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The Big fat Italian Wedding

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September 10th 2013

‘We are the Planners’ definitely did not disappoint with our second wedding in Italy!

Andria in Puglia could not differ more from Rome and we felt so at ease there. The streets have been walked to polished marble and the creamy coloured stone buildings reflect warmth and happy sunlight. There was a definite buzz around the town on the morning of the wedding and we had a feeling that the word had spread a little through the vast local families.

We spent the morning indulging in more warm custard cornetti’s, the smooth, joy inducing delight melting on my tongue and then it began.

Wedding 59 was here in all of its Italian glory!

Errands to run, pictures to take and fun to be had. We whizzed around to have hair and make-up done at the uber trendy Lavignas Hairstylist salon and I left feeling a million dollars, I LOVED my hair more than at any other wedding (except maybe Ireland…but that wasn’t MY hair so does that count?) and we skipped from there to Nunzia’s to check on the flowers and then to collect the dress and then to Peggy to collect shoes and then we ate again…I cant entirely remember the order that it all happened in but it was amazing fun and I could not WAIT for Alex to see me in my dress!

He hadn’t seen it and had no idea it was green, so he got ready first and waited on the street outside the house for me to totter down the stairs for a first look.

Everyone who had helped us so far had gathered at the house to wait to see me and I was SO nervous and could totally envision myself slipping down the steep marble stairs and arriving in a heap at the bottom no doubt with the bright green skirt around my neck…HOWEVER, I managed it (slowly) with SOME style and grace and wowed everyone on the street.

Finally the crowd parted a little so I could see Alex and the smile on his face told me everything I needed to know. That he loved me, that he was proud of me and he wanted to marry me AGAIN, I was so happy at that moment I thought my heart might burst!

The most amazing dress, ever!

And then…….

….The wedding is so beautiful and there are so many amazing people involved that we would like to save it until a later date, kind of a top secret, top pocket wedding that we will pull out on a rainy day in the future JUST to cheer you up!

Incredibly cruel, we know! But somethings are worth the wait!

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Planning –  We Are The Planners | Photography – Mitra Talarman | Flowers and Decoration – La Peonia | Venue – Garden Frederico | Dress and earrings – D’avanzo Alta Moda | Celebrant – Pierepaolo Matera | Confetti – Confetteria Mucci Giovanni …and many more to come!


  1. Rhonda says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! I have followed your website off and on, and have to admit haven’t visited in a while, but am so incredibly fascinated by the idea that you guys are STILL getting married all over the world. Congrats on yet another wonderful day and congrats on such a remarkably unique travel the world theme!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Rhonda,
      Thanks for leaving a comment and for the dress love! I loved it too, who knew a bright green dress could look so good?!?
      We truly are still having an AMAZING time, almost 3 years into camper van living and we are increasingly tired but the weddings and all the people we meet are like a drug, they keep us going!
      Where are you guys now?
      Thanks again for saying hi! Xxx

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