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Willy Wonker themed Candyland Wedding in Myrtle Beach!

We woke up early again to give us plenty of time to check our emails and do a little bit of work before we were due at Wing Wong’s studio at around lunch time.

We had an interview with a local TV network while we were being prepared for our 2nd wedding in as many days. Today’s theme was one I was really looking forward to, CANDYLAND.

Alyssa had asked me the day before if I would like eyelash extensions to save her having to give me false lashes everyday. I told her I am not the girliest of girls and that I had never had them before and that if it made her life easier that she may as well go for it!

For the next hour I was laid with my eyes shut while Alyssa painstakingly glued individual lash extensions to my own natural lashes. Wing wond utilised his time with Alex by adding coloured metallic streaks to his hair in blue and purple and when I came out of my lash induced coma it was my turn. Wing put my hair in heated rollers and I ate pizza and watched as Alex went to get dressed. He appeared out of the dressing room in a suave Black suit with pink waistcoat and tie…and one leg a LOT shorter than the other! We all laughed and then wondered if this was the way they were meant to be? We were having a little bit of a wild willy Wonka style day, maybe he was meant to be topsy turvy?! Mercedes came to the rescue as we decided that is was probably just a mistake and took the stitch out of his short leg!

Once my hair was curled, my eyelashes trimmed and my colour added to my hair I got dressed. I LOVE the little dress I wore from Amandas it was perfect for the theme!

We drove to the fairground in Peggy and were excited to see all of the nostalgic rides going and a balloon arch and muliti-coloured carpet welcoming us into the fair. We were greeted by Vickie from Flowers in the forest and handed an AWESOME bouquet complete with candy canes, lollypops and sweets and Alex had his candyland themed button hole pinned on before we were welcomed into the fair and to the ‘goodies’ table!

Bradley had done a FANTASTIC job of the cake, it was metallic purple adorned with all kinds of candy delights. The top table glittered with trinkets filled with multicoloured gob stoppers, mints, rock and M&M’s and candy themed songs were being played by DJ Dennis Hubble just next to the carousel!

We said hi to all of our guests, so many had returned from the first wedding, Rev Brown and his granddaughter, Jennifer, Cheryl, April, Matt and the kids whom we had spent some of Thanksgiving with and of course Sybil painting away making us more amazing signage for the day. She had quite perfectly made us a sign that says ‘Blame it on the wine’ which will be FAB to go on the wall in Peggy!

Soon enough it was time to start the ceremony and we were thrilled to hear that Bradley would be performing the ceremony for us today. He was dressed in a powder blue top hat, a velvet waist-coat and some amazingly jazzy pants and started with amazing flair. The ceremony was taken from Alice in Wonderland and it was perfect!

My favourite part of the cermony was when Alex presented me with a HUGE candy Ring and then Bradley asked Alex if he was ready to say the most important 2 words of his life. When Alex said he was, Bradley whipped out a piece of paper and made him read it aloud after each vow…the piece of paper said ‘YES DEAR’!

We were congratulated by all of our guests and then it was time for some rides! We all clambered onto the swings for our own private ride. DJ Hubble played fairground music as we all flew through the air! The swings went really fast and quite high, its been a long time since I went on them and couldn’t stop smiling, my teeth were freezing and my face aching when our extra long ride came to an end.

Next was the carousel and we sat snuggled up in a carriage and enjoyed the slower pace. We had a few shots in front of the rides and with some sparklers and balloons and with the cake and the sweet jars and before long it was time for food!

We were frozen stiff by this point so I changed into my jeans and then August (myrtle beach wedding extravaganza planner extraordinaire) came over and said we had one more thing to shoot before food and that we should follow him in Peggy, we were going to the go-carting track!

We arrived at the track and were so excited we weren’t really taking much notice of what was going on. We were led to a little hut where I was expecting to get helmets etc and before we could blink we were being strapped into a harness a little like a sleeping bag. Alex looked at me and I at Alex and then both of us at August who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. He said this was part one of our next wedding theme…James Bond! He had tried to arrange a parachute jump but it hadn’t happened and instead we were about to do a bungee swing!

