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The Myrtle Beach Wedding Extravaganza – A star studded event!

Today was going to be the mother of all days!

The Grand Finale of the Myrtle beach Wedding Extravaganza was under way!

We were up bright and early to get to Wing Wongs studio for hair and make up and also to do another little interview with Zach and Pete.

I was going to miss Wing and Alyssa after today. Wing is such a kind, gentle man with an amazing ability to make me look like I have a TONNE of hair! Alyssa had given up so much of her time for me and rushed around like a lunatic on the last day to fit me in around her 2 job schedule. Today I was going to be transformed into a Monroe-esque Marilyn. Wing got to work immediately with heated rollers, Mercedes helped by keeping us all filled with sugary treats and took some behind the scenes shots and Pete and Zach set up the interview.

Once we were made up and ready to get dressed we awaited the final call from Gigi Noelle Events. Debbie popped into the salon with ribbon for Peggy and to make sure we were running on schedule. We pulled on our outfits last minute, my dress from Coastal Bridal and Alex’s suit from Amandas collection, jumped into Peggy and headed over to Broadway at the Beach were we were holding the final ceremony. The stage was being dressed by Blu energy drink, the HUMONGOUS Christmas tree twinkled in the sunshine and the cheerleaders were practising their stuff. Classic cars lined the street for the procession, which Peggy would lead and the stars were gathering.

Today was going to be a star studded, flash mob ceremony world record attempt complete with helicopter, Elvis AND a big blue chicken (representing the CCU cheer-leading team).

Myrtle Beach’s famous Legends in Concert were helping us out with the stars, DJ Dennis Hubble was providing the sound, Global Truth the lighting, Blu energy providing the energy, Your red carpet experience brought the red carpet, Beach monkey provided the Paparazzi, August and Mercedes were shooting, Pete was…well I’m not sure but Zach was in the Helicopter filming, Kelly and Debbie were organising, Jay (Debbie’s hubby) was feeding everyone, Spike and Tasha were teaching everyone to dance, Reverend Brown was waving and we were getting our wedding on!

We attached Peggy’s new shoes (wheel trims) and Alex went off to meet his team and I went to sit and wait for my instructions. Meanwhile it was all coming together on the stage. Alan Jackson was singing and gathering a crowd and I was talking ‘proper English’ with the Blues Brothers and my bodyguards (who were two very cute young men I HAVE to say) and all of a sudden it was happening!

Peggy led the procession of classic cars, Alex went off in one of the classics flanked by several hot (not in the weather sense, it was freeeeezing) scantily clad ladies and before long it was my turn to go. The blues Brothers hopped into one car and I got in the one behind them flanked by my two young guards.

We slowly drove to the red carpet where I tried to elegantly put on my shoes (which I had had to take off to sit on the soft top) and when I looked up Rod Stewart was stood there holding his hand out to help me out of the car!

It was so surreal my mouth just hung open and I staggered (not very Marilyn Monroe like) out of the car. Rod and I hooked arms and walked onto the red carpet. We stood there as lights flashed and popped all around us and waited to be ushered on to our next stop. We were stood in a kind of queue rather bizarrely behind Celine Dion and Elvis! As the queue went down we chatted about Rods new Christmas Album and I think I had an out of body experience. I was suddenly looking at myself dressed like Marilyn Monroe, chatting with Rod Stewart, stood behind Elvis and Celine Dion and the Blues Brothers and wondered if I would faint from everything being so wild

We got to the front of the queue and had our pictures taken with the blu energy girls wearing their fab blue wigs and made our way onto the stage where the Blues Brothers were performing. We looked out onto the crowd that was gathering and I began to feel ridiculously nervous and wonder how on earth we had gotten here. All of these people were here for us! To help us celebrate our love for each other and to take part in our crazy, wild wedding adventure! So many people had come together to make this possible that I was overwhelmed with emotion.

I stood there and tried to hold myself together, looking into the crowd to see all of our new friends smiling faces, Spike and Tasha, Paige, August and Rev Brown, Meagan, Tripp, Wing Wong, DJ Hubble and Mercedes and the tears started. I felt so incredibly blessed to be accepted so easily into Myrtle Beach by all of the amazing people who had done so much for us.

Luckily before I could get to full on sobbing the Blues Brothers stopped singing and Elvis invited us to stand in front of him so that he could marry us. When he said ‘By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife’ I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! It was so damn Surreal and he sounded JUST like Elvis! We kissed and Rod sang for our first dance and everyone on the stage began to clap and dance along. We were in the middle of the huge stage trying our hardest to dance, just looking like a pair of plonkers all gobsmacked and like rabbits in headlights until he had finished and the crowd was clapping wildly and we were so happy the attention on our dancing was over! Phew!!

We had no idea what was going on around us and as more music started and all the cheerleaders appeared below the stage and started to dance we realised we hadn’t even had time to learn the flashmob dance!

