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Boris is here…but that’s about it. We have been robbed…AGAIN!

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Today should have been about adventure!

It should have been filled with excitement and anticipation and joy at being back on the open road in our home on wheels.

Instead that joy has been replaced with sadness, hurt and anger.

Our home of just a few months, our campervan that we had JUST made ‘home’ has been broken into and robbed during its passage from the States to Australia. It has been broken into and robbed by the people we paid to transport our vehicle. It has been broken into and robbed even though we made every attempt to secure our meagre belongings. The locks have been smashed by the people getting paid to transport my van, my HOME to Australia.

Not only have they taken our things, they have also taken the shine off our road trip in Australia. Already I don’t want to replace anything because we have to ship the van again to Singapore. Why should I keep buying things that I NEED to live like pans, utensils and toiletries just to have them stolen from me again and again.

I can’t afford to lose these things again and again. I am sick and tired of losing the things that we treat ourselves to so that we can live a comfortable life like everyone else.

For once in this journey Alex had a toolkit that was gifted to him by Bob and Cindy, the couple we bought the van from, and he loved it, he took care of it, he made our van more like home with it and it has been stolen. Now we don’t even have a single screw driver to take down the partitions we built so that our things wouldn’t be stolen. They even took the cheap multi-end screwdriver set that looked like it came out of a cracker that we bought WAY back in Peru!

After always making do with everything in Peggy (yes I am STILL going on about that and yes, it still hurts) we decided that this time round we would treat ourselves to a few things to make our life more comfortable, like a docking station for the Ipod in Boris. We treat ourselves to a small rechargeable hoover and hell, we even bought a small cheap iron so we didn’t have to look like we lived in a van. All stolen.

Pans. They took my fucking pans! and my plastic fish slice, and serving spoons, they even took my wooden spoon and my cheese grater for fucks sake. They did leave the box that they stole all of the green tea out of though so maybe I shouldn’t completely, insanely, quiveringly angry.

They also took the travel Iron my Nanna gave me which was as old as the hills and I was keeping for posterity, they took my small glass tortoise lucky charm (oh the irony) that my Mum bought me before we left on this trip and they took my make-up compact that I have had for 10 years.

I am SO angry, I am so upset and I am just so, fucking SICK to death of my home being violated. I know we have a LOT compared to some people but we also have VERY little compared to some people too. Everything we have is all we have in the world and we care for it, we look after it and we need it.

I suppose at least we have each other, we are both fine and safe and they sell pans in the shops and we CAN replace most of the things we have lost but I don’t want to. I just want my own 4 year old pans back.


  1. Jacquie says:

    I am so sad for you both πŸ™ I know how it makes you feel…violated and angry at all that was stolen. it really is a horrid experience! You waited quite awhile for you van to arrive, only to be greeted by such vandalism. I sure hope you can make an insurance claim to at least cover the $$. Surely the company transporting your vehicle can be held liable.

    Chin up you guys….hope you are soon sorted and winding your way through Australia. Sending you hugs (((Lisa & Alex)))

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks so much Jacquie. Your thoughts mean a lot to us. We are so lucky that Boris is here with us and we have our home back, it is just the trinkets and memorabilia that is the kicker…and the pain in the backside of replacing things we have looked after for 4 years grrrr.

      We have manged to replace the things we need and have been back on the road a few days now, we are talking with the company about making a claim. Fingers crossed we can be re-imbursed. Thanks for the much needed Hugs Jacquie and for your continued support Xxx πŸ™‚

  2. Judy says:

    So sorry this happened to you. Best of luck in your future journey.