Described as thus –

“A bungee swing ride is where riders are taken up to a height of 109 ft and then are released speeding toward the ground until the bungee grabs and swings the riders outward. The ride initially feels like a free fall and will really get the blood pumping.”

Alex is petrified of heights and was instantly in a blind panic. We were already harnessed and were being led out to the platform to be attached to a piece of elastic. All the time Alex was saying to me ‘I don’t think I’ll do this, I don’t want to do this, maybe I just wont have a go, its ok, I don’t fancy doing this” all the while the guy fastening us to the elastic was saying to him ‘when we tell you to just pull this rope and that will make you fall!’ and Alex was nodding his head saying ‘ok, but I’m not doing this’ as we were being hoisted 100+ feet into the air.

I told him to close his eyes and that we would be fine and if he just didn’t look we would be absolutely fine. We were in a laid down position facing the ground and he was looking into my face and opening his eye that wasn’t nearest the ground and saying to me, ‘will we be ok? Is it high?’ and I’m busy telling him no its not so high just dont look. After what felt like a lifetime we stopped. Dangling in thin air from a piece of elastic and the guy on the ground shouts ‘PULL!!’

Alex looked at me with his one eye and bless him, he pulled the rope.

We were released from the rope holding us and free falled face first towards the ground and at the last minute swung out forwards. I screamed absceneties ALL the way down and all the way back again. We swung back and forth a few times and Alex eventually opened his eyes and we laughed that we had survived. We swore at August as he stood giggling his head off and we waved at Mercedes who was filming the whole thing on her phone.

Our legs were like jelly as we walked back to get our harnesses taken off and Alex just said ‘I didn’t like that’ and we all laughed. I actually quite enjoyed it but only because I didnt have time to think or worry about it before hand so thanks August fr springing that on us! Next up was go-karting and the three of us jumped into cars and were off around the track as fast as we could! I had never been before and had a great time! It was freezing cold and getting late so after a few laps our faces and hands were frozen stiff and we were starving as the adrenalin started to wear off.

Wait until you see the pictures!

We thanked the guys at Speedpark for having us and letting us have the park all to ourselves and jumped into Peggy and went to meet everyone at the Mexican restaurant Nacho Hippo Alex seemed to be in a stupor so we ordered a couple of Margaritas and some great food and began to come back to our senses. We had great food and great company for the rest of the night until our faces were almost falling into our dinner and we had to call it a night.

If the bungee and the go-karting was anything to go by we were about to have a busy day for wedding number 3! of the Myrtle Beach Wedding Extravaganza …. James Bond style!


  1. Nora Brumm says:

    Dear Lisa and Alex,
    my friend and I were at the Oceana Wildlife, South Africa, when you just passed us in the dining room. We heard about your great adventure and I am hooked about what is coming next. I love stuff like this, since I am an event organisator and always like it, when it is DIFFERENT.

    Will you be in Switzerland one time? Please let me know! 🙂

    I wish you all the best for your future travel and weddings. It is just an incredible idea!

    Cheers to you,

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Nora! Sorry we did not get chance to say hello! We are coming to Lugano in Switzerland around the beginning of August this year! Maybe see you there? Cheers xx

  2. One of the simpler days and yet watching you giggle and bounce out of your skin when presented with that candy ruby ring was just priceless!

  3. Mother of the groom says:

    Madi thought she liked the cake best!

  4. Jacquie says:

    You two are game for anything…lol I especially think Alex was such a good sport to do the bungee jump! What a great “sweet” wedding…the attention to detail made the experience sound like so much fun.

    I’m so behind on all your recent weddings but from what I’ve read so far it seems like you are both still having the time of your lives and meeting up with some pretty extraordinary and unique folk.

    Happy trails…..xxoo

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