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How to get upgraded to business class on Air New Zealand

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To be upgraded you need to follow these simple steps!

First, sell everything you own, set out on an epic adventure that will involve you giving everything you have mentally, physically and financially. Next, extend that trip a couple more years & grow a massive fan base that interacts with your social media posts and website.

Finally, reach out to the airline you have already purchased a ticket with and ask them extremely nicely… ‘Is there any chance you can upgrade us’? Oh and don’t forget to  fly at a time when business class is likely not to be booked up… A flight arriving on Christmas day morning is perfect.

Ok, now if all or any of the above is not possible there might just be another way. **OneUp™ Upgrades**. Air New Zealand gives you the option to bid for an upgrade! Genius. You offer what you can afford and if you get it you will be happier than a six year old after 30 seconds in Willy Wonkers chocolate factory.!

Upgrade to Business class

This is our first hand account of the Business class flight we took from Los Angeles to Auckland.

The flight was an hour late setting off as the poor flight attendants had been forgotten and not collected. They rushed in and very apologetically told us that luckily the flight today would only take us 12 of the expected  13 hours. I suspect that with the flight due to arrive on Christmas morning they just put their foot in. I am not sure if this is even possible, but either way they did it and we still arrived earlier than expected.

Anyway, I digress and you have things to do.

The up’s –

The stellar service from the flight attendants regardless of the request or the time of the night was second to none, AND they all kept on their headache inducing festive headbands for the entire 12 hour flight!

The chef taking the time to personally take orders made our day and the Sci-Fi style seating that magically turns into a completely flat bed almost paled in comparison to what must be the most original, yet slightly (purposefully) cringe worthy safety video…which kept Lisa giggling all the way through.

The Downs –

Only a few of the wines where available despite a well rounded list. Which for wine lovers that got excited at the list is similar to finding coal in your stocking on Christmas day.

It is also easy to forget (then be disappointingly reminded) that the meals are still made in an airplane. Despite the best efforts and the fact that they are beautifully presented, they remain flaccid in comparison to a meal you would expect under the same level of service on the ground. Of course, on the ground the lovely chef would have access to a full kitchen, and if anyone knows how frustrating and restrictive a miniature kitchen is…we do!

Review –

Before you ask… Yes we got a free upgrade to business class. But not before all of the initial sacrifices I outlined in this post! Finally did we review this Air New Zealand business class honestly? What reason would we have to lie? The free upgrade was given to us before we wrote this article and without any regimented expectation!

We are so impressed with the airline that is forward thinking, ingenious and clearly confident.

Air New Zealand does not JUST offer the OneUp™ Upgrade you can learn more about Grabaseat, Round the world fares, Group travel, Starfish discount (snigger) and more by clicking  here  oh and don’t forget to sign up for airmiles.

One thought and question that would not leave my mind as we lay snoozing and firmly tucked in at 30,000ft in the air… ‘Is it actually acceptable to sleep naked in Business class? Thoughts please.

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