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Where is YOUR freedom??

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This is a rather strangely placed blog entry but having been asked this question several times as travellers we have always had the perfect answer.  We are eager to share and also to hear your answers!

Where do you feel free? Where do you completely relax? A country? A room? With a person? Maybe the love of your life? Let us know!

The very best thing about the one place that WE feel the most freedom is that it is not just one place…it is everywhere we go.

Image by Vinicius Matos

Image by Vinicius Matos

Our freedom does not come in the shape of a country, a city, a town.
Not a valley, a forest or a waterfall, its not even on the top of some remote mountain where one can feel the kiss of the clouds on your cheeks; our freedom is our home.

It is Peggy, our 1987 Dodge camper van.

Image by Vinicus Matos

Image by Vinicius Matos

We have been close companions for 2 and a half years now…I actually call her ‘the other woman’ and Alex calls me ‘the other woman’…oh how we laugh!

The story (in case you don’t know it) goes like this.

We set off on a rather dis-organised adventure by literally booking the cheapest flight out of dodge and landing in Toronto, Canada.

When we landed we felt we had made it, we had only each other, we were away from home, we were stripped of all material things and we were free…and…We were trapped!

We had backpacks and a tent and no idea where to start! We sat in a grotty basement room in a grotty overpriced hostel and trawled the internet for trains, buses, flights…anything to actually move forward…to begin this ‘freedom of travel’ that we so craved.

Image by Mark Greathouse

Image by Mark Greathouse

We knew what our daily budget was and we were already blowing it just sitting still, how we were going to get anywhere for free was a mystery! PLUS, we were touching 30 and having had our own homes for a good 5 years…this hostel lark was doing nothing for us. We knew we wouldn’t last two minutes sharing bunk bed filled dorms with the young unwashed so we needed another plan.

We decided to look for a car, a cheap reliable run around. As we made this search online we noticed a LOT of camper vans for sale and some of them were even in our price range…a little old and clapped out but our budget driven minds got to work and we figured that if we could have our transport, accommodation and meals all in one place then we would make a huge saving!

Image by Imagine Photography.az

Image by Imagine Photography.az

Suddenly we felt free again. Travelling where WE wanted to go, with each other, sharing a bedroom with just each other AND being able to cook for ourselves (one of our passions) had at once become a possibility.

We hired a car and drove to 5 separate towns viewing second hand campers…none of them ticked all of the boxes and we just had one left to see. Feeling a little deflated we went along anyway and thank goodness we had. The second we drove into the street where she was parked I just knew she was the one. It was love at first sight. We had just found our new home.

The newly named ‘Peggy’ was originally intended to take us from east to west Canada and then we were going to sell her and look into other means of transport BUT within a month of being at home on the road we were hooked and she is still with us.

Image by Bohemian Weddings

Image by Bohemian Weddings

We have driven over 100,000km over the Americas, North Africa and most of Europe, spanning 46 countries and counting and we are going to keep going, all the way to Australia…in our home!

As far as we are concerned there is no better way to see the World .

Our freedom is being together and being able to go wherever we want to, whenever we want to.

Not being tied to a schedule, a timetable or relying on another person.

We go where the wind takes us and love to get lost because even completely lost we are still at home.

Peggy is our Independence; she is our freedom to travel.

She is the place we ARE free.

Image by Emiliano Rodriguez and Juan Pablo Mansilla

Image by Emiliano Rodriguez and Juan Pablo Mansilla


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