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No pre-wedding jitters for me!!!!

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I can’t believe the most amazing day of my life thus far was planned completely without me knowing!

I am sat on the plane en route to Toronto drafting this up to add as soon as we can! It still has not sunk in how unbelievably perfect it all was!!!

So I wake up Monday morning, expecting lunch with all the family, a few emotional goodbyes and then a lovely surprise spa day courtesy of the perfect fiancé (still not used to saying that!), feeling a bit sulky about the goodbye bit but nevertheless looking forward to our day……And what did I get?!?!?!!? A surprise wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even begin to explain the overwhelming emotion I felt when Alex told me! I laughed, then cried, then chastised a little bit, then cried and laughed all over again! And still I had no idea how perfect the day would be!

I was shown the itinerary for the day (which you can see on Didsbury Life) and sent straight to Amanda James Hairdressers…do not pass go, do not collect £200…just go!!! Absolutely gobsmacked, Zoe has never known me so quiet! I left there with beautiful hair and was sent straight to the White Closet to be pampered to within an inch of my life by Emma Draper!!!

That’s where the most perfect, most beautiful sunny vintage English wedding began!

See what happens next on our wedding travel adventure!


  1. Jen says:

    I would have passed out! x

  2. Sofia says:

    Hello! just saw an article about you in one of our tabloids here in Sweden. http://www.aftonbladet.se/wendela/article13147158.ab. are you going to Sweden to get married? Good luck with all the wedding! / Sofia

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Sofia,

      We hope to come over to Sweden next May 2012,

      Do you have any places you can recommend?


  3. sofia says:

    Hej Igen! Vad vill ni se när ni kommer till Sverige? staden som jag bor i heter Göteborg (sveriges näst största stad) är en underbar stad under vår/sommar med en fin skärgård, en nöjespark som heter Liseberg, Universeum är ett stort Science Center..Underbar natur. En annan stad är ju såklart Stockholm som är vår huvudstad. Har också en fin skärgård, slottet. en jätte fin stad och ett måste om man åker dit är att gå i gamla stan.

    vill ni åka till stora eller små städer?

  4. sofia says:

    Hello Again! What do you see when you come to Sweden? the city that I live in is called Gothenburg (Sweden’s second largest city) is a wonderful city in spring / summer with a beautiful Archipelago, an theme park called Liseberg, Universeum is a big Science Center .. Wonderful nature. Another city is of course Stockholm is our capital city. There is a nice Archipelago, the castle. a really nice city and a must if you go there is to walk in the old town.

    do you want to go big or small cities?
    / Sofia

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Sofia,

      We hope to come May time next year. Thanks so much for your advice.

      The main thing for all our weddings is that we embrace the local cultures and traditions. Making the style of the wedding ceremony, clothes, food and decoration reflect the countries spirit.

      Alex & lisa

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