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Shipping across the Darian Gap! March 2012

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darian gap container shippingSo here is our video diary of shipping our camper van and our friends car across the Darian Gap in March 2012. It was in the direction of Panama to Colombia, Colon to Cartegena to be precise. This is not a mecca of information on how to ship, who to speak to and what to do.

This is simply 4 videos – 3 in Panama and 1 in Colombia of what happened. The confusion and frustration that ensued and is meant for giggles and to prepare you for the drama you will face if you are thinking of shipping a vehicle yourself.

There is a blog post that accompanies each video. Click on the links to the written version which fills in all the gaps we couldn’t catch on film.


Shipping 1 

Shipping 2

Shipping 3

Shipping 4

So i hope you enjoyed our nightmare 10 days of shipping the Darian Gap. If you have any questions or want advice or help shipping please feel free to contact Alex or Lisa at alex@2people1life.com or lisa@2people1life.com. We feel your pain and will do our best to assist. Please note if you are reading this and its 2015 or something this happened back in March 2012 and the information may not be helpful.


Alex & Lisa x


  1. Jacquie says:

    Someone needs to supply the port authorities with some little ramps to aid loading into those containers. I was half expecting Peggy to go up in smoke with all the spinning of wheels. Finally you were victorious and able to get Peggy back….oh if she could only tell the tale too! lol

    Anyone who still wants to cross the Darian Gap and transport a vehicle after viewing your videos will certainly be prepared to accept delays, frustration and little add-on’s like additional fees!!

    Top marks for your patience 🙂 Happy trails. xx

  2. Lisa & Alex says:

    Hahaha, Patience has never been one of MY virtues at least, thankfully Alex is a little more virtuous than I…I’m unsure how many times I would have completely lost my cool with the whole thing!!! BUT…we made it…still smiling…if a little manically!!! Xxx

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