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Our Dollar Flight Club Review 2019….And a 7 day FREE trial!!

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Get 50% Off your Dollar Flight Club subscription

The Dollar Flight Club with a 7 day free trial – We are all in. (5 minute read)

If you are not an experienced travel hacker and you plan on booking a flight ever again then this is an extremely valuable 5 minute read. Also you probably noticed that we have negotiated a hard ball 7 day free trial for our avid followers. Nice. In reality you have probably already read about Dollar Flight Club in the mass media and you are simply here to use and abuse the discount, we don’t blame you. If this is the case, you can click here – Dollar Flight Club FREE trial. 

Note – Like most of our hardball discounts this FREE trial will not last, so act quick 


If you’re here to see what WE think, lets get on to some reviewing!

Its not very often that we come across a new business that we are totally in love with! But when you have spent 100’s if not 1000’s of hours searching the entire internet for cheap flights (yep we know you have too!) then there is no doubt in the world that Dollar Flight Club would pique most peoples interest. Just think of all those times that friend of yours posts glorious holiday pictures to Instagram bragging that they got there for next to nothing, now you know how and you can be part of that gang.

Get 50% discount off your Dollar Flight Club Subscription

So what is Dollar Flight Club? 

In summary world traveler Jesse Neugarten is obsessed and extremely fantastical at flight hacking (think Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man but with cheap flights… but not blackjack or counting cards..nor autistic). Hummmm maybe we should take Mr Neugarten to Vegas to test this theory. I digress. Anyway, Jesse has decided to use his talents to make a little money by simply offering his unique skill set for a very low cost and when I say low I mean low, like under $5 a month low…and our FREE trial offers you the chance to try it out!

How does Dollar Flight Club Work?

This was my first question – how can this self confessed flights master possibly process all these flight deals? Well Jesse Neugarten is smart, very smart. Jesse has mainly limited his audience (for now) to customers flying out of the UK, US, Canada and a few other selected countries. This way the most value is provided in the strongest market. It makes perfect sense right?

How do you get on board (sorry I could not resist) with the Dollar Flight Club?

You can sign up for free and receive 20-30 mind boggling deals a month going to random places from random places. This free service is awesome if you have that kind of flexibility and the travel appetite of a voracious velociraptor. But lets be honest it’s mainly just a waggle dance to let you know what kind of deals are on offersuch as the quote on the website  “That jaw-dropping email you get from your flight hacking obsessed friend with the cheapest deals on international airfare, like booking $250 roundtrip fares to Bali.” 

Next up are the ‘real deal’ three premium options ‘Globe Trotter’, ‘The Serious Explorer’ & ‘The Great Wanderer’. These are the premium options that we can get you a 7 day FREE trial for.

All of the premium options offer the following – For us the main benefit is being able to choose your departure city.

  • Get 100% of the deals
  • Choose your departure city
  • Cheap business + first class deal alerts
  • Best airline mileage deal alerts
  • Get alerts first, before free members
  • Renews automatically
  • Cancel anytime
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The only difference in the packages is the longer you commit to the Dollar Flight Club the cheaper you get the service.


The Globe Trotter is billed quarterly at $15.

The Great Wanderer is billed semi-anually at $27.

The Serious Explorer is billed annually at $36.


For less than 10cents a day its an absolute no brainer to go with ‘The Serious Explorer’. Imagine the feeling the next time a family member a friend or a colleague approaches you all stressed out and says “I HATE booking flights, I was up until 2am last night looking for a good deal. What sites do you look at? I usually have to look at over half a dozen to get a deal and then after I put in all my details the price goes up!”

The $36 for the year is worth it for the bragging rights alone.

My response is usually, “I pretty much have a PA that scours the internet and finds me the best deals no matter where or when I want to fly, they send me the info and I just put in my details”. The hardest part about all of this is admitting that the “PA” service literally costs less than a weeks worth of Pumpkin spice lattes or that glass of wine you have at the airport whilst waiting for your flight that you just saved $500 on.

You can sign up here to get your 7 day FREE trial. You can also make our day by offering some kind words below in our comments section.


Happy Travels Alex & Lisa,



  1. Jeff Wood says:

    Just signed up – no brainer! I hate all the stress of searching for affordable flights. This is a great idea.

    1. peopleli says:

      Haha No brainer indeed Jeff. SO glad we can help make your life easier…now maybe you can come visit for New Year?? 🙂
      Feel free to share this post with your friends and followers, I know you have a lot of friends that do a lot of travelling too. They might thank you in pint form 😉
      Thanks for leaving a comment too.
      Big love as always X

  2. Any reviews from any one who has actually taken a trip? Seems too good to be true!

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