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Scottish wedding images and video.

We were so lucky to have two great photographers for our Scottish wedding, Graham Warwick had travelled from Devon to spend a few days with us. Gardner Hamilton (the man is a connected legend) put us in touch with Graham and as always we can’.

We had a great time with Graham and loved his enthusiasm for photography, his willingness to try some odd ideas and the fact that he didn’t even mind the snow…or my cooking!

Thanks again Graham for facing the cold, scaling barbed wire fences, getting knee deep in snow and handling mossy trees all in the name of photography! I know for a fact that Iona Crawford loves the shots of her dress! Such a stunningly beautiful piece all in silk, it was an honour to wear it and in such beautiful Scottish surroundings!

Also including a snap of the beautiful Scottish shortbread favours we received from Your Favoureats…they were so hard to eat because they were so pretty BUT they were hard not to eat as they were SO good!

Enjoy the pictures, wrap up warm, they may give you goosebumps just looking at them!!


  1. Jacquie says:

    Fabulous video/photos…goodness knows how cold you must have been! The music really gave us a taste of the Scottish celebrations. I lost count how many different dresses you wore during this ‘wedding’ but they were all sensational. Gotta laugh when you were dressed to the nines and sporting some rather fetching sneakers, Lisa. lol

    Weren’t the shortbread favours so pretty….could just about taste them just from the photo. Happy trails. xxxx

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Got to get those high heels off When it comes to hiking across a rocky shore! I am so happy to be the groom!

  2. meganfinley says:

    I want to have this wedding… with a super-hot Scottish dude. 😉

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      I think Aaron could rock a kilt! 🙂 xx

  3. Amazing !!! Loved it and you braved the cold …it’s very beautiful .
    Makes me want to go back soon …

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