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‘Yachts’ of wedding fun in South Carolina

Of course when day 4 of the Myrtle Beach Wedding Extravaganza actually arrived I wasn’t so pleased about my blow out the night before. I felt suitably dreadful and far too ill to clean up the squid sick in Peggy so my James Bond (??!!) did it for me…that is definitely love of the highest order!

We were due to have Pete and Zach from Joe Digital around to do some interviews before wedding number 4 so we tidied ourselves up as best we could and had a whip around in our amazing new apartment kindly lent to us by Retreat Myrtle Beach (which we had moved into after wedding 2). Pete took one look at me and knew how rough I was and of course mocked me accordingly, it is definitely nice to work with people who understand my dry humour, I have been known to offend accidentally but Pete and I laugh at the same things and equally aim to offend each other!

We got down to business and while Alex was sorting out a few last minute repairs on Peggy with an idiot mechanic I answered a few questions about our adventure, our relationship and our marriage. Alex did the same in Peggy while I tried to pull myself together for the next wedding which was going to be on a yacht.

Wing Wong and Alyssa came around to do my hair and make up so I at least looked human even if I didn’t feel it.

We all jumped into Peggy and hit McDonalds for a hangover hit on the way to the Freedom Boat club. We had 3 boats coming out, the wedding Yacht and another 2, one for guests and one for film crew and photographers. We had quite a crowd. August, Mercedes and Myztic photo’s were taking pictures and Joe Digital were filming, it was NOT the day to have a hangover!

We had quite a wedding party! Alex and I, Debbie and Kelly, Wing Wong and Alyssa, August, Mercedes, Tasha and Spike, Paige, April and Matt  all piled into boats. Sybil popped in to drop of some art work, Bentley dropped off a FABULOUS cake, Rev. Wesley Peyton jumped in to come along and hold the ceremony, Pete and Zach, the yacht club captain and three boat drivers, every body in a boat and we were off!

We all set off to Bird Island, one of the many coastal reserves in the area and I went underneath the deck and sat in the kitchen to get ready as we were nearing our location.

I had yet another amazing dress to wear kindly lent to me by Coastal Bridal and Alex had a very dapper suit from Amandas Collection, and my flowers as always were stunning. We were all set for a fabulous day barring the weather! It was miserable and a light drizzle surrounded us and turned the water as grey as the sky. We were discussing that this would be our first rainy wedding as we got ready and yet we were quite looking forward to it. As it happened when it came to holding the ceremony on the yacht front, the rain and drizzle stopped. The sky remained miserable but the ceremony brightened our day. Rev. Peyton read a lovely ceremony and we were quite touched by his words. The similarities between our journey together and a marriage just grow and grow and this ceremony reminded us of that all over again. We didn’t stay out on the deck long as it was very slippery and quite dangerous to be stood out there and if we DID slip we would have been straight into the water (which I am SURE Joe Digital would have loved!). We all went back under cover and popped a cork and had some pictures taken with the cake. Some boat switching took place and we all sat and nattered all the way back to the marina.

I changed into my beach wedding dress for dinner as we drove back to town, we were eating at Divine Prime with the team and Paige and Nate. Divine Prime is their fayncy pants (y’all have to say it how its spelled…FAYNCY) restaurant with an AMAZING wine cellar and we had been looking forward to it all week.
The wine began to flow again and the food was wonderful. We had yet another great night with everyone and were almost sad that tomorrow was going to be our last wedding day. We were definitely going to be going out with a bang though!

Wedding 4, day 4, done and dusted. We were all exhausted but still buzzing with the adrenaline of the last week and looking forward to the big finale!

Looking forward to sharing it with you!


  1. Kate says:

    Ha, The One where I had a Hangover! Is this a different dress? Still gorgeous! X

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks. xx I had a different dress for each day of the Myrtle beach extravaganza!

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