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Meeting our New Zealand wedding dream team.

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Our New Year has brought a new type of travel, a relaxed kind of travel. We are blogging week on week and keeping up with our self imposed commitments to our social media platforms… Our break in the States gave us time to reflect and, well, ORGANISE ourselves!

The secret to our new found freedom is Edgar…who is Edgar you say? If you run social media you will want to meet him!

All this wonderful free time gave us the time to hit our next wedding location with a chilled frame of mind. Finally succumbing to the Kiwi way of life we appropriately cruised into Queenstown. First we met with the Trudy, the owner of Nemo Workroom… Trudy and her team had made me a dress for our NZ wedding! We decided that we would keep our outfits as a surprise from each other so Alex wandered off for a Coffee as Trudy and I checked the fittings and as it turned out I could have eaten a couple more pies! Dammit!

Nemo workroom

Trudy had kindly offered us her spare room for the duration of our our stay! After 3 weeks on the road it was such a relief to get out of our tiny rental camper van and into a proper home! As well as being super relaxed Trudy is also a creative mind so her home is peppered with endless goodies. I wandered around ohhing and aaahing at all the awesome things adorning the walls and tables.

A quick shower later we walked over the bridge to meet ‘THE GUYS’, Jared and Jacob! The guys only happen to be World Class Wedding Cinematographers Humdrum Films’! They had flown over the ditch from Melbourne and we couldn’t wait to meet them! Of course these guys were as cool as you would expect…a confident, relaxed kind of cool and we couldn’t wait to work with them. Of course, we were all ‘not at all cool’ as we are, but they did teach me how to use Whatsapp so maybe now I am cool??? Anyway, getting through a few beers and chatting non stop was interrupted only by a fire alarm and the 40 minutes stuck outside resulted in a free bar once we got back inside…and it is probably needless to say that we took advantage of that before heading back to Trudy’s to pass out.

The Team!

After a late start and nursing our sore heads, we set out with Jared and Jacob to start to capture our story on film…but more on that later.

Next on our meeting list was the lovely Queenstown celebrant Kathryn Omond! Kathryn understood what we had in mind straight from the off. We agreed on what was going to be said (knowing we would be nervous wrecks on the day!) and regaled each other with wedding ceremony stories.

Our day ended with drinks with a bunch of awesome people who had offered to help us realise our New Zealand Wedding dreams. We finally got to meet The amazing Emily Adamson! Emily had reached out to us back in 2011 and we have stayed in touch ever since! Emily had pulled a great team of wedding industry peeps together and basically is a legend. Emily also happens to be married to one of the most awesome men alive. Joe. More to come on Joe later too!

We met Dan the Photobooth man who had jumped on board and offered his services of the amazing traveling photobooth…think photobooth meets Phileas Fogg!  And last but by no means least, we met Gypsy West, who, not only has the coolest name ever, she also gives the best hugs and was also going to create a flower extravaganza for my bouquet.

Worn out and never quite recovering from the previous night out with Jared and Jacob we managed to get a few broken hours sleep through our nerves and excitement to meet the rest of the team…and of course, the excitement that tomorrow was going to be our 67th wedding day!

The Team

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