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Shipping the Darian Gap pt 3 2012

The next morning we woke early and Boris’ neighbour had kindly offered to let us use her shower. After freshening up we headed to the port to meet our mute random helper at 8am sharp. We really didn’t expect him to be there and to our surprise he was! Not really! Haha. At 8.30 we decided just for a laugh to have a go at getting the vehicles into the container on our own. I could see the pain in Gaby’s eyes as I can’t speak Spanish and he knew it was all going to rest on him! It was the usual disorganised mayhem AND we were parting with money and time.
After almost 2 hours of going it alone and finally getting through the checks a woman asked us where our agent was (known to us as random guy). We pointed out he had never been here and had failed to turn up. All she said was, I quote “F=*^ing Boris!” She called him up and asked what the hell was going on. As we well knew we should not have been in the port without an agent but no one had asked! She told us to stay put until the agent got there…. Being well in the swing of things and knowing that the only way to get anything done around here was to get on with it, we walked out and drove round the port until someone helped us find our container. The security stopped us and needed to do a spot check of the van and car before they could let us load it into our container… They took it very seriously (see picture) and I almost sold my Sombrero for $10.

We opened the container up and checked to see if Peggy would fit in it as until this point we hadn’t had a good answer on this question. Luckily she did with 2 inches to spare. At this point of the ‘self-check in’ we decided to wait for Mr Punctual (random guys new name!). When he arrived at 10.30am not 8.30am I said good afternoon in Spanish, Gaby started laughing but the joke went straight over his head. Instead of getting mad I just called him another name after that in English.

Thanks to Peggy we were cheered up at the next part of the process. As she is a big girl and over 6ft wide the agent had to climb through the middle of Peggy and out of the window in order to strap her down. The container had warmed up to a slow cooker temp and the guy was sweating so hard I thought he might pass out. Sadly he didn’t.

After finishing up we left the port, paid up and our agent ordered us a taxi to take us to the bus station. Obviously the taxi didn’t turn up after half an hour and we had to go back into the port and order another one. An hour after ordering our first cab a guy turned up and said he would just be a few minutes getting something from inside the port. He offered to do us a cheap fare for the inconvenience $5US. This wasn’t cheap but we agreed. 20 minutes later he came out and said lets go. On arrival at the bus stop he asked for $10. I mentioned that we had agreed $5. He laughed and said “$5 each brother”…. I refused to pay and without a thought he pointed out that our bus was just across the street and was leaving in 2 minutes. I told him in a lot less polite fashion that his mother would be very proud of him and Gaby gave him the 10 dollars. Leaving the cab I left the back door open in a final weak attempt at defile. Although imature I have to admit it made me smile to see his 300 pound fat ass have to get out in that busy street to shut that back door. I smiled and gave him the finger.

We arrived at the airport to meet the girls with 5 minutes to spare, seeing their stressed tired faces when asked ‘how did it go’ we just looked at each other and smiled and said ‘fine, no problems’. We knew their 2 days would have been as bad as ours…or maybe even worse!??

Find out what happens next on our travelling wedding adventure!

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  1. TR Rickey says:

    I can’t believe the hassle it was for you two to get the cars in the container. Well done! Your perseverance was admirable…I think I would have packed it in at the end of the second day!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks for the kind words, they really help us along. But it’s not over yet. We have the Colombian end (getting the vehicles out of the container) to post yet and its just as crazy! 🙂

  2. Jacquie says:

    I am laughing so hard I’m almost cackling….lol Alex, leaving the cab door open! Love it 🙂 Great rebellious streak you have there! lol

    Your adaptability at getting Peggy into the port and loaded up into the container was a massive feat of ingenuity. You really have to write a book because it would have readers gripped all the way through…just never know what is going to happen next 🙂

    You get 5***** for perseverence and dogged determination…as TR Rickey says in the above comment…”I think I would have packed it in at the end of the second day.”

    Keep the adventures coming. Happy trails…..xx

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      I am one of those people that is Mr Placid until a certain point and then i just loose it! I hate people lifting my leg when i should have seen it coming! But when your exhausted its so much easier to be tricked. Grrrrrrr.

      Haha, i will put you on the book list! The only thing we do know is whatever happens next its going to be wild and something WE did not see coming. Its just like life but a concentrated version that is so much stronger than the normal thing!


  3. Lorena says:

    What an awful ordeal!! I will never again complain about red tape here again! It is NOTHING compared to what you guys have had to deal with!! Yikes!!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Haha, it was a pain! It just feels like they are stupid but you know they cannot be! The system is in place but its like no one has ever done it before! At least it was only 10 days of hard work. 🙂

  4. meganfinley says:

    LOL @ “this probably seems like a 3 minutes video clip to you… I wish I was you.”

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