The Legends in Concert team all joined in like the professionals that they are and we struggled to even clap in the right places! I did have a good excuse as I was wearing amazingly ridiculous heels (thanks Lara) and a very slinky satin dress but I still felt a little silly just watching. We had a great time and couldn’t find the words to say to anyone! Once all the dancing and clapping had finished we were suddenly on the stage on our own.

August came onto the stage with a mic and addressed the crowd and told them about our last 5 days and thanked everyone for coming. He handed the mic to Alex to thank everyone and we were still so dumbstruck we didn’t manage to thank half the people we should have.

We really wanted to say a HUGE thanks to August for this extravagant idea and for pulling it all together and inviting everyone in MB to participate and for being a truly awesome guy.

We wanted to thank Kelly and Debbie for being absolute legends and making everywhere so damn beautiful and for really caring for me all the way through what I’m sure you both believed was an ordeal.

We absolutely wanted to thank Spike and Tasha for finding us and making the suggestion to August that he contact us and also for being such kind, caring, lovingly hilarious friends.

We desperately wanted to thank Paige and Nate for feeding us so well for the whole week and of course for becoming such incredible fast friends…immediately!

We really can’t thank everyone who made this possible enough.

It was an incredible experience for us to have the weddings but more so to see how one town (a BIG town) can come together in such a HUGE way to make something so spectacular happen. It truly takes super special people to pull something like this off, it takes true dedication to your community, your business and your personal time to take part in something for the love of it and for that we cannot find the words to thank you.

I think what we actually said on that stage was something like ‘garble blagh, you weeble waaggh AmAAAAAAAAAAAAAAzing bubble bobble bibbidy boo’ but we meant what I said above!

With the 5 weddings in 5 days a total success it was well and truly time to party! We all went for pizza and then on to Senor Frogs for the after party where Matt and April had set up their photobooth for us and we began to celebrate everyone’s fantastic achievement. Spike and Tasha did a bit of Salsa for us, we ALL hit the photobooth HARD and drank as many shots as we could take before we all pretty much fell asleep in our drinks!

We were all exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep so we staggered off after collecting our wad of pictures and giggling at them all the way home!

We had had the perfect day and just still could not believe what everyone coming together had achieved!
From Dress shops, to DJ’s, to classic cars to Rod Stewart.

From Cake makers to yacht clubs, to artists to energy drinks.

From florists, to reverends, to wet suit shops to hair stylists.

From horse and carriage to wedding rentals to Calebs Cordz.

From wedding planners to scuba instructors, to restaurants to photographers.

From jet ski’s to Ziplines, to carousels to red carpets.

From Condo‘s to make up artists, to photo booths to party venues.

BUT, most importantly…
From strangers to great, great friends. Thanks Myrtle Beach!

We were so thrilled to work with the following companies on this extraordinary event:

Allison Dean Love Consulting, LLC

Amanda’s Collection Bridal & Formalwear

Angelo’s Steak & Pasta

August T Photography


BLU Premium Energy Drinks

Broadway at the Beach

By the Sea Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio

Caleb’s Cordz

Creative Catering

Cupcakes by Cravinleys

Dip It!

Diversified Ministries

Divine Dining Group

Eternal Wave Surf Shop

Flowers in the Forest, LLC

Freedom Boat Club

Gigi Noelle Events

Globaltruth Entertainment

Harry Edwards Photography

Heritage Carriage

Hotz Catering and Rental Place

Hubbell Entertainment

JPH Retreats

Joe Digital

Legends in Concert

Litchfield Plantation Weddings, LLC

M Snow Photography

Meagan Nowacoski


Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

Myrtle Beach Website Designer

Myrtle Beach Weddings

Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures

Myztic Photos

Retreat Myrtle Beach

NuHorizons Dive & Travel, Inc.

Oui Dance 2 – Latin Dance Company

Pavilion Nostalgia Park

Salon & Spa 18


Simple Wedding Day

Strand Strings

Sybil Alfano

The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro

For more information, go to the Myrtle Beach Wedding Extravaganza Website!


  1. What a whirlwind of a week- so many reality checks required! Amazing stuff. You both look so glamorous!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Amy! Looking forward to seeing you in Ireland in a week or so! x

  2. WOW!!!!!!! It,s getting hard to keep up with you. The book you will make from your adventures will be a best seller. I,m glad that PIZZA is still the last thing to have at the end of a very beautiful day. Bill and I will always be glad we were able to be a part of your very extrodinary life .We keep watching. love Chris and Bill in Boston, Ma.

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      To be honest we find it hard to keep up ourselves! It is a roller coaster of an adventure! xx

  3. Jacquie says:

    These unique and adventurous weddings just keep happening! How lucky you are to have so many generous businesses and new-found friends to pull all the details together. You both look so vibrant and beautiful with each and every photo opportunity. Myrtle Beach is another wedding (all 5 days of parties, ceremonies and glamour)…..all wonderful memories to cherish!

    Happy trails you two!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Jacquie! We had a wonderful time. xx

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