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Getting our teeth into our Halloween wedding!

Vamped up, rocked out, photographed by the coolest twins ever with even cooler vintage cameras and married by an angel…doesn’t even begin to describe the 9th wedding on our crazy adventure!!!

We woke up on Halloween morning and set off to get our costumes for the wedding that evening…last minute I know but what’s new! Now that we have sussed the traffic we know to tell the GPS to go the longest way possible to avoid the hellish sloth drive. So the 8 mile journey wasn’t too arduous and we arrived in good spirits excited to see if the outfits we had stashed in the ‘Little house on the Prairie’ style outfit rack were still there. Joy! There they were, hidden inbetween the ugliest brown dress you have ever seen and a lovely black 1840’s style number just like we planned it! We high fived and I started heading for the counter…Alex had different ideas and dragged me back into the depths of loan costume hell suggesting that there might be something we missed last time we were here! Great. So we trawled it all again and took 3 or 4 items into the changing room. I put my head into something and was promptly propelled into a sweat stench induced panic and nearly pulled my hair out in the panic to get it off my head. My mood was swiftly changed and I begrudgingly tried on another costume (after dubiously sniffing it first) which was actually quite nice…simple but nice and I was done and ready to get out of this untidy, dusty, sweaty place but Alex still had 12 pairs of trousers to try on, a few waistcoats and at least another check that he had made the right decision on the cape. I dawdled around really quite disappointed that the costumes just really weren’t what I had in mind. I was dreaming of Victorian style vampires with luxurious materials, a bustier, a waistcoat, a cane…that kind of thing but instead we would be going in thrift shop outfits which we would just have to try our best with. Eventually ( Zzzzzzz ) Alex emerged from the mass of clothing, hair and chicken heads and we bolted for the door with our costumes and some face paint and set off back to our beautiful apartment!

On arrival we checked our email and had been informed by Megan that Clockwork Couture had offered to dress us for the ceremony! Megan had sent Donna our story and she loved it and couldn’t bear the thought of us wearing tacky cheap costume shop rentals! We threw our rentals aside and danced around the room and ran over to Megans to thank her, Coco was there too and off we all went to Clockwork Couture! We  jumped in Margaret (Megans very cool orange mini) and zoomed (as much as the LA traffic would allow) to…a house…with the coolest gate…ever! Donna runs Clockwork from a gorgeous little studio at her house. It is decorated with trinkets of all shapes and sizes; clocks, monacles, canes, hats, jewels and hatpins cover every surface and I have stepped into my costume dream haven! We were introduced to Donna and then to the largest, most handsome cat I have ever seen…whom I promptly pointed out should wear a top hat and spectacles. In response Donna showed me a picture of him actually wearing said spectacles and told us he actually owns a top hat! I guess this is LA and I should not be surprised…but how weird to see a cat, discuss what clothes would suit him and be told his wardrobe is based around those items?!? Anyway, as usual I digress!

Donna must have actually been in my Vampire wedding dream as she handed me THE outfit I wanted! A deep blood red, faux leather, cross embellished, boned corset with a lace up back, a fish tail satin skirt with the most fabulous bustle and a great little hat with black veil! Gobsmacked and delighted I tried it on and became the Vamp bride of my dreams…maybe a little flatter chested but hey ho! When I emerged from the boudoir everyone LOVED it and Alex just knew it was exactly what I had been looking for!




As I got changed back into my boring none vampy clothes Donna turned Alex into my dream Vamp groom and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had on THE outfit I had imagined and he looked amazingly handsome!! Tailored fitted trousers, white shirt, double breasted waistcoat and THE most fabulous, luxurious, vampiest jacket there ever was! There was just one thing missing…and Donna knew what it was. A cravat to cover his freshly bitten
neck…in the same colour as my corset! So she whipped out the sewing machine, a piece of blood red crushed velvet AND MADE HIM ONE! While we sat and were loved, lolled on and snored on by Gin the handsome cat! This woman was NOT going to let us out of her sight until we completely looked the part. Newly stitched cravat  on and it was time to accessorise! Pins, canes, hats, monacles…we had it all at our finger tips. We left there totally in awe of Donna and her style, gobsmacked that we had my dream outfits and that the wedding was due to start in 4 hours! We stopped by the In and Out burger drive through (which by the way was soooooo good) and got back to the apartment where the routine flip out ensued! We’re running late, the photographers were already there, we need to pack a bag of stuff, we need to get changed, we need to file our teeth, we need to check our email, we need to digest our burgers, I need to make a bouquet and buttonniere, my hands are shaking…Alex grabs me tells me to breathe and to sit down for a minute! Then he tells me we have a make up artist meeting us at the Vampire Lounge! Everything just fell into place at the very last minute! I tied the bouquet and made Alex’s pin, we shaped our vampire teeth, grabbed our things, changed into our fantabulous clothes and ran for our taxi! My heart was racing and my palms were sweating and the butterflies had started…although they didn’t have so much room in the corset to flutter as much as usual they were definitely there!

The excitement and anticipation built as we drove around the Santa Monica parade and watched the surreal world pass by in a blur. Michael Jackson danced in the street while Spiderman and Freddie Kreuger finger clicked a beat, and Disneys Belle floated elegantly down the street…It was like being in a dream…a Vampire wedding dream!

See what happens next on our wedding travel adventure!


  1. Jacquie says:

    Wow and double wow!! Things really move for you two….those outfits sound amazing and my only disappointment is that you are keeping us all waiting until your next blog to see how fabulous you both looked!!!

    How you remain cool, calm and collected when faced with each ‘wedding’ is just something else….oh….hold on a minute….Lisa is never cool, calm and collected before the BIG event; Alex runs a close second but seems to be able to keep the anxiety under control (enough for both of you….what a guy!).

    Your excitement at this LA Hallowe’en ‘wedding’ is contagious…..I’m excited to hear the 2nd installment….soooooo
    get busy writing the next one quick!! lol

    As an aside….that burger place sounds wonderful….burgers are always more tasty on that side of the Atlantic!

  2. TR Rickey says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos of this one! I always dreamed of a Halloween wedding but my ex wouldn’t have it. He just wasn’t the costume sort. Just another reason on the list….Maybe the next time around!

  3. mother of the groom! says:

    Cant wait to see these pictures! How amazing that the Pelling luck steps in every time. , make up Artists fab clothes , all for you .Hurry up Lisa and get it written!!!xxx

  4. Michelle says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!! absolutely fantastic!! Have a sneaking suspicion you two will have looked FAB!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    You certainly are having a ball, a monster ball on this wedding, however a ball all the same!!


  5. Lisa & Alex says:

    We truly are having an absolute ball every single day! The wedding is all written up, just awaiting an email response from one person and then it will be all yours, we put the pictures in last night so it will be with you ASAP! Can’t wait for you all to see the pics! Xxxx

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