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The Ring

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Lisa loves stars; she has socks, tops and pj’s with stars on. Even a star tattoo on her neck! You get the picture.

So my hunt for a single cut star diamond began over a year ago. I hunted on the internet for what felt like an eternity. There were whisperings (a few lines) on a diamond called the ‘Rising star cut’ It was patented back in 1992 by  Fancoldi Registered Trust Ltd. Who supplied them? Nobody knew.

I called diamond specialist after specialist, no one had even heard of such a diamond. Then I got lucky a single line from a request back in 2008. ‘Does anyone know where to get a star cut diamond’ – one reply –www.risingstardiamonds.com. A company based in Israel, they mainly cut the diamonds for the Israeli government officials and they are normally set in pendants.

I called them straight up and asked if one had ever been set as a ring? I was told ‘no’ it couldn’t be done….. Well that was like a red rag to a bull! Oh and they only make a limited number each year as the diamond takes a long time to cut and they have a high demand in Israel.

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So 11 months later the diamond arrives, I confidently head into Manchester city centre to find a jeweller to set the diamond, besides I had 5 weeks until we were leaving. 15 shops later and a long hard day of companies turning me away finally I found ‘Wave’ design. They got the setting turned round in 4 weeks and the result is stunning!

More info about the diamond

The Rising Star was granted a design patent with the U.S. Patent Office in 1992 based on the new technique of achieving its cut; subsequent patents were registered in all diamond polishing countries. It was developed in Liechtenstein and is now cut in Israel. It is the first fancy-cut diamond to fully resemble a five-pointed star. The Rising Star is a full-depth stone with 56 brilliant facets (a round diamond has 57). Its diameter, depth and proportions are equal to that of a round diamond, taking into consideration the “missing” diamond pieces between the points. The cut is manufactured to be strong and durable.
It takes about three-and-a-half times as long to manufacture the Rising Star as it does to produce more traditionally shaped diamonds. The cutting and polishing of this cut is highly complex and risky. Prefaceting shaping is done with custom-designed, high-technology equipment. Polishing is done in every direction of the stone, as opposed to the polishing of a more traditional cut, which is done in two basic directions. Each polisher is trained to do only his or her aspect of the process. That is, the cutters who polish the bottom facets are not trained to polish between the points, etc.
Piqued rough is not used for the Rising Star to prevent breakage, cracking or exploding on the polishing wheel. Fine octahedron rough is used. The Rising Star is not cut for weight retention but for maximum brilliance and symmetry. About 75 to 80 percent of the rough is lost to produce this cut.

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  1. This is a wonderful write-up. Thanks for taking a few minutes to summarize all this out for folks. It truly is a great help!

  2. Brenda bee says:

    Very unusual ring, very special. love it. x BB

  3. Carly Smith says:

    I want one!!!!!

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