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Kindred spirits…and food. Lots of food.

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15th – 20th November 2013

After an eventful roadtrip we finally arrived in Gocek. We had booked and arranged our first long term stay since we had started on our adventure in 2011.

We had made a great deal with vacation rentals Turkey and had a home for an entire month. We wanted to rest, cook, work on the website, sunbathe and of course, get married!

Gocek is an adorable little town right on the marina. Hundreds of boats line the shores, from tiny sail boats to luxury yachts to huge wooden Gulets and just walking along the promenade is a real pleasure. The weather was bright and fresh regardless of it being the end of autumn and we looked forward to watching the inevitable storms roll in over the water.

Images by Mike @Honeytrek

We met with Konca at vacation Rentals and she took us to our new home. Within an hour we had moved out of Peggy and into our gorgeous, luxury, 2 bed roomed villa. Peggy was parked up for a small break and our new mode of transport was a couple of fiat 500 bicycles, perfect for exploring the small village…however not so perfect for the Sunday morning fruit and veg market!

We stocked up at said market with plans to cook ourselves silly for a week. The market was just fabulous. Great fresh local produce, shiny marbled aubergines, tomatoes in all shapes and sizes and HUMONGOUS white cabbages. The mushrooms smelled of earth and the leeks were as tall as me, we were in foodie heaven. Getting the shopping AND the bicycles home was hilarious and we vowed to walk the following week.

Food glorious foodYorkshire puddings!

That evening we had some last minute guests arrive! We had been emailing back and forth with a couple that we have a LOT in common with. Mike and Anne have been on a 2 year adventure around the world celebrating their honeymoon in every country!!

They, like us, decided that the rules of engagement (pardon the pun) surrounding weddings and honeymoons had all just gotten a little dull. They didn’t want to spend vast fortunes on ONE day in their lives so they flipped their wedding budget with their honeymoon budget and Honeytrek was born.

Dinner party YAY

Mike and Anne were on the very last leg of their current adventure when they arrived with us in Gocek and we talked until all of the wine in the house had gone and I had LITERALLY lost my voice.
Over breakfast we discussed wedding and honeymoon world domination and the opportunities for all of our next adventures. It was such a breath of fresh air to chat to such a like-minded couple and it was like we had been friends for life.

They stayed with us a couple of days and we all inspired each other to push forward. Alex and I began to plan out our days for the next month, planning meetings and scheduling work days. We were excited and enthused by exhilarating conversation and we also had our next wedding to finish planning and more very important guests arriving the very day after Mike and Anne left.

Breakfast party

The Turkish wedding planning was well underway and we had been so lucky to have a fantastic videographer (and friend of Alejandro Calore who shot our wedding in Argentina) offer to help us out for the wedding.

Michael, of MickaFilms and his girlfriend, Amandine flew all the way from France to shoot our Turkish wedding. We were stunned at the prospect that they would come all that way to help us and excited that we had somewhere great for them to stay with us.

We collected them from the airport at almost midnight and they were exhausted as they had been travelling since 4am! We let them rest although we really wanted to feed them and chat their heads off about the wedding.

The next day they hit the ground running. The wedding had been planned by Sebnem at Marriage in Turkey and we were all just so excited to get started.

Our gorgeous new home


  1. Franca says:

    The food you picked from the market looks absolutely divine and so fresh! I love staying in a place for more than few days to just get comfortable enough and live like a local πŸ™‚

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Honestly Franca, the market was such a highlight of our trip and just walking distance away, though we would take Peggy as we always bought so much! We love to cook with all fresh produce so it was a perfect spot for us. And, living like a local is the only way to truly see a place, we love it! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Jacquie says:

    Turkey looks a beautiful location…you seemed to master that bike pretty quickly, Lisa πŸ™‚ I think your veggie haul from the market was exceptionally healthy, colourful. Those yorkshire puddings looked ace….who made them?

    You had excellent help for your photography and despite being far from previous locations, managed to get 2 different couples to visit you in your beautiful “borrowed” home.

    It was so nice to get your update after so many delays and not-so-happy experiences with your beloved Peggy.

    Keep ’em coming. Happy trails…. (((hugs)))

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Jacquie. So lovely to be back on the road and getting back into the swing of blogging after so many lows!
      Gocek was just beautiful, I would recommend it all day long to everyone! The local produce was just amazing and as we love to cook so much it was perfect for us. The Yorkshires were Alex’s, he has definitely got them down to a fine art! πŸ™‚

      More video’s coming up of our time there. πŸ™‚ xxx ((hugs back))

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