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Who needs ‘stuff’ when you have so many friends?

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So, finding out that Boris been robbed during transit didn’t cheer me up any for the journey ahead but, as per, we sucked it up and spent our first night back on the road wild camping on a beach. We settled back into Boris, our home on wheels and relished in being back in our own bed.

Waking up to horses frolicking on the beach reminded me how much we love this way of travel and losing a few ‘things’ as annoying as it is, isn’t the end of the world. The kind comments we received from friends all over the world about the robbery also made us appreciate how ‘rich’ we are, How lucky we are to have you all to rant with when we need to, to talk to when we are at an all time low, or, better still, to talk to when we are buzzing at one of our all time highs. Gotta take the rough with the smooth and, well, with friends like you guys, that are always there for us, its pretty easy to do. We certainly couldn’t do it without your support so a huge thanks to you all!

horsing around

Our first day back on the road was filled with buying shit like pans and pepper, a dustpan and brush and replacing everything we that had been taken. We managed to get it all reasonably cheaply and with replenished cupboards and renewed excitement hit the open road…mapless, nodding dog-less and with just a vague direction…West.

More reminders of how awesome life can be on the road hit us as our day passed. We met fellow freedom campers who helped us to realise we could fill our gas (propane) tank with LPG at a fraction of the cost of regular gas (as long as we don’t get caught) and helped us find a great free camping spot for the night. They told us of their travel adventures around Australia over a coffee in their motor-home and we even watched a bit of the practice run of the air show that was due to show the next day…all for free. We were back in the wild camping, cheap living zone!


Within just 2 days of being on the open road we have settled back into the life we have chosen. Not in an apartment, not focusing on being online and ‘working’, not beating ourselves up about spending money we don’t have on a lifestyle we don’t want. Instead, enjoying being as free as a bird, soaking up the sights and smells of the countryside and marveling at the size of the wild animals around here! We have seen emu’s, wallabies, cockatoos, kangaroos and parrots, all of which are pretty HUGE! We have also spotted red spiders, brown spiders, orange bugs and thankfully they aren’t as large!


Victoria is now in our rear view mirror and as we sail into the pastures new of South Australia we are once again looking forward. To more unknowns, more adventures and more friendships…all waiting for us over the horizon.

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  1. christine says:

    looking forward to new adventures with you.

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