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Boston Bill Style Wedding in Nicaragua

We were really lucky when we arrived in San Juan Del Sur, we managed to find a hostel with a small parking lot and the owner was happy for us to stay in the van. The carpark came with its very own guard dog who was blind and loved us to bits. The only real problem was the heat! We are not ones to moan about being hot but it was soooo soooo soooo hot and being in a walled compound there was no breeze. We managed to get a bit of sleep due to sheer exhautsion and the next day we went exploring

The beach was packed with surfers and people doing yoga so we decided to see if there was a pool we could lay nearby instead. Our guide book recommended going to a place called Pelica eye to use their infinity pool but sadly it was closed for the day due to a concert that evening. The view from the place was stunning and we said we would go back the next day. Instead we found a little pool not far from our hostel and set up for the day. It was too hot by 11 and as I sat in the shade I met a couple from Boston, Bill and Chris…..

They have been touring central America bit by bit for the last 15 years on their annual holidays. They had a wealth of knowledge on Costa Rica (our next stop) so we arranged to meet for drinks later that evening. We wandered our afternoon away and met with them just in time for sunset, we had also dragged along another friend we had met at the hostel, Scotty. We all trouped up to Pelican eye to see if we could get in for the concert but no luck so we hit the bars along the beach. We ordered a bottle of rum and some beers and the rest is history! We had a great night, nattering, swapping stories, eating fish and chips and meeting more people. We even went dancing until 2.30 in the morning. It was a great, great night and as the night went on and the rum flowed we told everyone our story. Bill and Chris insisted we threw a wedding at the Pelican eye the very next day! In our drunken stupor it was a great idea and we agreed wholeheartedly.

 Scotty had met several people (namely beautiful women) whom he invited along and we were all set, we had a wedding planned. We even convinced Bill to be our officiate! Yet again we were blown away by everyone’s generosity and willingness to help us on our journey. We had definitely resigned ourselves to the fact that we wouldn’t be having a Nicaraguan wedding as we had planned to leave the next day but…we had met some wonderful people who wanted to share our adventure and we wanted to be part of theirs too! We woke up with a serious headache but shoved it aside and tried to forget about it in preparation for the wedding in the evening. We pottered around for the morning, met up with Bill and Chris at lunch and wandered up to Pelican Eye to check we were okay to have a wedding that evening and reserved the best spot for sunset.

We changed into our clothes and walked through the town in our wedding garb and got some very strange stares from the locals as we walked by. We climbed the steps up and up and up to greet the fantastic view over the bay with the sun just starting to drop out of the clouds towards the ocean. Everyone arrived and we managed to face our first beer of the day as we waited for the right moment to come. Bill was nervous but very much looked the part, he wore a Nicaraguan weaved scarf over a very smart white shirt, he donned his shades, a cigar and of course his beer for the ceremony. We had set up a small area overlooking the bay and the oncoming sunset with chairs which created a kind of aisle and once everyone was seated the ceremony began.

 Everyone hummed ‘here comes the bride‘ as I giggled down the narrow aisle and stood by Alex’s side. Bill introduced us and himself to our guests and explained our story in short. He was so nervous but so sweet as he told us how happy he was to be a part of one of our special ceremonies and we were so proud that he had agreed to do us the honour for our 16th ceremony. He pronounced us 2people1life and we kissed just as the sun popped behind the horizon and the sky turned orange. Everyone cheered and the drinking commenced. We walked out onto the edge of the infinity pool for some photographs and the water poured out from under my dress pulling it out behind me. We had a great night and finished it off perfectly with just Bill and Chris. Scotty and the girls had gone off to party some more and all we wanted was pizza…so that’s what we had. Wedding 16, Pizza and great company! what better way to spend our last day in Nicaragua!?


  1. Judy Charbonnneau says:

    Beautiful pictures! I am loving reading all about your adventures.

  2. Jacquie says:

    A beautiful setting for your Nicaraugan ceremony and another complement of friends to share it with you too. Your wedding gown looks spectacular in the photo “To Infinity and Beyond”….I’m sure Tabitha gets better and better with each wearing 🙂

    Great photos too. Happy trails. xx

  3. Elita says:

    Hi L & A,

    How amazing! What a lovely impromptu wedding. And love the photos, especially at the infinity pool. Tabitha’s such a trooper, as are you both.

    I know I’d mentioned I tell D all your stories and how he loved the idea. Well, now he’s sold. The other day he began a sentence with, “I’d like one of our weddings to be . . .” So you are our inspiration! There won’t be 30, but already 4 on the wish list.

    Hope we cross paths one day. Still can’t figure out where you are right now, though!

    Have fun, we love this!


  4. Lisa & Alex says:

    Thanks Judy, Jacquie and Elita, We really are so lucky to find all of these ‘unfortunate’ souls haha! Elita it sounds like D really is getting into the swing of things, 4 weddings in the pipeline already, wow, so happy to be your inspiration! We are currently in Panama…admittedly a little behind on the blog but we are so busy at the minute, we are arranging a shipping container to send Peggy to Colombia and planning a route for us to follow! No easy task!!
    Thanks again to you all fo all of your comments, we love to read your thoughts!! Xxxxx

  5. Dear Lisa and Alex,

    It is Sept. 22, 2012 and I have just found your website. What you are doing is so beautiful. You are actually fulfilling a dream I had as a younger adult.

    I look forward to reading more on your website and finding out what as transpired since March.

    All the best,


    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Debi! Its good to hear that this adventure has been a dream before! It sure has been a wild adventure so far. xx

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