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New Zealand’s too easy…even in a clapped out old van!

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New Zealand has it all….even PIES!

It has beaches to die for, rain-forests to explore and mountains that make you want to reach their pinnacles and try to see the curve of the Earth below. It is stunning at every single turn and even 15 minutes outside of its biggest city we found a mini paradise.NZ AucklandNZ beauty

Since then we have driven 1000km and tried really hard to get off the beaten path, the only problem with such a small country is that it is so well explored. Everywhere we go there are people on their own adventures, it is local summer holiday time and the favorite pastime of the Kiwi’s is to go camping, so we are joining in with the local masses and enjoying the easy life.

Things are mapped out for us to do and we even have Tourist radio which yells at you if you are passing anything you SHOULD be seeing! It is a strange feeling being so organised, so unable to get lost and so completely safe after struggling so hard over the last year to navigate through rough terrain, political nightmares and warring countries.

NZ Northland

We HAVE however got something that is making us feel completely at home…a campervan. An old, crappy, clapped out campervan which gives us a new challenge every day. It is a 24 year old Ford camper and it must have been around the country around a million times. It certainly looks like it and is making us look forward to getting Boris the Beast back when he arrives in Australia!

Stupid damned van

The van is the main star in this Vlog of our first week in our ‘new’ camper!

See what I mean about NZ having so much to offer? Black sand beaches, white sand beaches, sand-dunes stretching out into the bright blue water, enormous Kauri tree’s (which the picture does NO justice at all, it was huge), gorgeous fertile forests and natural wonders like the geothermal areas, showing us the raw power of the Earth beneath our feet.


We are also excited to let you know that we are busy working away at pulling together a wedding here in ‘Godsown’ and should be able to share more news very soon. We were interviewed by the New Zealand Herald Newspaper earlier in the week so hopefully the article will help us drum up some more support.

Keep your fingers crossed and if you have any ideas give us a shout!


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