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Guatemalan safari.

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As always we had a great night celebrating our 14th wedding with our new friends, we ate pizza and drank Zacapa rum which is made locally from cane sugar and we are told is the best rum in the World, that night I would definitely agree! We smashed carnival eggs on each others heads which Giuliana wasn’t too sure about and we tried the best pupusa’s we have ever had. The carnival eggs are a tradition similar to blowing eggs in the UK. The egg is broken carefully so that just a small piece is missing (like if you topped a boiled egg for soldiers), dried and the filled with coloured paper and glitter and then sealed with glue and tissue paper. Then at carnival everyone runs around smashing eggs onto your head and covering you in glitter! I loved the idea and have pinched it for our first party wherever we end up! And pupusas are soft corn or flour tortillas filled and oozing with melted cheese!! Mmmm!

After all the fun Anita kindly offered us her spare room for the night so we went back to hers and met her crazy dog Gi-gi who is the smallest dog with THE biggest ego on the planet! She had such attitude! We were worn to a frazzle and crashed out without even getting the glitter and coloured paper out of our hair!
I didn’t want the next day to come. I didn’t want to say goodbye to Antigua, Anita, Giuliana or Gi-gi! But as always we had to get back on the road to our next destination.
Anita thankfully showed us the way to the highway that we needed and thank goodness she did or we would still be stuck there now…no complaints from me there…we said our goodbyes and took our instructions to visit the safari seriously! We waved as we drove off and I got a little bit emotional, I couldn’t wait to go back and we had barely left! The Volcanoes got closer as we drove by and then we watched them fade into the distance behind us. We had had such an amazing time in Antigua and would urge anyone to go and visit such an amazing place! We again send our sincerest thanks to Jose, Anita and Tujil for making our Antigua Wedding a possibility and better than we could have ever imagined.
We soon stumbled upon the safari and went for a slow drive around which lifted our spirits slightly, you cant help but smile when you see a hippo or a giraffe! It was a great little spot and the animals looked healthy and happy in their large surroundings…I got close enough to a hippo to realise the sheer size of them! One of my favourite animals but you only ever see their eyes peeping anywhere else! These guys were troughing their way through a house sized bail of hay and quite happily too!
WARNING…Animal pictures galore coming up!

After the safari we felt a little more upbeat so decided to schlep on through to El Salvador! The border crossing was easy AND FREE so we drove until sunset to El Sunzal. Of course by the time we had found somewhere to set up home it was pitch black, we had been down 5 tiny rubble streets and ended up on the beach 3 times which isn’t the best of fun in Peggy 3 tonnes, the worry of her getting stuck wore us out all over again! Once set up we made it as far as the end of the street for Pupusas for dinner and the hit the sack early looking forward to a new country to explore!

Find out what happens next on ourย travelling wedding adventure!


  1. Jacquie says:

    Awww…..what a cutie is Giuliana and your animal photos run a close second ๐Ÿ™‚ You continue to meet the most wonderfully friendly and accommodating people on your travels…..even though I’ve not met you both in person I’m convinced you both possess magnetic personalities ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful women and very handsome men amongst them.

    It looks like you drove right past those lions (I couldn’t quite read what you’d written under the photo but I think it meant there were no high fences/barriers between you and the animals?)….quite a brave idea and different to the safari parks I’ve been to. Your photos of the animals have such vivid colouring and the safari park had the most impressive entrance with the tree-lined road and the gorgeous parrots to greet you too.

    The eggs filled with glitter and paper were also decorated so prettily….I was relieved when you explained that the eggs were emptied of their “eggy” contents! I, at first, had visions of dripping yolks…lol It’s great to read about the traditions in these countries and with your photos as well as your written descriptive blogs it’s really enjoyable to share your travels.

    Oh that all border crossings were as uncomplicated El Salvador ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy trails. xx

  2. Lisa & Alex says:

    I knew you would love the eggs Jacquie! I think they are a great idea! And yes we drove straight by the lions. They were so hot and enjoying the shade…we were melting in the van just driving around it was such intense heat! The safari place was lovely and it was so nice to see the animals happy in their space.
    I totally agree with you about the border crossings…here’s to wishing they were all so stress free!

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