ireland!

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4th – 8th April 2013

Of course the next morning I felt like death warmed up. I blame the Port and Guinness (and Jeff)…but anyway, we had a long way to go if we were going to make it to our next stop…Ireland!So lucky to be surrounded by friends for 2 weddings!!!

We met Toff and Nats and Eleanor for breakfast and I tried to make bacon butties…but I was so hungover and so rubbish that I even broke that! I somehow set fire to the pan and Alex had to rescue the breakfast before I sent Peggy up in flames!

We forced brekki down and hung out for a few hours with our great friends and then had to hit the road hard!

We had booked a ferry from Hollyhead to Dublin the very next morning and had a fair distance to cover. We set off in plenty of time but the press had gone mad for the Wales wedding. We did several radio interviews and had a few newspapers to send information in to. We stopped at a McDonalds and hijacked the wifi until 3 and then set off again on the journey we guessed might take 4 hours.Wifi central!

We drove, lost for an hour and found ourselves back at the McDonalds! We gave up, bought a map and set off again. We found a layby to sleep in 30 miles outside of Hollyhead at 10pm that night. We slept soundly against all odds and were up with the lark to complete our journey and to check in at 7.30am.

The ferry crossing was ROUGH! I was so happy I had gotten my hangover out of the way the day before and I laid with my head between my knees all the way across to Dublin.

We picked up a map…(we might learn yet) and made a rough plan of action, we had 4 days until the wedding and may aswell see a little of Ireland on our way to the west coast!Wicklow Gaol! Spooky!

We drove down the coast to Wicklow, had a snooze in the afternoon (unheard of!) and Alex even tried his had at sea fishing…with a £20 telescopic rod from Boyes and one type of weight! Needless to say it was not a success but he wore himself out making a huge knot in his line and loosing his hook and weight to the waves.

We ate stew, drank a bottle of wine and watched movies parked on the beach and felt all cosy wrapped up warm in Peggy while the wind howled around us!

The next morning we headed into town and decided to visit Wicklow Gaol. It was a really interesting place but certainly spooky…we learned a lot about life in the 18th century Jail.

We adventured further down the coast line to Gorey where we found a car wash and an Aldi and then carried on to Dungarvan where we found a deserted beach to park on for the night. Alex tried sea fishing again and this time came back when his trousers zip broke and ended up around his ankles!

As much as camping isn’t too much fun in the cold it is so nice to snuggle up together on a ngight and listen to the cold and the rain outside. We lit candles and put the twinks (christmas lights) on and we could have been home sat in front of the fire!The dream team! A bit blurry after the wine!

We spent the next few days doing much of the same (though Alex had given up on the sea fishing for now), we popped into Cork, did a drive by at Blarney Castle (it was $24 for us both to get in!!!) and found an empty campsite to stay in around the corner from where we were due to get our wedding on!

We spring cleaned Peggy that night and began to wonder about what the wedding would bring! We had started to feel a little lonely after spending so much time with our friends recently!

The next day we were due to meet our partner in wedding crime! Lindsey from Fly Away Bride who have been featuring our weddings had offered to help us pull together a truly Irish celebration. I was SO excited! We met up with Lindsey in Ennis and collected some clothes for Alex and exchanged meeting places for later that day!

It was great to finally meet Lindsey after being in touch with her and the team at FAB for almost a year it was like meeting up with an old friend.

Lindsey had pulled together a HUGE team and had been lucky to secure a fantastic location for our Irish wedding, Doonbeg Lodge! I wanted to write something about the Lodge but they have summed it up so well on their website…

“Imagine a coastal haven, hidden on a sheltered corner of the wild Atlantic Ocean – luxurious yet unpretentious – where world-class golf meets an intimate spa – where every taste is catered to and every request considered.

Imagine a rugged landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see, across rolling waves and sand dunes and thousands of years of stories, buried within them.

Imagine a grand, Irish country house, where the staff welcomes you home.”

Honestly, there are no truer words. The place is incredible!Testing out the cake pops and The hair!

The team were staying in a 4 bedroomed villa at Doonbeg Lodge the night before and there was room for us too! The team of 6 included Lindsey and her Mum, Jill Wood the florist, Sam from Cloudberry Bakery (the cake maker), Kathryn the make up artist and Audrey from Upstyle Junkie who would be styling my hair! We were a total dream team…all we brought along was ourselves, our shoes and LOTS of wine!

We moved in quickly to the stunning house and were excited as the team arrived. We all went over to the main lodge for dinner and got to know everyone over great wine and great food. They were all such fab people and we loved everyone instantly! I could (if it was in my nature to be quiet) sit and listen to everyone talk Irish all night long…BUT I can’ keep my mouth shut for long so we all nattered the night away.

After dinner we all sat on the couch and talked weddings with wine while Sam painted icing petals and Lindsay sewed a hand made lace and diamanté accessory to my cardigan. We chatted about everything, from families to travelling to weather! They were all praying for sunshine so much so that Jill brought along a Child of Prague. This small statue of a young Jesus is believed by the Irish to be the bearer of good weather. The tradition is to pop him outside and let him work his magic while you sleep! No-one really knows where the tradition came from but it is a popular one for Irish weddings!

40 weddings so far and we had not had rain for ONE of them…was the child going to keep that the rule or would we have a wet Irish wedding? We really didn’t care, we were just so happy to be there!

I was SOOOO excited for this wedding. We had been absolutely blessed to meet such great people and they were all there to help us on our wild wedding adventure! The only people missing were the photographers, Kate and Sean from Poppies and me and Reuben the videographer from Show and Tell Films…luckily there were there with us via twitter and we tweeted late into the night making sure they didn’t miss a thing! I could feel it in my bones, this was going to be a good one!

Surrounded by great people in such a stunning place nothing could be better!


  1. Lindsay says:

    Awe! This has totally brightened up my day! What fun we had! I think the night before the wedding was just great, getting to chat and catch up and hear all about the travels because really, your wedding went by far too quick the next day! Much love to you pair xxx

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      We had a fantastic time with you guys! You are right, our time with you all was to short. But we will be back! 🙂 xx

  2. Jacquie says:

    Amazing how every ‘wedding’ is so unique…and your Irish one is no exception. Looking forward to seeing how you actually looked and how the celebrations (with LOTS of wine, as you say…lol) happened.

    Too bad about the rough ferry journey to Dublin…the water must be quite strong with waves as I’ve heard other friends say how rough the crossing can be! Glad you arrived safely. Aren’t you glad for McDonald’s free wi-fi….works like a charm and keeps you updated.

    Happy trails. xx

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      It is coming up really soon. We have just watched the video again from the wedding it’s a cracker! As for Mc Donalds Wifi, it’s a life saver!

  3. We are SUPER excited to be able to feature beautiful number 41 this week! I know Lindsay had such a great time with you guys and the Irish vendors. (She’s handy with a needle too is our Lindz!) The photos came out amazingly well and you guys looked great. Excited!!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Coming up soon!xx

    2. Lisa & Alex says:

      It was a very special day for us… everything was just right! xx

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