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Simply put… The Craziest Wedding Yet! – Utila, Honduras

Crazt Utila ceremony! Luckily we spoke with Neals daughter, Tempy who confirmed that Neal was happy to hold the ceremony for us. We were delighted and set about preparing for our upcoming 13th wedding. Alex went to the hairdressers where we met Christine and I booked in for the morning of the wedding to see if she could tame my crazy hair for the ceremony.
We unpacked Tabitha and got Alex’s shirt washed and ironed and went to the bar to celebrate having our 13th wedding ceremony planned…bad move!
An unique getting ready experience.We enjoyed several gin and tonics in the sunshine on the Driftwood deck and were then whisked off to a party on the back of a golf cart by Jungle Jim! The party involved very cheap drinks and lots of talk of Island time, spiders and diving and we even met a dog who has her own facebook page! It was a great night and we met more lovely friends and of course woke up with heavy heads! Will we EVER learn?
We had a beetroot for breakfast which obviously didn’t help the hangover at all so headed back to the Driftwood for a burger! That sorted us out so we gathered our wedding clothes, hit the hairdressers and went to have a wedding!
Spiders... big spiders Neil built the Jade sea horse with it ending up underwater in mind...Christine made my hair beautiful and she kindly offered to be camera-woman for the wedding…and of course our guest. We arrived at Jade Seahorse and got changed into my wedding dress, Tempy took some photographs of us while Neal got into ‘character’ and I got up close and personal with the afore mentioned spiders! Having my face really close to them was not so much fun but not as scary as I had anticipated. As you look through the pictures you will have to try spotting the spiders…there is probably at least one in every shot.
Neal appeared in all of his master of ceremony glory. He wore baby pink trousers and a bright yellow and green patterned shirt and a matching hat. He held what looked like a weapon but was actually what he called his ‘Neanderthal stick’ with which he would bless us during the ceremony. Christine held the camera for us while Tempy took some pictures and Neal held us a fantastic ceremony. He referred to us as Alexander and Elizabeth as he had decided we had very royal names. The ceremony incorporated all kinds of craziness. Our thousands of guests were welcomed to share in our celebration, the spiders, the gnomes and leprechauns were all summoned to witness the love shared between us. We smiled an laughed so much throughout the ceremony that our faces ached! Neal was a great sport and as he blessed us with his Neanderthal stick we bowed our heads and held hands tightly. The spiders, gnomes and Leprechauns applauded and threw their hats and we took a bow.

A so it beganIt was such great fun and in such a genuinely unique location. The Jade Seahorse would be magical dressed with twinkling lights and candles for a really romantic, surreal, colourful wedding. I can picture strings of fairy lights, hanging coloured jars filled with tea lights and mismatched crockery everywhere with miniature cakes and triangle sandwiches. Pretty much like a mad hatters tea party but in the actual physical representation of Neals mind!

Anointed as much as married!We loved it so much and our only regret is that we didn’t manage to find a photographer at such short notice. Tempy did a great job but a  professional would have been able to showcase the place perfectly, the angles, colours and light are a photographers dream and would make amazing fantasyland shots.

To end our evening we gazed at the stars and planets through Neals telescope, then grabbed a pizza at skid row and finished the night with a famous Monkey Balls at the Driftwood. We urge anyone that visits Utila to go and spend the night at the Jade Seahorse or even just go for a beer. It is one of the most unique places I have ever been and Neal has an amazing talent for creating something so beautiful. Yet again we have been blessed to meet great people, visit great places and make amazing memories!

The team!

Location and photography – Jade Seahorse




  1. Jacquie says:

    Despite not having an official photographer, your photos still portray two people in love and in very unusual yet pretty surroundings. The photo you have dubbed as your favourite is my fav. too 🙂 Tabitha just keeps going and going….I’m curious about cellotape and scissors though….lol

    You managed to get those spiders in a few shots…one shot showed the spider exceedingly close to you and Alex. Do they have a painful and/or poisonous bite….or did you think it was better just to not ask???!!!

    The JadeSeahorse created by Neal is quite spectacular….not surprised he’s been creating it for 10 years and still has more ideas to incorporate.

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Haha the cellotape story…I had a loose thread on my dress at the back and Alex decided to cut it off. Little did he know that the ‘thread’ had a knot in it and was there as it is the single thread that each of the 30 plus glass buttons are on! I had left it so I could stitch it back down so as not to loose any more buttons as I have lost 3 from the top. He didn’t know and cut the thread to the quick! I figured out what he had done when he showed me a glass button and said it just came off in his hand. A quick fix was a piece of cellotape hastily applied by Neal with a good whack to it for good measure! Hence my tongue sticking out!
      The spiders are harmless thankfully! I did ask before I put my face near them!!! The Jade Seahorse is certainly amazing place even with its spiders! Xxxx

  2. Elita says:

    Ah, but for the spiders – –
    Would LOVE to see the Jade Seahorse in person!
    Your wedding photo is really beautiful.

    Lookin forward to Costa Rica. D says it’s the richest of Central America.

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Elita, The Jade really should be added to everyones to visit list as it is beautiful and apparently the diving is outstanding too! We love Costa Rica so far, Im so excited to post the wedding I am trying so hard to get caught up but the internet just is’t on my side!! Cant wait to share the next wedding with you either! Antigua Guatemala!! X

  3. Barbara Tieman says:

    Just about the time I thought it could not get any better, you come up with something so different, you are just beautiful Lisa, oh yes Alex isn’t too shabby either.You look as vibrant as when you did when you started, even with the spiders….can’t wait for the next time and whatever it holds.I know it is going to be as special as the rest of the trip..Take care and be safe and happy….xoxoxoxoxoxo your bud….Barb

  4. Lorena says:

    Crazy is right!! It was hilarious, unique and so very special!! The pictures may not have been professional but they are gorgeous! Congratulations!!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Babs and Lorena, thanks so much, the pictures did turn out great and we are really pleased with them, it is just knowing what magic the fab professionals can do! Its so hard to show how fantastic the colours and the detail is in a place like the Jade but I think Tempy did a great job!
      It was a great fun ceremony and we hope to be able to go back one day and spend some more time there and with Neal, he was great company!
      Thanks again for sharing our adventures! Its always so great to hear from you! Xx

  5. Christine says:

    Just finding time now to take a voyage through your blog!
    What great fun that was! It was such a pleasure meeting you both & I really loved being a part of your adventures! Still giggling at the video & the memories! xoxo

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Christine! It wouldn’t have happened without your help. 🙂 which reminds me. Can you email me over a picture so that i can add you to our Heroes page! xxxx

  6. Maddie says:

    I think he may have smoked too much jade seahorse.

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