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Funky Junk! Wreck the Dress!

With all the excitement of the last few days and planning the wedding in a village with no modern means of communication we were again humbled.

The only time we could think of in our lives that had been similar was when we were kids and if you had a question for your friend or someone nearby you got on your bike and went to find them and ask the question. To make plans with our friends we would arrange to be at the phone box at a certain time to receive the call or we would make plans when we were together at school.The house of a thousand words

Now we all have a mobile phone at the end of our arms and can be in instant contact with anyone anywhere in the world! Its such an amazing contrast. I don’t feel that either way is better than the other, just a completely different way of living.

We started the day after the wedding with fry-jacks and coffee and hit the road…back to the garage! Peggys rattle that had been cured only 2 days before had come back with a vengence!

We stopped at a garage and while the boys were tinkering about with Peggy, Alex had the idea of taking a few pictures amongst the rotting cars with weeds growing out of their engines. You know, wreck the dress…among the wrecks!How did I end up in here?

As we knew she would, Maya loved the idea and after we had asked the bewildered garage owner I got dressed and paddled into the boggy, saturated field full of rusting old cars. The sun shone properly for the first time in days but the clouds still loomed with a threat of rain. The forgotten, neglected vehicles with their innards strewn all around made a fantastic contrast to the soft, flowing Tabitha gown and the whole idea was perfect…until Alex asked me to get into the boot of a rotting car…but…why not I guess!

We had great fun with Alex standing by with a huge bubble wand while we paddled about in the muck and rust. The mechanics just looked at us like we were absolutely crazy…can’t blame them really!This is MY boat!

Once Peggy was bandaged up (her front support bar had completely snapped in two) we bagged Tabitha back up and hit the long road back to Belize. Again we talked all the way back stopping only for a coffee in the cutest little coffee shop in the middle of nowhere.

We had a farewell beer with Maya and watched her board her tiny plane and drove to the nearest camp to collapse and reflect!
Maya was fantastic and I loved that even with a sewn up leg she was willing to jump in the waterfall, climb the rocks, paddle in muck and filth all in the name of getting the shots! I saw a house in PG that I LOVED, made Alex do an emergency stop to get out to take a pic and Maya took one for me too and made it beautiful!Alex is forever blowing bubbles

As I say every time, and I MEAN it every time, there aren’t the words to Thank Conch Creative enough. The commitment you showed us in the face of adversity, emotion and the damn pain in the butt drive the length of the country…TWICE is remarkable and honourable!

We also can’t thank the TEA Belize enough for their help, for inviting us into their homes and for opening our eyes!Damsel in distress!

Again, thanks to this wedding we are lucky to have made great friends in Reyes and Luciana, in Maya and Colette and we have expanded our knowledge of life and the way we live it! This wedding has been more than a celebration of love, friendship and unity but also a real life lesson that we will never ever forget.

Just Married!


  1. TR Rickey says:

    Very cool…I love the one of you with the bubbles…makes it very surreal.
    And the House of Words is very interesting…did you leave your own message on it?

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Wish we had thought of that!! But there was a scary man living in it so don’t know if we would have dared! xx

    2. This is really cool photography…

  2. Maya says:

    Alex was a brilliant bubble maker! 🙂

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Ahhhh you are to kind! I’ve never been called that before! x

  3. Lisa & Alex says:

    Alex WAS very good at blowing bubbles! And I really wish I had thought of leaving our own message! We drove by and I just HAD to have a pic!
    Thanks for your comments guys! Xx

  4. Jacquie says:

    You have some wonderful photos from the car junkyard….I think they are so unique and Tabitha slotted into the whole scenario with such beauty and grace. Loved these photos so much 🙂

    You just never know when a photo opportunity is going to arise…Alex was clearly inspired to make the suggestion and it’s not every day you can be waiting for a van repair and make it into an adventure. I can’t see anything like that happening when taking a vehicle into a Kwik-Fit in the UK….lol

    Happy trails. xx

  5. maddie says:

    I should ask something more intellectual…but…got nothing. So here we go, what are fry-jacks?!!!

  6. Maya says:

    Fry jacks are deep-fried pieces of dough, often accompanied by beans and eggs, or jam and honey. Very fattening but tasty, very tasty! 🙂 http://gocentralamerica.about.com/od/recipes/g/fry_jack.htm

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