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A fairy-tale Plantation Wedding in Myrtle Beach

I don’t think as I woke up that morning that I had any idea of how the next five weddings in five days was going to play out. I think that we had kind of failed to realise how much fun we were about to have. We were fairly blasé about the whole thing, I think me more than Alex as I had very little clue what was actually going to happen other than we would be married 5 times in the next 5 consecutive days.

Alex and August however had a complete idea of how much was actually going to happen…what we would be experiencing, how different each day was going to be and how much work everyone had put in to pull this wedding extravaganza off. BUT, fear not, my eyes were about to be well and truly opened.

I opened my excitedly anticipated parcel of shoes from the fabulous Tony Bianco, squealed with joy and ran out of the door to meet up with a family friend of Augusts, 16 year old Mikela who was coming along to shoot some pictures. August had invited her along to experience her first real wedding shoot and we were thrilled to have her along. We all set off bright an early to get to the first wedding which was to be held at Litchfield plantation house.

The house, built in the 1700’s and before long it was growing over one million pounds of rice a year. The house was restored in 1926 and has been run as an up scale Bed and Breakfast for some years. The house itself is impressive but the most beautiful sight has to be the quarter mile avenue of oaks that leads you to the front of the stunning property. We arrived in plenty of time and drove slowly down the avenue of oaks draped in Spanish Moss and all perfectly curved in towards the road to create a dramatic arch of limbs, leaves and moss. The light twinkled through the leaves and a light breeze made the moss stir.

As soon as we stepped out of the car we began to meet people. We were reunited with Debbie and Kelly with whom we had celebrated some of Thanksgiving and who had been at the Plantation since the early hours making it even more beautiful. They had draped wreaths and red ribbon on the balconies giving the house a VERY Christmassy feel and had even strung up candelabras in some of the amazing trees. We said hi and left them to it as we were introduced to everyone. Meagan who had been helping August remain in contact with everyone throughout the planning, Sybil who was going to be creating live art for us at most of the weddings and then there were just people everywhere! An enormous chocolate fountain was set up on the table, wine was being carried in to be served throughout the day, the owner of the plantation house was just so thrilled to have us there, Tripp who would be taking control of uploading images for the photographers so that they could just shoot the day away was getting set up in the kitch Mercedes who would be with us for all 5 weddings as Augusts second shooter, Wing Wong who was going to be my hairstylist for the week, Alyssa my make up artist for the week (I KNOW! How lucky am I?!?!) and Reverend Brown who would be our pastor for today’s ceremony! We also briefly said hi to Cupcakes by Cravinleys who had made us THE most amazing cake and would be making us a different cake every day!On top of all of these fabulous people who were here to make the ceremony perfect the Myrtle Beach local news paper had come along too to ask a few questions, take some pictures and write a feature for the paper. We chatted with them as we were immediately ‘set upon’ (in a nice manner) by our stylists. Mercedes and Mikela snapped images of the dress by Amanda’s Collection and Alyssa began by applying my eyelashes. Alex chatted with Reverend Brown and decided to go and do a coffee run. I think he was a little overwhelmed by how many people had come together to make this day so perfect! Reverend Brown offered a prayer to make sure Alex got back safely and off he went.

By the time he had returned I had been transformed (miraculously on Wings part) into a Princess of Disney standards! I was stepping into my dress and beginning to feel the nerves.  Vickie from Flowers in the Forest handed me a beautiful bouquet and Alex quickly got changed into his black tie and tails, had his button hole pinned and we were ready to roll!

The sun had just broken through the trees and was drenching the balcony in perfect light, I stepped out for a few pictures and then I was whisked away in a horse drawn carriage to the end of the avenue of Oaks to make my grand entrance. We awaited a signal that Alex and Rev.Brown were ready for us and Sarah the horse pulled us happily to the steps of the Plantation House where Strand Strings were playing beautifully and Alex helped me out of the carriage for the ceremony.

Reverend Brown’s ceremony was beautiful and blessed everyone that was in our thoughts as well as everyone present. The Christian ceremony with additional prayers for our friends and family was so thoughtful and we can’t thank him enough for such a lovely Service.

After the ceremony we took a lap around the grounds in the carriage together and were delivered to a table nestled in the trees in the romantic dappled light for a glass of wine and to toast each other. Sybils signs were dotted all around the grounds and our Mr and Mrs signs swung on the back of our chairs in the breeze.

Next up was to cut the fantastic looking cake and to dip some strawberries and marshmallows into the liquid chocolate under a multi coloured candelabra. It was amazing to see how simply the Plantation House could be transformed into the perfect venue for a wedding. Such a beautiful location with perfect surroundings, the trees, the rice fields in the background and the absolutely out of this world avenue of oaks need nothing but a few lights placed here and there and a little decoration of choice and it is just perfect. Once we had gorged ourselves on cake and chocolate and had a chat with everyone we got changed out of our fairytale clothes and back into our civies to go for something to eat.

We had been invited by Divine Dining to eat at a different one of their restaurants every night! A group of restaurants ALL with a totally different menu. We were excited to eat (as always) and particularly were looking forward to meeting the couple that had offered such a wonderful treat to look forward to at the end of each day. We headed over to Bovines in convoy with August, Mercedes, Rev. Brown and his daughter and Grandson, Mikela (whose pictures were FANTASTIC by the way), the wonderful couple who had kindly driven me around in the horse drawn carriage, and we all tucked into amazing food and great wine! We had had an amazing day and as we drove home were looking forward even more so to the ext four days. We had made some lovely friends on our first wedding day and were looking forward to spending more time with them as the week went on.

Everyone was genuinely happy that we were there and that they could help us celebrate our love for each other South Carolina style and we were So so happy we had been invited!

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