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Tigers in Sydney!

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After so many big decisions last week we felt like a weight had been lifted and we could stop worrying about finding our dream hometown. It was as though making that decision had released us from a burden that no longer had any hold on us. Making the decision that Australia wasn’t for us long term made us realise that wherever we ended up calling ‘home’ we might still wake up one day and not be happy there any more…but that that would be ok. We know now that we CAN move, we can CHOOSE and we CAN change our minds and the world will not actually implode. Reading all of your lovely comments on facebook and on the blog also made us feel incredibly loved and supported in whatever we decide. Knowing all of this means we can now cruise along at leisure and should we find ‘home’ we can just re-address, its no biggie!

West Coast Australia2015-03-23_0003

Driving through from the Grampians and across the Historical route from the Murray River to Sydney via Wagga Wagga (and a brief clothes shopping trip for Alex) we got so excited about our new-found mental freedom that we talked non-stop about the website rebuild. So much so in fact that we ate up tarmac like nobody’s business and found ourselves actually IN Sydney a day early!


The Grampians...and kangas

The Grampians…and kangas


We had arranged to meet up with Jim and Julie…remember the amazing neighbours who gave us their wine in Adelaide??…for an evening and had forgotten ourselves and ended up paying for our second campsite since leaving Melbourne one month ago. It wasn’t such a big deal, they had great showers which meant not having to drain the entire van floor after using the indoor one so we made the most of it, I even managed to shave my legs!

The following day we parked up on the waterfront just outside of the city and continued our work for the website. It is getting exciting and all falling into place nicely! Anyway, in the afternoon we tootled up to Jim and Julies and had a lovely evening with them and their family, eating, drinking and sharing tales, accents and comebacks for miserable faced Aussies over an amazing meal. Of course, on retiring to the van we promised to be up bright and breezy for Jim’s special Feta Omlette and a tour of the fish market…roll on 9am we made it in for breakfast and poor Jim was already on his 3rd coffee waiting for us.

Jim and JulieSydney Fish market

We ate the famous eggs and hit the road into the city, all of us admittedly a little hazy. The terrible tourists that we are, we were so glad that Julie and Jim took us into Sydney. Such a booming city with buildings growing up from the ground in front of our eyes. Historical Wharfs have been renovated to the coolest spots in town and casino plans sprawl like the roots of new plants in ideal growing conditions over the entire city. We loved trawling the Fish market and picked up a great seafood mix to make a Mariscada that we have dreamed of since eating it in El Salvador all those years ago. We packed it in the Eski and hit the CBD. Jim and Julie knew all the best spots to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and we even made it down to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for the perfect view thanks to Jim, the area is pretty much closed now to tourists but with Jims luck and willingness to just go see we made it and it was well worth it.


We all finished the morning off with a Tiger at Harry’s Pies. An institution in Sydney, the Tiger is a pie (beef, chicken or chicken curry) literally topped with mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy with a fork stuck in it like a flag pole. The paper trays almost buckle under the weight of pure carbs and you have to fight the seagulls and pigeons off for it to be a true Aus experience.


Hangover sated, legs aching and ready for a Yorkshire brew we hit Jim and Julies home before waving our farewells and hitting the east coast. We have a lovely old cat to look after for a few days and will cruise along to Nelson Bay taking in the sights, sounds, smells and sunshine, without a care in the world all the way to our home for the next 5 days.

AusStunning Sydney

Can you spot us under the tree?

Can you spot us under the tree?


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