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Big fat Hungarian wedding coming up…but will Alex make it?

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3rd – 8th July 2013

The morning after the Medieval wedding we woke up rather groggily in the carpark and enjoyed the slow winding road back to Prague. We met with the Apple Love crew at a lovely little vegetarian restaurant in the centre and had a great lunch before saying our farewells and hitting the road once more as the evening fell. As we drove away we did so under a stormy grey cloud, the weather had been so lovely for the wedding but had turned over night.

All the fun of the medieval fair!

The next day we arrived in Olomouc and found ourselves in an almost deserted town. It was a public holiday and there were only a few stragglers on the streets…which was absolutely fine for us!

We wandered aimlessly around the town and the famous spot where ‘Good King Wenceslas last looked out on the feast of St Stephen’ and soaked up the peace and quiet and listened for the ticking of the beautiful astronomical clock.

The next few days entailed driving 700km through Czech Republic and Slovakia and into Budapest in Hungary, seeing my first ever wild red squirrel scampering about in a forest camping spot in Slovakia, meeting and getting ridiculously drunk with an Australian couple in Hungary and finally arriving in Budapest and meeting with Alex’s Mum and Aunt who had come along to enjoy our Big Fat Hungarian weddingS!

Gorgeous scenery in Hungary

We met with Janet and Aunty Sue in Budapest for dinner the evening that we arrived which was so lovely, sitting outside in the warm evening enjoying great food, wine and company and speculating about our wedding plans!

We had been in touch with Timea from HungarianWeddings.com for 6 months and in that time she had arranged so much that we could hardly believe it!

So organised, efficient and professional we literally had nothing to worry about apart from a dress fitting and enjoying our stay…and of course, turning up for the weddings and photoshoots which Timea had also arranged!

We got completely lost but we found God!! :-)

We were so excited and the very next morning we met with Timea and went along to Nagy Agota Collection for a dress fitting. The first dress had been made especially for me and it was fabulous. Pale pink with a fitted diamante spattered bodice over a huge pink tulle skirt with a big pink Ribbon and bow to finish it off. It looked great on and fit perfectly. Next up I tried a few short numbers for our ‘retro shoot’ (more on that to come later) and then it was Alex’s turn to pull on a suit or two.

It didn’t take long and we were soon armed with dresses, skirts, suits, shirts and ties but Alex looked as white as a sheet, he did not look well at all! Sadly there was a shoot arranged for that afternoon and we had to call it off, he was just too ill. He slept all afternoon and I worried myself sick hoping he would be better for the following day…the 52nd wedding day!!!

All the pink and all the dresses!

So much had gone into the planning and one of my worst fears had just come true!

What if one of us was so ill that we could not go ahead with a wedding?

The venue, the musicians, the food, the decor, the master of ceremony, the photographer, the news crews driving in, the guests…all of the things that could not be changed! How would we deal with it? What would happen?

Keeping brave face!

The way we roll isn’t suitable for wedding insurance but I would hope that this kind of thing CAN be avoided or at least the cost recouped in case of such an emergency!

It is definitely something I would recommend after sitting with Alex wondering if he would be well enough to marry me the very next day!

I did NOT sleep easy THAT night!

Alex putting a brave face on it with Agota.




  1. Jacquie says:

    And I assume Alex recovered in time for the big day? It sounds like all the plans were down to the finest detail for your Hungarian wedding…and you sure do have so many beautiful wedding clothes and they look so good on you both. Happy celebrations!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Lovely to hear from you Jacquie! I am hoping to reveal all very soon on the next blog…but to give you a hint…yup, he was fine lol! X

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