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Tango, una boda y el amor! A wedding in San Telmo, Argentina

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So within 2 days we had a wedding planned and it was going to happen right now!

We spoke with Abigail at Brides and Smiles who had offered to help us with some bridal accessories but she was having the day from hell with power and water cuts, it just wasn’t meant to be…

We spoke to Eugenia and Mariana at Flores y mas Flores and dealt with last minute logistics, colour co-ordination and flower combinations! I literally sent over a picture of my dress, Daniela had a quick phone conversation and we arranged to have the flowers arrive in a cab as we were so short on time…

The wedding was today and we were more nervous than ever about the dancing part! We had watched the effortless gliding of the couples the night before and knew that it took more than an hours crash course to FEEL the tango let alone to dance it!

As we left the Dante Boutique hotel to head to the tango house to meet Daniela and Rommel we realised we still did not have an officiate or even a location really! We spoke with Laura the hotel manager and asked her how she would feel about holding the ceremony for us! We had been talking with her and Sebastian about our adventures and they both wanted to come along to watch the ceremony! She immediately volunteered Sebastian who came across as a quiet shy individual…but he had been harbouring a secret…he is an actor! And has a fabulous voice! Listen to the vows on the VIDEO, he was perfect for the occasion!

Laura spoke to Sebastian as we left, we offered him Alex’s suit to wear (as Alex would be wearing Rommels) and we emailed him our vows! Hours before the ceremony and we had everything we needed…barring the ability to dance!

We arrived at Daniela and Rommels and got straight to our lesson. It wasn’t until we started dancing that I realised that the women last night were all dancing backwards! The man directs the woman by pushing forward, she reads his damn mind and goes with him…BACKWARDS! We really had bitten off more than we could normally chew! Alex has two left feet and we are both as clumsy as new born giraffes BUT we had the best couple to show us the ropes and before long we were staggering around the room in something akin to a dance move!

Daniela guided me with ease and when I danced with Rommel I felt liquid, he made it so easy, I knew what he was going to do and I just followed! Alex moved gracefully with Daniella too, confident and smoothly, but throw us both together and I was trying to lead and eventually we muddled it together…

After an hour or so we had a basic couple of steps, a clumsy stance and a fit of the giggles! We were are ready as we were going to be! We thanked the pro dancers and arranged to meet them at 10pm at a local Milonga so we could hold the wedding before the professionals arrived so that we wouldn’t be getting under their feet (quite literally)!!

We arrived back at the hotel just in time for the fabulous Emiliano and Juan to arrive. They would be photographers for the day and we were also blessed with amazing videographer Alejandro and backstage photographer Ramiro.

What a team we had! We were ready to get our wedding on for the 23rd time!!!!

Everyone took their positions, arranged their equipment and we made our introductions but it was like we had met before…we all just clicked and got on with getting ready for this crazy wedding. We talked about our dancing lesson, our experience at the milonga and how we were beginning to get nervous. That was when Emiliano and Alejandro suggested that we prepared for the wedding in separate rooms and didn’t see each other until we went out to do a pre-wedding shoot!

Although the norm for most couples this was out of the ordinary for us so we went with it. Cameras followed me into another room to get ready while Alex sat back with a coffee. While I was putting on my make up the flowers arrived so they let Alex in to bring them to me! They were perfect! Some of my favourite blooms, anemones and freesias and amazing colours that were perfect with my dress! This was when the excitement kicked in. Alex left the room and as I got ready one camera rolled and the other snapped away. The room had a small balcony looking out on the fabulous building across the street, the perfect backdrop to our San Telmo preparations  Arched, decorative windows in red flaked pained walls…I loved it!

Once I was ready I had to sneak past our room so we could swap over. It was Alex’s turn to get ready and my turn to sit and let the nerves take over. I realised while I was sat there that I was more nervous than ever! I didn’t have Alex to calm me down or to fuss over I just had to sit and let the adrenalin rush around my body like a crazy thing and wait!

Soon enough we were ready and Alex waited for me next to Peggy outside the hotel. I ran down to see him for the first time in a few hours and was just so relieved to see him stood there waiting for me!

We all jumped into Peggy for a mini road trip to take some pictures to show off San Telmo. We stopped on a main highway outside the famous obelisque and luckily didn’t get arrested, we drove down the worlds widest road and went the wrong way down a few one way streets…we had a blast with the gang and soon it was time to head back to the hotel to meet Laura and Sebastian and get to our wedding venue.

