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Wedding hangover… Time for a 24 hour journey to Melbourne!

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The morning after the wedding in New Zealand we woke to that spine chilling sound…the alarm clock!

As much as we wanted to stay in bed and snooze the day away followed with a night out celebrating with our new friends, we had no choice, we had to get in the van and leave…NOW!


Being dis-organised (normally sugar coated and called ‘free-spirited)  for the majority of the last 3 and a half years hasn’t always worked out for the best and we had made a decision that New Zealand would be a different kettle of fish! We had flights booked off ‘Godsown’ Island to Australia…which is awesome forward planning for us. Sadly the flights were for the very day after the wedding…and from Christchurch, 500km away.

Packing up and waving goodbye to Trudy was as horrible as it always is, saying goodbyes are the worst bit and we hit the road across the country, and what a beautiful road it was.


With the backdrop of the Remarkables we sailed through stunning scenery, sat by Lake Ohau to soak up the peace and quiet and marvelled at the stunning, sparkling blue water of Lake Pukaki and Tekapo. A rather peaceful and enjoyable 6 hours later we had (with relief) discarded our rented campervan and were sat in the bar at the airport with a glass of wine reflecting on how amazing New Zealand had been and wondering what Australia would bring us.


After planning on ending our epic adventure in Aus and starting a new life there for the last 6 years, it seemed a little premature but as we landed in Melbourne and took a taxi to our hotel it felt right to be here now. We still have every intention to complete our circumnavigation of the Globe but, we’re going to check out Australia first and then drive back to where we left Peggy in our new campervan Boris. We have just changed the direction of our path is all, which has been a little difficult for the press to grasp!

Our first night in Melbourne was eventful for all the wrong reasons, we had managed to find a hotel parked directly on the train tracks. With a train arriving in the station every 15 minutes Alex looked like a screen shot of Ren from Ren and Stimpy after finding the billionth hair ball of the day on his toothbrush. Bloodshot eyes, an angry twitch and clutching the sheets in his hands while shaking and grinding his teeth, I figured we wouldn’t be staying there another night.

ren and stimpy

The move to another place went relatively smoothly, after having all of our bank cards blocked (for changing country…like that is a new thing), no free wifi and having a rather calm argument with hotel management about not charging us for the 4 nights we had booked as we were leaving…we arrived in our new apartment, bought some food and wine and holed up for a few days so that we could answer press calls and share all of the awesome of the New Zealand wedding with you all.

The week flew by with interviews with Sunrise, Te Kerera, the Daily Mail online, Take 5 magazine, Brides and Groom Magazine, all wanting the low down on the latest wedding. We felt uplifted being back on the wedding wagon after 6 months off travelling and felt excited about getting back on the road in Australia and doing some more exploring…only to find that Boris won’t be arriving in Australia until the end of February.

It is a little longer than we wanted to be waiting but we can hardly swim out and help push the boat so it arrives earlier so we have found a place to ‘live’ in St Kilda until he arrives. The lovely owner Lou even left us a bottle of fizz to congratulate us on our nuptials! Our cute rental is in a busy little town right by the beach and next door to the Botanical gardens, I have bunches of flowers around the place, am cooking constantly and have even taken up running.

Aussie welcome

Now, if you know me, you know that the running is a BIG deal! I hate exercise, I loath running and I am not into ‘perspiring’ unless absolutely necessary so running is against everything I believe in. BUT, I have gotten into it. Alex is great and coaches me well, I love that I can run along the beach or through the park, I love that it is something else we do together, another way to explore our temporary home and fingers crossed, something I can keep up on the road…when we get going again!

Follow us on Instagram for daily snaps

Follow us on Instagram for daily snaps

Aussie home

So, if you are in the area, give us a shout, we would love some company…and someone to feed all the food I keep making!

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