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Our project is established but our site is new and although we have weddings specialists in over 60 countries it’s going to take time to get everyone on the ship. If you can’t find exactly what you want please get in touch and if you are an awesome wedding specialist or you know people you want to recommend let us know.

Weddings, birthdays and bah mitzvahs…well 2 out of 3 aint bad!

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It is fair to say we have been a little slow on the wedding front in Australia and although we were full of beans for planning a wedding in Melbourne, once our route plan changed we realised we wouldn’t be returning to that neck of the woods and had to go back to the drawing board with our plans.

A lot has changed since the arrival of Boris on this enormous island. We changed our minds about driving the 9000 miles around the entire country, we changed our minds about coming to live here and we also arranged for Alex’s Mum to come visit us in Brisbane. This has given us at least an idea of where we can start planning a wedding, so start planning we did.

Birthday Shenanigans

Birthday Shenanigans

Normally we are lucky to have several contacts in a country before we arrive, the same applied for Aus but they were all based in Melbourne, an 18 hour drive away from where we planned to be. So we reached out via the good old faithful Facebook and suddenly we have a wedding dream team!

Literally 2 days after making the post we were sat in a cute bar with Lindsay, RAD celebrant and Courtney from Burnt Orange events making plans for a Brisbane wedding. We had an incredible response on Facebook from planners, to make up artists, to celebrants to stationary designers, it was quite overwhelming. We chose Lindsay as we had been talking with her for months and went with her recommendations of how to move forward. It is all getting really exciting and we all left the bar buzzing with ideas and plans for our Brisbane wedding. We’ll keep you posted as the plans come together!

Relaxing Australia

Relaxing Australia

We also had a birthday to celebrate this month, Alex turned 35! Although his birthday fell on the weekend we decided to postpone it until his Mum arrives. Of course we had to have a practise run with chocolate muffins for breakfast in bed with matches as candles and a few sweet surprises over a couple of days. Once Janet arrived we of course began celebrating and I’m unsure if we have ever stopped!


Camping with Mum

Camping with Mum

The last few weeks have been amazing. We have laid by the pool, sailed a boat, been fishing, been camping, eaten more food than is advisable and have even had a few days off from creating content for the new website…we really have relaxed. It is so lovely having Janet here, she makes us realise how lucky we are to be on this adventure, she reminds us how hard we have worked to get here and generally ‘Mums’ us back to reality. We had been getting a little blasé about life on the road but we are renewed, refreshed and ready to hit the road in the far East…but not before tying the knot on this beautiful island!

And the bahmitzvah….well, we didn’t get to go to one of those but it sounded good!


Guess who's job it was to get their feet wet?!

Guess who’s job it was to get their feet wet?!

You guessed it!
You guessed it!

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