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Getting hoodwinked by The Today Show!

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We were not so excited of course when the alarm went off and we had to drag ourselves out of bed at 5am! We were collected as bright and breezy as possible at 6am in another town car (I could quite get used to being driven around) and taken across a relatively quiet New York to the Today Show studio’s.

We were greeted at the door and ushered in by an excitable woman and shown to the green room where we sat awkwardly not knowing what on earth to do. We had both been told to wash but NOT style our hair and I was told I would be taken in for make up so we sat with fluffy hair and waited.

After around an hour of waiting we were asked to sit on a couch under a huge TODAY SHOW sign and a man sat opposite us with a HUGE camera. He was rather purposefully pointing it at us and I laughed to Alex and said it looks like he might be filming us…and then he WAS filming us! With messy hair and morning faces they filmed us sitting in the green room for the screen shots
prior the interview! NICE!

As they counted down from 10 a woman approached us with a big blusher brush (with nothing on it) and the worlds smallest can of hair spray.
She brushed our faces and squirted an infinitesimal amount of hair spray in the vague direction of our hairs and got out of shot FAST! We just looked at each other incredulously and laughed knowing we were being filmed!

After that drama we sat for a while longer and chatted with another of the shows guests. Dave…the worlds best father…was appearing with his daughter, we chatted until it was time to be shown into ‘hair and make -up’.

We got changed into our clothes, Alex into his Second Sunday jeans and
shirt and me into my vintage frock from the girls at Mill crest Vintage, we had another light dusting of make-up and hairspray and sent into the lions den!


We sat shaking nervously clutching hands on the couch in front of several enormous cameras and behind those, floor to ceiling windows which showed off a huge crowd of people gathered around to watch (which I can assure you didn’t improve the nerves!). We waited while cameras got into place and said hi to Savannah who was having her face brushed too.

As we sat there a chatty guy (who looked like one of the cast of Glee) came over to the couch and said “Hi, I’m here from legal and I’m here to tell you that you can’t mention the blog or that you write a blog or anything about UNICEF“…this was as the camera crew counted down from 5 so you can imagine our shock. We didn’t have time to react at all as we were all of a sudden live on National television!

We muddled through the interview, wondering all the time if we were going to put our foot in it and what would happen if we did.

You can take a look here!

The interview flew by and as we walked back to hair and make up to get changed again we were silent! I couldn’t believe they could pull that on us. we had been talking to them for so long and it just all seemed such a swizz, we had done all of that and been on a huge national show but still no-one would know how to find us to follow us or that we were trying to raise money for UNICEF!

We changed and got back into our town car and were driven back to the hotel. We talked about it and had a moan about it but not for long, we couldn’t be too angry, they had after all paid for us to be flown to New York, stay for a few days and eat in the flash hotel restaurant too!
All was not lost. We had had a wonderful experience and regardless of
everything else we had enjoyed it. We shrugged it off and wrote it down to experience.

The next day we spent the day filming with Inside Edition (who in return paid for us to fly back to LA) but we have no idea if the feature ever aired…it was a nightmare filming it and we made a decision there and then that if we can thank the people who have helped us so far, raise awareness for the trip to move it forward and raise some money for UNICEF then we WILL do the interviews. BUT if we cant, then we wont.

We enjoyed our last night in the hotel and checked out first thing for our flight to LA…we had an absolute blast in NYC, our few days living the crazy life being driven around and having people flap about us but we were looking forward to getting to our second home in LA to catch up with our friends and get back to the real world! Haha, I never thought LA would be the place to go to get back to the real world but there you go! Stranger things have happened right?!



  1. meganfinley says:

    “I never thought LA would be the place to go to get back to the real world but there you go!”

    That made my day. 🙂

  2. Mother of the groom says:

    My thoughts exactly Megan !!! What has become of them !!!!im worried for them when they get back to the UK !!

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