When we arrived at the milonga Daniela and Rommel were waiting for us all dressed up and raring to go. The 10 of us gathered around and prepared ourselves to pay the $20 each to get in and luckily (before we paid) the lady on the desk pointed out that we would not be allowed to take pictures without written prior notice!!!!


So, as it goes, this is generally our life so for us this was no big deal, we just said lets think of somewhere else to go! Everyone else was frantic with worry and apologising etc but you know what, it makes it all the more exciting when things change last minute! Instead we decided to go dance on the highway in front of the obelisque and then head into the heart of San Telmo down one of the cobbled streets to hold the ceremony!

We did our broken tango dance as the traffic zoomed around us to the music in our hearts and had an absolute blast doing it! Rommel and Daniella danced along with us and one of my favourite moments of the night was the four of us crossing the zebra crossing laughing our heads off at the craziness of the whole thing!

We said our sad goodbyes to our dancing duo who had to go eat empenadas with friends at midnight and we all hopped in cabs to San Telmo and found ourselves a little street to get married down! The perfect spot was in front of a wall full of graffiti, with cobbles under our feet and warm glowing street lights above us.

Sebastian was the perfect officiate and the ceremony was applauded by a group of people fixing a car just a little way down the street! It was perfect! To celebrate we all piled into a small bar and ordered tapas and wine for the masses. We all had a great laugh spending a little more time getting to know each other and we were sad when everyone had to go their separate ways.

We crashed back into our room to find a bouquet of red roses and a bottle of wine from Laura, Sebastian and team at Dante.

We managed to stay awake for about 15 miutes to reflect on our crazy day. The pictures from Emiliano and Juan perfectly sum up our day. The energy of the city, the excitement and anticipation of seeing each other after being separated for longer than we have been on the whole trip and the fun we had dancing in the streets.

The video actually is miraculous as it makes it look like we can sort of dance which I can guarantee with the pressure of the moment, the traffic and the adrenalin…we could not! It also depicts our day perfectly and I hope you can feel a little bit of the thrill of Buenos Aires when you watch it HERE

Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen and for putting up with it all being very last minute and all completely changing direction at the drop of a hat! We hope you had a great time too!

Photography – Emiliano Rodriguez | juan Pablo Mansilla

Video – Alejandro Calore of Real N short | Flowers – Flores y mas flores | Dance lessons and clothing – Accesstango | Help also from Dante Boutique Hotel


  1. Patri Toro says:

    Que experiencia tan intensa y maravillosa para los novios y tan talentosos profesionales de la imagen y de la boda. Mi admiración por el logro. Felicitaciones!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thank you so much! Fue un verdadero placer de experimentar esta boda con gente tan increíble y talentoso. xx

  2. Alejandro says:

    What a wonderful experience I had along with Lisa and Alex!

    As a filmmaker, I really admire them, because they were able to turn their lives into a real, amazing and endless movie!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Ale! It was a real pleasure to work with you! Hopefully see you again somewhere! 🙂 xx

  3. Emiliano says:

    A great pleasure for me and Juan to be part of this amazing love story you are building as you travel around the world. We had a blast registering it and now we recall all the experience through your words. I hope we can meet again anywhere in the world. Cheers!

  4. Jonas Seaman says:

    This post is so beautiful! I kind of have a lump in my throat now.

    1. Emiliano says:

      I´m honored Jonas! I really like and respect your work. I would love to secondshoot you in one of those spectacular places you are used to shoot if would have the chance. Cheers!

  5. Lisa & Alex says:

    Knew you would like it. xx

  6. daniela says:

    love seeing the pics in the blog… thinking of you guys on your fabulous adventure… hugs and kisses xoxoxox

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Daniela for everything you made it all possible! Glad you enjoyed the pics, if you want any sending just yell and you can happily use them! Xx Hugs and kisses back to you and Rommel…we are heading up the east coast from Texas right now so if you are nearby let us know! Xx

  7. Andi says:

    I’m so jealous, my wedding in BA took over a year to plan, you made it look SO easy haha! 🙂

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      ‘Made it look’ being the key words lol! Going to wait til I have an hour or so to check our your wedding properly lol! Thanks for taking the time to pop by and comment! 🙂 Lisa x

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