    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Judy for your best wishes. We really appreciate your thoughts Xxx
      Lisa and Alex x

  3. Mike says:

    i want to cry right now….so sad for you guys….and equally sad for the people who would do such a thing, i fee sorry for them, their parents, and the people that hang out with them. who does something like that……i mean a stereo, ok. a ipod dock….ok……but someones keep-sakes, good luck charms, i mean you are one sick person to do something like that.

    all that said, the memories you guys have, and your love for each other is greater than any amulets, pots and keep-sakes. you are building a ball of love and positive energy that is greater than anything object in the world, and with everyone you guys meet and befriend that #BallOfLove grows bigger and bigger and IT IS CONTAGEOUS. And who knows, maybe someday you come across the people who stole your stuff, and you won’t even know it was them when you hang with them, and the huge ball of love engulfs them and they become better people for it.

    so keep positive guys, and grow your BallOfLove!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Mike!
      ugh, the keepsakes, the nodding dog, the nodding moose, the trinkets…it makes me feel sick I get so angry. the other stuff is just stuff but man, what a kicker!
      BUT, like you say, the #BallofLove will keep growing, and we will keep our chins up and remain the positive SOB’s that we always are…all thanks to all you guys that have our backs! Thanks for the love guys, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!

  4. Marine says:

    oh how I know how it feels. 4 years ago on our round the world trip with my now husband I had my backpack stolen. All of it. I didn’t care about the clothes but losing my travel journals that I have been writing for a year was horrid. And memories from our trip and little presents from friends and family. When you travel and you have so little it feels horrible to lose these things. I feel for you guys BUT as you said you have each other and it’s all that matters. X

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Marine,
      It is a sad thing to go through and the thoughtlessness of it all is what hurts, but like you say, it is also a reminder to keep in mind what is really important. Thanks so much for your kind words and I am so sorry for you losing your journals too. That is just horrible πŸ™ xxx

  5. Bridget says:

    Oh, you poor things πŸ™ We never got to make it work to meet, in Chicago or Indianapolis…BUT….I have been following you all over the world…and stealing and vandalizing has always been our biggest pet peeve in life πŸ™ We had it happen when we were building our home, many years ago. We used it to explain to our children what NOT to do in life! I hope they get paid back for doing this, and I hope there was some repracussion for what they did to you? I would think they would have to reimburse you for what their people did? Anyway, our thoughts and prayers are with you, as you continue on your journey. In the midst of everything, you are truly Blessed, as there have been minimal set backs (yes, Peggy was really a biggie, but, other than that?!). Do you see a timing for this to end yet? OR…are you still seeing this last a couple more years or longer ???? Love & Blessings to you πŸ™‚

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Aww Bridget, so lovely to hear from you! And I know, so sad we didn’t cross paths…yet! I’m sure it will happen one day! πŸ™‚
      Thanks so much for our thoughts and prayers. We hope that karma pays back lol but otherwise it has been a reminder of what is important…as always, we can take away only the positives. The company has given us a claim form so fingers crossed we can be reimbursed for some of the things. The set backs only make us stronger and more determined to complete our circumnavigation. One more year we reckon and we think we will have made it all the way around!
      Thanks again Bridget for your continued support and love. Love and blessings back to you and your family Xxx

  6. sandra says:

    SO sorry. Can empathize with your situation but do not let “them” take away your goals.

    Maybe you should also mention the companies for others to beware of.
    Best wishes and maybe over-insure.

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Sandra, thanks so much for leaving a comment. We are proud to say we don’t let these setbacks stop us and after a little rant and hearing everyone’s lovely comments we feel much better! Thankfully the company have sent us a claims form so fingers crossed we may be reimbursed for some things. I don’t think we can blame the company personally as the vehicle changes hands so many times in the trip there is no way to know who is responsible…but should they not accept responsibility then we may warn others.
      Thanks again for your support Sandra, it means a lot to us.

  7. nate says:

    Dam that sucks! But karmas’ a bitch…. I almost feel sorry (not really) for the stretch of bad luck and unexplainable loses now occurring in the lives of the bottom feeding scum suckers that stole your stuff… However; the silver lining may be that a new chapter has been created after the crowning ultimate “final” wedding….. a trip back around the world to find and replace each item (at least the ones that actually could be)…. from both Peggy and Boris… just a thought. Love you both – happy travels through Australia!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      HA Nate, I am so glad you said that. We keep saying Karma will pay them a visit. I also LOVE the idea of re-travelling the globe re-collecting things! Haha, First stop Myrtle Beach to re-collect that hangover they stole from me…oh, no, sadly, they didn’t steal that lol, or the great memories we have of making the hangovers!
      Love you guys too. Hugs to you all, especially to the worlds cutest damn puppy! Jeez, he’s beautiful! Xxx

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