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New Zealand, a New Year and a fling … what will 2015 bring?

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So, here we are! New Zealand.

Week one of our next big adventure, Australasia and the far east!

Jumping on an amazing business class flight (being upgraded was the best Christmas pressie ever) and arriving in New
Zealand on Christmas day was a bit of an anti-climax. Call me old fashioned but I love to have people to fuss over on
Christmas day and finding ourselves in beautiful, but pretty lifeless hotel was just too sad for me.

Business class Air New Zealand

I was all the way on the opposite side of the Globe to my family and I couldn’t even call them as they were all fast asleep
dreaming of Santa climbing down their chimneys. Luckily, I am married to the biggest, softest guy on the planet and he made
our first Christmas all alone as special as he could. We strolled the (seemingly post apocolyptic, it was so quiet) Marina
and even grabbed ‘Fush and Chups’ for lunch from the only place open. We laughed our heads off at Chesney Hawkes being
blasted over the loud speaker and rreminisced about the 90’s…we had apparently slipped into a time-warp and found ourselves
in a sunny 1990’s England. It was pretty hilarious.

Auckland city skyline

An afternoon jet-lagged snooze, a hot bath, half a bottle of wine and a Christmas movie later and we were as into the Christmas spirit as we were going to get and went to the restaurant for a fancy treat. The hotel had a famous French restaurant attached and we were seated with a flourish, pulled our Chrismtas crackers and donned our paper hats for our meal; which in true French style had been turned into a shadow of its former self. Foams and jellies replaced lamb chops and my steak had some kind of melted icecream on it. The potatoes had their middles removed and their skins filled with some strange creamy mixture and it all kind of fizzled out into an ‘experience’ rather than a wonderful Christmassy dinner.

I got to skype with my family who had JUST finished unwrapping their gifts as we were going to sleep so that cheered us up no end and with Christmas firmly behind us we were ready to start our New Zealand journey.

Finding a secret beach New Zealand

Alex had arranged us a house sit for our first week in Auckland, we had a shy, or possibly just anti-social cat to care for and a veg patch which pretty much kept me busy for the entire week. We loved having the house to cook in and the garden to lay in the sun. The New Year came and went and we ventured out to watch the ‘FAMOUS’ Auckland fireworks display…which was rather lacklustre and lasted all of what felt like 30 seconds…BUT, the songs on the radio were epic so we danced the new year in sat in the car to fend off the rain!

It was not a dramatic NY party, it was not epic…But, we do have 12 months to make up for that and its a sure thing that, like it or not, we will!

But for now please can we get a name for our New Zealand Summer fling? We have had plenty of suggestions over on our facebook page and plan to pull a name out of the hat in a couple of days so get your suggestions in!

We have suggestions from Gertie to Waka to Matilda to Brian so keep them coming!

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